Alpacas don’t do Windows™

Notice that “Flower,” a snorgly Alpaca, is surfing a MacBook Pro™ looking for photos of….alpacas, natch.

And People, you must have your speakers turned up for this one.

Alpacas are totally underrated, TC Morgan.



  1. So, if I buy the MacBook Pro (TM), does it come with the baby alpaca?

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Yes, the new iPaca.

  3. Hahahaha…. you slay me!

  4. Apple is llame…!

  5. *golf clap*

    Loves me some camelids. I’ve got some baby alpaca fresh off the hoof, waiting to be spun into yarn. It’s the most delicious toffee color.

  6. So adorable! It sounds like she is humming while she surfs. Completely redonk.

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    I make a very similar noise when I surf the web but sadly I’m not half as cute.

  8. Is that really him/her making those sounds? It’s just too too adorable!

  9. That audio track has been messed with. I can hear the edits.

  10. party pooper

  11. She’s looking for her mama…that’s where the little snorts are coming from as she sees pictures of “mamas” on the screen. And yes, they can see flat screens. And yes, they make those sounds. The track has not been edited, unless it was shortened, but that’s what baby ‘pacas sound like!

  12. Poor baby will have a seizure. Slow those pic(xels) down so a baby ‘paca can see!

  13. Yeah what ceejoe said 😦

  14. Yeah for Charity 🙂

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Extensive research (Googling “alpaca hum”) shows that alpacas do indeed make these sounds. Research was suspended, however, when the researcher began to act like her cats when they hear kittens mewling on-screen, rushing around the room looking for the bebehs in distress.

  16. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    It’s the Alpacalypse!!! Too Cute!

  17. I don’t understand people that always see the negative side of anything first… before they even know anything about a situation… wouldn’t that be a sad way to live?… 😦

  18. Our thanks go out to the researcher for being willing to sacrifice her well-being for the sake of our knowlege.

  19. LOL nice one.

  20. rescue gal says:

    Umm….a little creepy in my opinion.

  21. The whole video’s been sped up significantly according to the person who made it. “I had to speed up the video to make it more interesting. About 5mins into 24 seconds. So that’s why it looks like she is shaking.”

  22. Was listening on headphones and as audio work is my profession it was v noticeable to me. And I thought what I was responding to was a genuine question about the noises. Wasn’t meaning to be negative or spoil the fun.

  23. Aww, that’s OK, treef. Have a good day. 🙂

  24. Someone needs to tweak those parental controls. Did you see what they were surfing?

  25. Hmmm, not so much cute, but muchly weird! David Lynch would love this, methinks. 😉

  26. I agree. Alpaca=Super cute. But speeding up the video “to make it more interesting” just made it feel like a Japanese horror movie. I would prefer to watch the whole 5 minutes in real time. Maybe we can get the lil’ ‘paca to skype with us? 😉