Speed Nomming

Remember when we checked in on Johnny and his two kittehs, Rocky n’ Elvis?

They’re back! And this time, we git Mrs. Johnny and three kittehs going nuts with the maximum nommage allowed by law.

MrsArtAngie, y’all are havin’ some kinda fun.




  2. So there are THREE– so the names are Rocky, Elvis and-?

  3. skippymom says:

    I am hyperventilating.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    “BULLWINKLE,” o’ COURSE !!!! 😉

    *straightens starcy-white Nurse cap, yanks on white Nurse stockings, hauls the
    Hello Kitty Defibrillator outta the hall closet and begins resuci-whatevering Mme la Therese and victoreia ….*

  5. Rocky, Elvis and Sweet Pea!!!

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    *straightens starchy Nurse’s cap; yanks on white nurse’s stockings*

    *hauls Hello Kitty Defibrillator, outta the Hall Closet & plugs in*
    *Begins resuci-whatever-ing Mme la Therese and skippymom*

    @ Theresa: silly. The other one is BULLWINKLE, o’ course 😉

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    OOPS a DUP !!!

    The CO server is trickin’ my eyes. I scrolled and my orig. comment wuzznit there I PROMISE !!!


  8. The middle kitten obviously has the best grasp of this process (and of the bottle). Yay for kittens and the people who care for their tiny selves!

  9. Here’s a paper bag for you, skippymom. I have spares if anyone else needs them.

  10. OMG, it’s SOOOO CUUUUUTE and I also really appreciate the foster mommy, BUT — they really shouldn’t eat on their backs. I foster kittens and bottle-feed them. They might get some in their lungs and get pneumonia. They are SO precious and SO very fragile, pneumonia can be a death sentence for these darling babies.

    I feel like everybody who sees this needs to hear — bottlefeeding kittens should feed while lying on their tummies, just like when their mother feeds them. Yet another way a bottle baby can go wrong.

  11. yup. he’s all, “i’m certain i don’t know why you fellows feel the need to cause such a ruckus (snurp snurp snurp). the process is quite simple (snurp snurp snurp).”

    although it could be he’s the weird one. kitterns would naturally do this lying belleh-down with their paws pushing at their mudder’s udders to get the partial pressure of delicious meelks up for decent snurpage. so the ones that keep adjusting and pushing could simply be getting excited and reverting to instinct while the calm one is simply too blissed-out to forget the training video.

    “undoubtedly, old chap (snurp snurp snurp).”

  12. Yes, please please please feed bottle kittens on their bellies! They can easily accidentally get milk in their lungs in this position which can end up being deadly very quickly.

  13. I agree. I just had a litter of baby cottontails to feed and I held them straight up when they ate. They can suck it down almost as fast as those kittens.

  14. victoreia says:

    Toe…..splayage…..can’t….handle…. *faints*

  15. Where’s momma?

  16. Snurp? I am SO stealing that – what a great word!

  17. I’m glad I saw this at the end of the day, not the beginning. No more thinking for me, now that my brain has asploded.

  18. Me too!!

  19. I want a kitteh to bottle feed!!!!

  20. 13bodies says:

    I think my biological clock is going off–I WANT A KITTEN!!!!! NOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOW!!!!!

    Of course the 5 evil toms who allow me to care for them disagree.


  21. wannadance says:


  22. My sentiments exactly, Theresa!!!

  23. At 18 seconds, you can look at the very definition of “contentment.” Those little faces are soooooo happy!

  24. I know! My Kitten Fever is RAGING right now!


  26. Ideally, yes. However, I’ve had a couple of bottle kittens who absolutely refused to take a bottle any other way than how these kits are doing it.

  27. If you want a kitten, you can have a temporary kitten! Check with your local animal shelter or Humane Society — this is the absolute peak of Kitten Season and they always need more fosters! At this time of year, there is a RIVER of kittens coming in the door! THey provide the vet care, sometimes they provide the food, you provide the hands-on loving. You get two weeks or whatever of kitten gloriousness. And except for the baby kittens less than a week old, you really CAN sleep 7 hours and they will be okay, as long as you keep up the feedings VERY well the rest of the time. I feed just before and just after I sleep. OR, foster kittens just a little older, old enough to not need bottlefeeding. Usually at 4 or 5 weeks, they are able to eat soft food and don’t need the bottle. THey need to be at least two months old, by most shelters’ rules, and two pounds in weight, before they are old enough to be spayed or neutered and can be adopted.

    Just think of it as a really REALLY fun babysitting job! You don’t have to adopt them, any more than you have to adopt children you babysit for — you give them back and they find their forever homes, and you can get back to normal life — or to the next fosters!

    Anyway, if you are so inspired, you can help save a kitten’s life — and have some HUGE fun too!

  28. [Picturing River of Kittens] …

  29. 13bodies says:

    Pratchett–who I raised from a kitten three years ago–got horribly, miserably jealous when I took in Nugget last October. You’ve never seen such relief when I came back from Christmas without her (I gave her to my SIL. She is now Cleo and rules with an iron paw.). I can’t do it to him again. Sigh.

    Still WANT a kitten. Sigh.

  30. Fird Birfle says:


  31. Sammiched kitty gets the benefit of sibs holding his/her bottle in place. *nom nom nom nom nom*

  32. *burp*

  33. I could not foster any kittens, Anne, because I would adopt them on the spot 😀

  34. I would tell those “5 evil toms” to take a long walk on a very short pier, 13bodies, and go out and get a couple of kittens 😀

  35. I second that, Iolo (nice name) 😀 I also suggest wrapping the bottles in washcloths so the kittens have something to grab onto as they drink their milk as they lay on their tummies 😀

  36. the meownongahela?

  37. Now why is this so damn entertaining?

    Cuz it totally is. Moawr, moawr.

  38. The Little ones are so sweet and their littleness makes them so vulnerable – but the very thing that I found so BEAUTIFUL – was Mama Kitty stepping into the living room and TELLING the devoted humans – her kittens were coming NOW –
    She wanted someone with her – sure she knew what was going on – she had done all this before – but her Human’s hand stroking and comforting – was what this little lady NEEDED – HEY !! PEEPS – did you ever see such a beautifully MARKED Cat – of course I am a fool for Tabbehs – had one – Mickey-Boy – some of you know of Mickey – and how the mice packed their gear and moved out.

  39. victoreia says:


  40. I think my head just sploded for the last and final time….

  41. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Very much in agreement on position. They should try to mimic how they would eat normally–on the bellies with something to push on. They push on mom’s belly/teats while they’re eating, so that’s why they’re “pushing” their little paws. On their backs, they increase the chance of aspirating food into their lungs which is VERY BAD!

  42. you would think this would be the case, but usually when I foster, it’s time to take them back for adoption right around the same time the kittens become prodigious litterbox producers and wild fiends who want to tear through my house and knock everything over. This plus my own set of grownup catties *always* feels like too much cats (I know! how can that even be a thing?), so sending the little ones off to their forever homes is a relief.

  43. The little one in the middle looks like he’s trying hard not to fall asleep…