People, please meet Franklin

Franklin’s a nice little bebeh deer who has had a serious spot o’ misfortune. Click here to see how you can help The Frankster.

Thanks to Mike Tillmans for sending this in!



  1. His name is Franklin?? As if he wasn’t already cute enough. 🙂

    I made a donation for this precious little guy.

  2. Omg, we had a foster kitteh years ago that had to have one leg amputated that we named Franklin!! After FDR who was also handicapped, yet indomitable and courageous!

    [sneef, sneef] darn dust in my eye 😉

  3. It’s not the dust I mind so much as the dang onions. Whoever is peeling them, please stop it right now.

  4. ::wiping eyes:: Thanks so much for posting this. Just donated myself & put a link to little Franklin’s fund on my fb page.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    omg.. snf .. sweet baby! How horrible for the farmer but great that he took Franklin in to people who could help. Dang. (I donated. So easy with PayPal!)

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    So inconvenient that the dust is here at the same time as peeling onions!!!!!

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    Deer is dear.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    but his/ her stuffie toy could be either rotated or given a privacy b’ankie …..:)

  9. How could I resist this little guy?

    I’ve donated and passed the word on!

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    So can a deer with a prosthetic leg still go “boing, boing, boing?”

  11. LOL! I used to live in the hills just south of Yosemite, and we had wild critters aplenty. But my favorites every spring were those fawns. Mother would get her baby settled in tall grass to hide in and a little while later, this fawn’s head with pop up out of the grass, looking to make sure mom wasn’t around I’m betting. Then seeing the coast was clear, boing boing boing, then dropping back down in the tall grass. It would happen several times in the next few hours. Once a fawn doing it when mom did return home and she made noises I have never heard a deer make. I am certain she was scolding him. Funny as h-e-double hockey sticks!

  12. You know, another thing we might do, as well as writing Franklin in the Purpose slot, is mentioning Cute Overload in that spot, too.

  13. 6rabbits says:

    My school’s fourth grade went to camp for three days in June (4 classes, 60 kids). One of the activities is survival training (build a water proof shelter etc.) A group of 18 was deep into the woods when the counselor led them around a bend and a BABY DEER was right next to the path in a little hollow of plants, still as could be! The counselor led them back out of the area, of course, and they changed the location we’d be using for that activity. But the kids could not stop talking about seeing that fawn–it was the most amazing experience for them!

  14. Are we sure this is a male. I remember in “The Yearling” “Males have their dots in neat lines, females – true to their sex – have them every which where”

    Granted, I think the people who’ve inspect this baby probably know better than I what gender it is, but…I dunno, this has always stuck with me.

  15. This is after all a wildlife rehab center; I think they know what they’re doing.

  16. Franklin with his stuffed friend, Flower? *sneef*

  17. *sneefing* leads to moderation? Man, pass the cakes please.

  18. Paula O. says:

    This wildlife center is my “neck of the woods.” They do great work on a shoestring budget. Please donate if you can. Thanks.

  19. SuburbanPrairie says:

    So… hang on… if the comment we make isn’t cute, it’s deleted? Interesting.

  20. Max Herwig - FVWLC Board member says:

    I received email the other day informing me that Franklin passed away from kidney failure caused by the antibiotics he was taking for an infection he had. As a Fox Valley Wildlife Center Board member I wanted to be sure all those who cared so much for helping Franklin by donating to his fund, it was greatly appreciated. It is a sad time at the Center because Franklin had been such a warm and loving animal. We all were hoping and praying for his full recovery but it wasn’t to be. RIP little one.