Squirrels Have Evil Genius

I think they are trying to spell something. If squirrels can spell, we are all in big trouble.

Here is the ringleader:

What might life be like if squirrels ruled the world, Vitali B.?


  1. Is this real or a photoshop? If it is real, anyone have any idea why so many squirrels would be grouped together like that?

    By the way, loved the close up for the ringleader. I didn’t even notice that little guy at first.

  2. One squirrel=cute
    Two squirrels=double your pleasure

    Anything more than that (and most especially 8+)=terrifying

    Do you know how smart those rodents are?! This is like some sort of Squirrel Summit discussing how they are building a long-range acorn launcher (or LRAC for short -because squirrels love their acronyms) to take over the world!

    Don’t let their ear tufts distract ya, folks. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  3. mindadale says:

    I only clicked comments on this one to express a similar opinion. *shudder*

  4. Haha… I was going to say Scary too!

  5. Fleurdamour says:

    Its the annual summit of the Squirrelderberg Group! Run by the dreaded Squirreluminati!

    Yes, I am a bit of a conspiracy theory ‘nutter!’

  6. It’s a training school. We’re all doomed. DOOMED, I tell ya!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this frightening! I have a family of three squirrels in the big oak in front of my house. It’s entertaining when all three scurry around the tree at once. Eight would freak me out.

  8. 260Oakley says:

    I believe this a photo of Teddy Rosiepelt’s Tuft Riders. When the going gets tough, the Tufts get going!

  9. *wild applause* pun and a history ref…I’m a fan.

  10. HaW

  11. OMG, and a history reference to boot!

  12. Squirrel Nutkin! My sweet little evil minions…

  13. Dear lor they’re mobilizing.

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    Just drop the entire 50lbs bag of birdseed and back away very very slowly.

  15. Athena's Mom says:

    hahahaha totally. Don’t.Make.A.Sound…

  16. Their ears!!

  17. What kind of squirrels are these? And from where? I don’t know much about squirrels, and these are very unusual-looking to me.

  18. I thought maybe they found somebody’s stash of Miss Clairol ……….

    The closest thing we have to these critters around here is a gray squirrel with maybe just a hint of auburn, depending upon the angle of the sun.

  19. stbernardmom says:

    Yes, CathyDee, the Rula Lenska squirrel…remember those old Clairol ads in the 70s. Roooooola Lenska…. LOL!!! :)

  20. Rula Lenska … “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

  21. I was wondering too… a Google search for “red squirrels with red ears” reveals that they are Eurasian red squirrels.

  22. stbernardmom says:

    Thanks for looking that up Amy. We have a crew of 8 squirrels around our house in the Rocky Mtns, and these look totally different. God loves wonderful differences!!!

  23. They’re found exclusively in Europe (unless somebody purposefully brings them over). The one’s I have seen are smaller than North American grey / black squirrels, and quite a bit faster. I think they most closely resemble chipmunks, minus the strips and giant pouches.

    Depending on the region, they don’t live in urban areas and you have to travel quite a bit into forested areas before you actually see one. They’ really really really love pine trees and pine cones but they’re nowhere near as people-friendly as North American squirrels.

  24. Thanks for this — I live in the southeast United States. Our squirrels are chubby and gray to light brown. These red-brown squirrels with ear tufts are really cute and unusual to me!

  25. *stripes not strips. Oops

  26. Linda Latshaw says:

    I have the privilege of being regularly visited by three red squirrels in NY state…I learned to imitate their sounds and they come when they hear me, close enough to eat out of my hand (peanuts)…they have beautiful, koala-like faces. The chipmunks and other squirrels are afraid of them, but they’re really adorable and seem to enjoy the interaction with a friendly human….

  27. The poor tree’s infested! :shock:

  28. Juno, they are red squirrels (Sciurius vulgaris) and they are common throughout Eurasia.

  29. Hey, they are not vulgar! Sure, they tell you dirty jokes if you give them a fresh pine cone, but every squirrel does that.

  30. I didn’t name them, vivhat ;)

  31. I am a tree hugger – please point me in the direction of this tree! Best tree ever.

  32. I would recount my story of the camping trip with squirrels preforming military manuevers for you but I have told it several times here.

  33. me too. …Because what I’m envisioning is quite frightening KA.

  34. I’m listening, kittyadventures.

  35. Okay you twisted my arm. LOL!
    So we were camping at one of our numerous lovely California State Parks. IT was teaming with squirrels. so many that we decided we were going to catch one.. this involved numerous configurations of boxes and sticks and a rope ala wiley cyote… with, well… comparable results, LOL, any way one of the times we pulled the rope the box actually fell down and traped a squirrel for like one second. The poor trapped squirrel with out missing a beat Heman lifted the box up over his head and scampered out and I swear he blew a raspberry at us as he escaped. Meanwhile the other squirrels were preforming a left and right flank manuever behind us to steal the oreo cookies and crackers off the table. The next evening after a lovely dinner we were sitting around the campfire chit chatting when some of them snuck up behind us and snagged the left over Giant watermellon off the picknic table and dragged it off into the bushes to enjoy. all while we watched in stunned silence and then burst out laughing.
    IT was one of the best camping trips I have been on and I gained a new and lasting respect for the intelligence of squirrels. They probably could take over the world if they wanted too.

  36. Sure. It’s all funny till they carry off your car and the cooler.

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    or Grandma.

  38. Bufflefrog says:

    These little guys are red squirrels, we’ve loads in Ireland, although I’d have to say I’ve never in my life seen so many on one tree!

  39. stbernardmom says:

    They are beautiful, but they would be a flashing red light for the foxes, hawks, and owls around our place in the Rockies. I actually saw a huge gray hawk catch a gray squirrel on the ground outside our house. He did the whole ‘mantle’ thing while he killed it and then flew off with it in his talons. The whole process took about 15 seconds.

  40. Judy Gemmill says:

    My guess …. Long eared red squirrels….. “tuffs” of red hair on ears thus the name….
    Red over cream colored bodies….. Very smart not evil ….. Where does this evil idea come from anyway ?….Judy

  41. Stealth_Hobo says:

    So much splayage goin’ on…

  42. victoreia says:

    I’m going with the Geo-caching theory. Yeah, that’s it. Otherwise I’d have trouble sleeping…..

    (Not that we have squirrels here, that I’ve seen. But there’s always some idiot trying to smuggle an “exotic” animal past quarantine….)

  43. I was in College in Seattle,doing Algebra in the courtyard when i put my calculator down and,I turned around to see it being taken by a squirrel.

    perhaps he was going to classes and need a calc?

  44. Fird Birfle says:


  45. tommygirl says:

    Those are the most awesome looking squirrelz I have ever seen!

  46. And I’ve never seen any other kind of squirrels ever. We do have Siberian Flying Squirrels in Finland too, but they’re rare and not seen in cities like these little guys.

  47. Honey Bun says:

    Squirrels DO rule the world! Hasn’t anyone ever heard of investment bankers???

  48. Hah!


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