New Rule of Cuteness: Lazy Ear

In which we appreciate asymmetry in aural appendages, one ear sleeping while the other stands ready, scanning the area for the whirr of can opener or the clink of leash. “No need to get up,” Vigilant Ear might offer, “I know you had another late night, so just take it easy. I’ve got this,” and then quietly mutter “you freeloader.”

Hope to hear from you again, Sodanie Chea.


  1. Precociou puppers presents perky ear for petting.

  2. ummm, make that “precocious”

  3. Precociou sounds like a Romanian surname.

  4. Okay, so just what is the process for getting a New Rule? We’ve been trying for ages to get one in re eyebrow dots… no amount of marker-and-glittered posterboard protest signs seems to be working. Is there a formal procedure? Did Schoolhouse Rock make a video on how a Suggestion becomes a Rule?

    Now don’t get me wrong… this here feller is cute and all… but DOTS, people. THAT should be our next New Rule.

  5. I wish I had a “like” button for your comment.

  6. emmelemm says:

    Dog eyebrows = high cuteness art. Needs to be a rule, a tag, and everything else.

  7. As an owner of two Rottweilers – one of whom can use her eye spots with devastating effect – I must concur.

  8. Yeah, what tracylee said! [stomping foot and frowning]

  9. Rachael says:

    I’m ready to sign petitions, hold signs and attend protest rallies. Just let me know where and when and I’m there. Eyebrow dots forever!!

  10. *steps up*
    I greatly appreciate the support of my fellow CO-ers. I promise you I will work diligently to see that one day! we! will have! a new Rule! When that day comes, we will all stand togethahh, and bask in the glory that is eyebrow dots, knowing that it was because of our hard work, our effort, and our untiring dedication to our cause.
    Thank you, and Dog Bless Cute Overload.
    *steps down*

  11. [cheering for tracylee and waving placard]
    Where the heck is Fird with the pompons!?!

  12. Oceanview says:

    Ear’s looking at you, kid!

  13. ** groan **

  14. victoreia says:


  15. corgis rolling on the floor waiting for the queen is pretty cute too

  16. Theresa says:

    I call that the Jeffrey Leonard One Flap Down. :D

  17. Yeay! Jeffrey Leonard reference!

  18. My mum just said he looks like Paul Newman.

    I’ll never be able to watch a movie of his without laughing now.

  19. what we have h(ear)… is a failure… to stand up straight…

  20. Mittens taught Bolt the value of lazy ear when begging.

  21. fleurdamour says:

    Make a right when you get to the York in the road.

  22. sstellar says:

    My dog has one of these!
    He also has eyebrow dots, by the way…
    A single look is known to reduce even the most callous person to a cooing pile of mush.


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