Four Seconds O’ Wombat

Adorabuhls Wombat Action (AWA) from Down Under. Push Play, Mate!

Magnolia’s on the move, Ehn! Thanks Clem McIntosh.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    “INCOMING!!!” 🙂

  2. skippymom says:


  3. How big are they? You think they’d get along with cats?

  4. NOT. ENOUGHT. WOMBAAAATTT! I’m gonna have to get someone to loop a gif!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Wombatteries fully charged!

  6. More! More!

  7. OMG BABY WOMBAT STAMPEDE! *skreeeeeeeeeeek!!!*

  8. Stealth_Hobo says:

    O-M-G. And after the video there’s a related video named “playing with baby wombats”, people you need to watch it ASAP!

  9. skippymom says:

    I’ve just done a bit of reading about them, and although they are herbivores, apparently they can be quite viscious. Therefore I would not keep the wombat in the house with the cats, but would build it a wombat house in the yard.


  11. Ok, I’ll get right to work on that! I bet it would get along remarkably well with the ground hog out in my backyard…

  12. LERL!

  13. skippymom says:

    Oh, you’re getting a wombat too?! I thought you were just wondering whether mine would get along with my cats. Cool!

  14. GMTA!

  15. skippymom says:

    *handing ceejoe an ass*

  16. Green Mountain Transit Agency!?

  17. I once petted a wombat (or pertted a wermbert).

  18. 8 seconds seems hardly enough, doesn’t it?

  19. That fact that her name is Magnolia puts this over the top.

  20. For all fellow-admirers of the marsupial tank, may I recommend ‘Diary of a Wombat’?

    True story behind the kiddy book: parental guidance suggested:

  21. Wombat belly alert in that video.

  22. They are kinda like a mix of piglet, guinea peeg, koala, capybara …. the “bat” in the name always throws me. I’m renaming it – Wompeeg? Womoala? Womlet?

  23. birdcage71 says:

    Just checking whether I’ve made my gravatar appear again!

  24. inkerbelle says:

    Works well on mute. Especially if you keep hitting replay like me.

  25. I didn’t know baked potatoes could run so fast!

  26. ThirdShift says:

    4 seconds!? A measly 4 seconds? Of stomping wombat adorbness? Am I in the wrong place? Is this not Cute OVERLOAD? Is there a run on CUTE?

  27. I don’t know what’s up with the run-run-run pause, run-run-run-run pause motion… but I love it!

  28. Me thinks it spied it’s favorite food. On a mission!

  29. I lurv wombats, and when Down Under was told it was from the aboriginal word, which was closer to ‘whomm-baj’. Certainly some Ozzies pronounce it with the ‘wh’ in the back of their throat.
    True story: was on a train with a bunch of grizzled old farmers, telling them early on my first circumnavigation of Australia that I hadn’t yet seen much wildlife. They politely kept their eyes peeled for the foreigner, and suddenly one pointed, saying, ‘There’s a wooly-back wombat! Scads of ’em!’ Of course, it was a herd of sheep 😉
    Since have seen lots of the hairy-nosed variety. Love Australians, too!

  30. Dagnabbit! In the mod. lounge. Pass the sangria and scampi.

  31. Agree! Try this for more AWA! (speakers up!)

    (Wish I knew how to make it appear here. Sowwey!

  32. OMG!!! It appeared! How did I DO that?!?!? 😯

  33. MUST have this book! Never even heard of it, and I’m usually up on kids’ books. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  34. More wombat vid above!

  35. The trick is “keeping” a wombat. They can dig through concrete.

  36. RIP Me.
    Dead from the QTE.
    PS The tummy rubs!! OMG!

  37. My first post and I’m already in the mod lounge! Pass me the horse douvers, please?

  38. I did too, down in Melbourne, OZ. Shoulda smacked him on the nose, though.. he chewed on my sweater sleeve..

  39. inkerbelle says:


  40. Definite Men of CO material going on there as well. Even with the very limited view/audio of said gentleman.

  41. would you care for some mayoneighs with that?

  42. Fird Birfle says:


  43. Fird Birfle says:


  44. omg wtf? LoL. so adorable. 4 seconds is not enough!

  45. I luv their little “eyebrow” spots above their eyes… And why doesn’t he pet the belly of the black one?

  46. I think they always send you to the mod lounge for your first post. It happened to me, too. And I’m about as innocuous as one can get.

  47. In one minute this cartoon wombat explains the most important principle for all of us!

  48. I’ve been trying for AGES to get this submeeshon accepted to no avail, so here’s some more wombat action for you. I present, Polar the white wombat!!!