Dogs ‘n’ Racks

It’s a sequel to the highly acclaimed Cats ‘n’ Racks series! We know it’s just a spoof, but wouldn’t Fido like to cruise along in style with a Rack of his/her own?

Well played, Like Cool.


  1. CathyDee says:


    (Just thought I’d provide the perfunctory nuffing response.)

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Accessorize your bike with some handy saddle wags, also known as pant-niers.

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    What more could be said?

    *Golf clap*

  4. The first pic with its stubbular, nay, epic ‘Ehn!’, reminds me of the corgi diving off the dock.

  5. ThirdShift says:

    I can’t cosign this. Someone put them there. They look uncomfortable and want to get off. Especially the big guy, if you think about it, that hurts! Nuff nuff nuff nuff nuff. Don’t encourage stupid poseurs.

  6. ThirdShift says:

    Moderashun. Harumph!

  7. Not to worry; you probably used the ‘puppeh’ word.
    Feel free to raid the ‘fridge, turn on the lava lamp, sit in the beanbag chair, tease the resident lapcat, and enjoy the company. Frosty beverages await!

  8. Is that word on the watch list because it’s been closely associated with brain asplosions? How about belleh, kitteh, and tabbeee?

  9. I made some Rice Krispie squares. Please help yourself while you await moderashun.

  10. Devon Kendall says:

    Doggie Planking! priceless ;-)
    But the 3rd one looks photo shopped? His stomach isn’t down & his feet are stiff as a board

  11. This is so absurdly hilarious!; but I was really disheartened by all the comments on the source page(s) from people who think it’s totally legit. Come on, people, pixels.

  12. The hint wouldn’t be the slightly floating goggie in the last pic. No sireee, that’s legit.

  13. 6rabbits says:

    Also, the “cut-out” tail of the goggie in the second pic!

  14. victoreia says:

    They’re probably the same people who really believe a stranger in Africa actually wants to give them money for free, for a small handling fee.

  15. Hrrumph! And I’m still waiting for my free money! :)

  16. Wait a minute, that Nigerian prince looking to move to the US is planning on using the bank account I set up for him for nefarious purposes???!!!

  17. No, I’m sure YOUR Nigerian prince is strictly legit. :)

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    Glad it is photo shoped. My first panic thought was doggie paws and spokes don’t mix folks. I really love the little wagons, for pets, that are pulled behind the bike.

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    I had a panic-stricken thought initially that it was real, until I realised the goggies are all in standing mode, not flumping mode.

  20. dang! it’s too bad this isn’t a thing!
    personally, I’ve always wanted to put Miss Schnozz in a little sidecar

  21. Wouldn’t you need a dog on each side, just for balance, let alone companionship? i.e. “We’re travelin’ along singin’ a song, side by side…”

  22. Mamabear says:

    Sometimes the worst photoshop makes for the best photos! Whatta hoot these are.

  23. Mamabear says:

    We were wondering in an earlier post what some of the mod lounge offending words were. I believe that one of them is foto ship (spelled correctly as one word). I am in the lounge for one post, then did a test (which will show up shortly when they are found to be OK) post to verify. Sure enough, I think it is that, specific, word that did it.

    I wonder if you make it past tense if it would trigger it, by adding a -ped to the end? I won’t bother the attendants by doing so, but I bet that word triggers it too.

    *rainbows shoot across my head* The More You Know :D

  24. I did a test along with yours on the hummingbird post – country singer R. M. (of King of the Road fame) for lord only knows what reason gets us in there.

  25. well my real favorites for just the absurdity and my lack of having a dirty mind are Puppeh spelled correctly and the infamous un pickled pickle LOL! I had no Idea about treh singer of King of the road one of my all time favorite songs.

  26. another one is a male chicken

  27. Rooster?

  28. Nah, that one went through, it must be “co_k”.

  29. Yep, that’s the one. ;)

  30. next time try using that little round fruit that wine is made from…

  31. Oh, and another one is the emotion one feels when embarrassed: Sh*me

  32. I totally thought the first two were real as I was lackadaisically perusing the internets after just waking up, until I scrolled down to the third and was like, “wait.. what?” lol

  33. Of course the heavier the dog, the less likely you’ll find a pic of one being held up in the air. LOL

  34. oh this one had me ROFL!


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