Piglets! in! Pools!

Will you please get outta here with this.

We’ve got Hamlet the maniac mini-piggle, jumping full-blast into the pool.

Do not under any circumstances, forget the speakers. There’s a lot of snorting here, People.

Beat the heat with PiggyGirl2010


  1. you had me at “oink”

  2. [mini snorfing sounds]

  3. I love all of the little scuttling-about-in-high-heels sounds as well.

  4. Is this the same Hamlet who was going down the stairs?Awesome little piggy! Look at the SPOTS on his HINEY!!!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    He wore an itsy-bitsy, tiny-weeny, pinkie porkadot bikini.

  6. He?

  7. 260Oakley says:

    OK, so Hamlet probably favors Squeedos over bikinis, but it didn’t work with the song.

  8. Oakley, you’re in FINE FORM today.

  9. Jaclyn M. says:

    The pig is male, thus the word “he.”

  10. BTW, Yes, this is the same stair-descending, oatmeal-diving Hamlet!

  11. Cynthia McLendon says:

    Squee like a pig!

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like Hamlet had a change of heart once he/she was in the pool! too funny

  13. “Ahhh! A salt water pool. Hey! Wait a minute… they’re trying to brine me! Run away! Run away!”

  14. Olympic Gold! Front Pork Belly into the pool and a Flying Bacon reverse for the win!

  15. i just realized…imagine the size of the bacon slices you’d get from this porker…they’d be like an inch long and fully formed…

  16. would somebody please get that little sweetheart a ramp !!!

  17. loribelle says:

    I love that the pool is piggeh pink! Now they just need to paint some dots on it!

  18. marthava says:

    That is exACTly what my kitteh did last night when I let him out….3x.

  19. I assume you mean the old, “IwantoutIwantoutIwantout!” immediately followed by, “ACK! IT’S WET! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING PUTTING ME OUT HERE?!”

  20. . . . which is then sometimes followed by, “I know! I’ll go beg to be let out the BACK door. Maybe the weather will be better there.”

  21. victoreia says:

    *stifled giggles* That’s one reason my fur-kids are strictly indoors!

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    and the major drama eye maquillage is FOINE, too !!!

    Also: “Boop” on da nose-y!!!

  23. Matchingks with the pink pool!

  24. ♪♫ Like a ham, in a tub of
    wat-er, I will lay me down ♪♫

  25. Your best work since the mountain, sir!

  26. bra-mf’ing-VO!!!!! :D

  27. Marco!!!

  28. loribelle says:



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