Are sneezes scary? Just ask the subjects of these videos.

Or maybe these two are just scaredy cats. Er, elephants. You know what I mean, The Pet Collective and kikicat25!



  1. Both these vids make me laugh until I cry. To be fair, sneezing through a trunk must be terrifying indeed.

  2. ZeppthePug says:

    My puppehs don’t scare themselves with sneezes, exactly… Not to be crude, but they have been known to jump in alarm and look at their ‘tocks when, er, a gaseous expulsion comes out the other end.

    And trust me, it IS frightening.

  3. One of my dogs is constantly sniffing her own butt. I can’t smell anything but then again, her olfactory powers are highly superior to mine. 🙂

    Sneezing bebbeh lellefant is just too adorbs!

  4. Ping pong balls are an awesome kitten toy – I think it’s the noise they make… I keep one in the bathtub at all times – my adult kittehs don’t play with it too much anymore, but when I used to foster kittens, it was always good for a laugh riot…

  5. skippymom says:

    Francesco nearly has a nervous breakdown every time I sneeze. I’ve learned to warn him, but it doesn’t help.

  6. Where’s the famous “baby panda sneeze scares mother” video?

  7. My favorite is a horse filly who sneezes and rolls over backward:

  8. That baby elephant video is one of my favorite things to watch when I need a pick-me-up 🙂

  9. What a powerful blow that sneeze must have been if it blew the poor kitteh like that!

  10. I love the side eye Momma Elephant gives the hoomins laughing at her baby’s sneeze. She looks thisclose to going all whup-arse on the paparazzi.

  11. Poor darling little kitteh almost ran up the wall he was so surprised.

  12. At least you get a warning. My parent’s middle dog gives no warning – one moment you’re sitting companionably on the couch together, maybe enjoying a little scritching, and the next you’re pretty sure you’re going to suffocate and the rescue workers will refuse to enter the house. It’s deadly!

  13. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My late lab’s buttgas was so foul *he’d* get up and leave the room. Elderly labs: silent but deadly.

  14. bob drummond says:

    …… not a pleasant thought at all !!!…here she comes – LOOK OUT !!!

  15. rescue gal says:

    Well, what do expect when your nose drags on the ground? 😉

  16. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Kittens are on hair-triggers anyway, most of the time!

  17. i still think that part of what scared that little baby elephant was the crowd of tourists laughing at his sneeze. i LOVE baby elephants and their little too-long trunks, and I’m with Mama Elephant in giving some side-eye to the laughing onlookers.

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    Poor Francesco. It sounds as though he might need some smelling salts or talk therapy or a small teddy beauw, wif a blue bow on its neck.

  19. Related to this is a cute video of a horse filly sneezing and falling over in surprise!

  20. Indeed, Gigi 😀 I was ready to reach through the monitor and pick up that sweet little kitty and give him/her a cuddling 😀

  21. Hanglyman says:

    Adult kitties have some interesting reactions to sneezes too… ours always gives a death glare and an accusing “Myyyow!” every time someone sneezes.

  22. I’m exactly the same. The funniest one up until now was the baby panda who scared the snot out of it’s mama. I watched that over and over for months when it came out. Now I have some new favorites!!

  23. Crazie Cathie says:

    Here’s the baby panda sneeze…

  24. Yep, dogs are good for SBD’s (silent but deadly ) 🙂 My two dachsies…Lucy & Ricky…yikes.

  25. amahgawd!! i love those names!

  26. i’m pretty sure the baby elephant is making a common trumpeting sound that gives warning to potential threat… being a baby it sounded like a sneeze, he was still scared and still cute nonetheless.

  27. brilliantcrayons says:

    i’m pretty sure the baby elephant is making a common trumpeting sound that gives warning to potential threat… being a baby it sounded like a sneeze. he was still scared and still cute nonetheless.