THIS JUST IN: Pouch Pals

Orphaned and lost, Anzac the kangaroo was rescued by Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre in Australia. And that’s where the five-month-old joey met Peggy, an orphaned wombat.

The pair have become inseparable friends, cuddling up inside the same pouch.

Story and pics from the Herald Sun, Australia.



  1. Kari Callin says:

    OMG!!! SO CUTE! Love the second picture!
    Say cheese! 😀

  2. emmberrann says:


  3. Totally Prosh! SOOOO cute! The 2nd pic is priceless!

  4. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I need to ask Peggy where she got her nails done

  5. This could be a Disney movie it’s so friggin cute.

  6. God help me, these pics made my evening. Thanks, CO.
    Oh. and when is the scheduled nail “cut down” for Ms. Peg? Yowzers.

  7. sabrina rose says:

    The sweetest, most darling pictures. I adore the interspecies love and their besotted expressions. And certainly the nails are very elegant; however does she manage not to hurt herself?

  8. Wow, the joey’s eyes in the second photo are the size of dinner plates! Such a cute picture.

  9. And PS, judging by the size of the person’s thumb on the right side of the photos, these guys are teeny! 😯

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Looks just like two 90 year old love birds who just met, fell in love, and were married a week later.

  11. Ex-zackly!

    Also, methinks Peggy is a Hairy-Nosed Wombat, albeit not yet! So sweet.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Thank goodness these precious babies were resQte.

  13. Mamabear says:

    The hubby and I have a nightly ritual (no, not that -OK, well sometimes) where we click on CO right before we retire for our nightly palate cleanse. Tonight’s Palate Cleanse ™ wasn’t quite as wholesome, as he blurted out: “Holy _____ that’s so ____ing adorable!!! It’s Plinks and Blorp!”

    I’m so proud of him with how he has learned so much CO vocabulary over the past months. Peggy and Anzac…I weel call you Plinks and Blorp in my heart. I am so terribly in love with them both, but especially with Blorp.

  14. Oh Mamabear, what a sweet story! Wishing you a long-lived marriage. Mwah!

  15. Adorable Overload.

  16. I dont see too good is that Tango & Cash??

  17. Alone together in the same sack? Without a chaperone?

  18. When a fruitbat and a mole-rat loff each other very, VERY much . . .

    Terrifying truthiness: wombat scat is cube-shaped, apparently to keep it from rolling away after its maker marks its territory

  19. It’s marsupial lofffff!!!

  20. Cynthia McLendon says:


  21. I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo four times in the last *mumblemumblemumble* years, and each time I’ve peered in at the wombat display burrow and seen…..nothing. Are they having us on? That and the koalas are just sleeping/chewing furry lumps up in the trees. You get to go in the kangaroo/wallaby/emu enclosure though, which is kinda scary because emus are over 5ft tall 😀

  22. Oh the wombat enclosure at the Zoo where I live in Canberra – has a similar problem – but if he is out, he’ll come up to the fence, which is low and enjoys a good back scratch from whomever is offering!
    Amazing 2nd piccie!

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’ll never forget being stalkied by an emu at an English safari park. Now I know what my distant mammalian ancestors felt like when they were hunted by dinosaurs.

  24. Alice Shortcake says:


  25. doomchild says:

    Thanks for that fact 😀

  26. Thanks so much! It’ll be 24 years in September. 24 great years (and 2 sons) of him putting up with my crazy. 😀

  27. I LOVE interesting tidbits, like this. Oh my word! I had to Google Image it just to behold it!

    Why can’t I make cubepoop?!

  28. I rather like that term. 🙂

  29. Awww, Mamabear, hubby’s a keeper – and please tell him I said so.

    This is one of my favoritest stories of all time (I know I say that every time I see an interspecies friendship but this time I really, really mean it). 🙂

    Anzac and Peggy make my heart sing with joy. I’m so very glad they have each other. Between Anzac’s liquid eyes of love and Peggy’s “pleased as punch” expression, my day is made. ♥♥♥♥

  30. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The Kansas City zoo (in the US) has a big fence around the entire Australian section, and the roos, wallabies, and emus run free. The wallabies constantly steal people’s food.

  31. because…. ouch!

  32. Pretty sure the Jim Henson Company has something to do with this.

  33. LOL! Go to google image and you don’t even have to type the whole thing – type in wombat, and wombat poop comes up as a choice! Apparently there are alot of peeps out there googling wombat poop… 🙂

  34. It makes it sound so much cuter.

  35. That is such a wonderful story mamabear. 🙂

    Second picture casued me to become DED eet ees soooo cute!!!

  36. ASSault and WOMBATtery

    Wombat scat, wombat scat.
    Tetrahedral poopiness is where it’s at
    Anything it nibbles comes out kibbles
    Defecation, cube formation, marsupialization,
    Wombat, wombat scat.

    All together now!

    Wombat but t, wombat but t,
    Practically impervious to tooth, nail, cutt,
    Plugger-up of burrows, Sit-uponing cushion,
    Plushiest of a-ses, Shield ‘gainst any pushin’!
    Wombat, wombat but t.

  37. they look like a happily married elderly couple from new york.

    (it’s a compliment, in case you’re wonderin’)

  38. And then a giant snake/spider/jellyfish/shark/typhoon comes along…

  39. skippymom says:

    But…does this mean that a wombat’s er, orifice is square?

  40. phred's mom says:

    …it’s been a dull week, apparently.

  41. Ohmygosh, that’s BRILLIANT! Is it set to a tune we know?

  42. hahahahh… I read that as “office” and thought you were making a joke about cubicles and offices…

  43. Is there a rule that things can be so ugly they are cute?

  44. It came out in a sort of a Yank cheerleading squad gestalt. I tried to honour its doubtlessly unique sphincter, gave up after force/arce, and continued this ode to the rest of its unique behind.
    And as advertised, the southern exposure of a north-bound wombat is practically impenetrable; it goes down into its burrow and plugs it with its cartilaginous rump:

    Hmm, perhaps Verse III to its backwards-facing pouch? Stay tuned!

  45. I was thinking children’s book!

  46. Congratulations! 🙂

  47. I learned this from a Magic School Bus chapter book and it is one of my fav animal facts. If a student reads this book I always know, cos they come to me with really wide eyes or giggles to show me the info!