Dahling I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue

I call everyone ‘Dahling’ because I can’t remember their names. [Wink]

Zsa Zsa Gabor quote thanks to Brainyquote. Fabulous schnozzle with hair thanks to Dog Dude.



  1. Sorry, Brainyquote got it wrong. EVA Gabor said that, she was the one in Green Acres.

  2. I TOTALLY hear Zsa Zsa’s voice coming from a face like that !!!

  3. Wrong sister. It was Eva. Not that they sounded that different.

  4. MeNotHim says:

    Anna Wintour, why the long face?

  5. wow, that is a fabulous schnozzle! and perfect eyeliner 🙂 I think she’s lovely!

    then again, I’m biased toward pointy-nosed pretty pups…

  6. If I have only one life to live, let me live it as an Afghan hound…

  7. What a coif! Such a fabulous hairdo on this pup.

  8. They are fabulous and gorgeous and graceful. Sigh. (whispers: They’re also not too terribly bright . . . but in the most delightful way . . . )

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    Aw HECK who ever NEEDED an Afghan hound to be terribly bright?
    Honey, you just go ON calling everyone “dahling” .

    Ya talk aboutcha “dumb blonde”s (and they are different people, and dogs, from the blondes who ARE terribly bright as well as being reliably Fabulous).

    I think I’ll watch the film
    “Born Yesterday”, this afternoon ….


  10. ThirdShift says:

    I was bitten on the hand by an Afghan Hound. Not sure why, saw him and owner standing on the street, stopped to chat, put my arm out, and this guy game me a little puncture wound and a bruise that I remember to this day. To be fair I think he was just warning me, he could have done a lot more damage if he wanted to bite down. Every time I see one of them I think, stupid over-inbred mean nasties, you only *look* cute, I’m onto you. But I still love greyhounds.

  11. I agree completely — and their intended mission in life (SEE prey beastie, RUNRUNRUN after prey beastie, CATCH prey beastie) does not require advanced strategy. In fact, it would be fouled by too much thinkin’. By the time they work through “is that really a prey beastie, or is it something else? And if it is the prey beastie, what is it doing?” the prey beastie would be long gone. Much better to go with: “Hey look!! Small, furry — must be tasty! I’m off!!!” runrunrun.

    So they are suited perfectly by being very instinctually driven. . . . and utterly beautiful creatures. And very, very sweet. And very, very soft . . . Loves me some Afghan hound.

  12. hahahaha I love your description – you’ve met sighthounds before, huh? 😀

  13. The problem with afghan hounds is that they always steal the covers.

  14. Have to agree, apparently the kommador’s got the brains in the family. I’ve seen afghan’s trip over their own fur.

  15. Oh…SO trying to resist cracking a Sarah Jessica Parker joke here! Not nice, I know.

  16. omg – I see it!

    I usually call her Seabiscuit, but this… wow… this.

  17. But Eva was prettier, IMO.

  18. ThirdShift says:

    Why am I still in the mod lounge?

  19. 😉

  20. victoreia says:

    GAH!! Now I’ve got the theme song stuck in my head!

  21. A greyhound once thought my chihuahua was a chew toy and lunged to grab her out of my hands. Scared the crapola out of me… but they are gorgeous animals, as is this lovely afghan hound. I’m particularly fond of not-so-bright dogs – they’re just way more fun. 🙂

  22. Maybe not nice but oh so twue. 🙂

  23. WhatEVER do you mean, I’m looking down my nose at everyone?

  24. Puppy can you hear me?
    Puppy can you see me?

  25. My mum and I always think Barbra Streisand.

    In a good way, of course. We loves boobs…Babs…okay, Babs and her boobs.

  26. This dog! Stole! My! Hairdo!

    …& somehow, I’m not even that angry, considering it looks better on her (him?)

  27. Do you watch Adventure Time?

    Because I read that in Lumpy Space Princess’ voice.

  28. Veggie mom says:

    “Shake your head, Dahling!”( said in best Jose Eber impersonation).