Yo, Owlbert


Hey Owlbert, yo.

I say, yo.


The game is on! Eye Guy comin’ through!

There’s more than meets the eye at Screech owls Blogspot



  1. Theresa says:

    The title “Baby Owl Eye Pops Out” made me reluctant to watch. 😯

  2. i didn’t even notice that! you’re right on any other site I would not have watched!

  3. fleurdamour says:

    One eyed bird might be Owl-luminati.

  4. ♫♪ Owl be seing you, in owl the old familiar places…♫♪

  5. SixFootJen says:

    Really, that’s the epitome of “ENH!”

  6. Theresa says:

    The All-Seeing Owl!

  7. I had the same initial reaction!

  8. Need…bigger…hole…..

  9. Theresa says:

    Reminds me of this joke:
    Early one spring morning, Papa Mole decided to check out the sounds and smells of the new season. He traveled along his burrow until he could stick his head out and survey the area. He quickly called to Mama Mole to come join him, it was such a beautiful morning. Papa Mole said, “It is such a beautiful spring morning. I hear the birds singing and I smell … bacon… yes someone is frying bacon! It smells so good.” Mama Mole said, “It is indeed a beautiful morning and … why, yes … I think I smell someone cooking pancakes. Yes, delicious buckwheat pancakes! Come quick, Baby Mole, you must experience these delectable sounds and smells!” Baby Mole raced along the burrow until he reached the end where Papa and Mama Mole stood, completely filling the entrance to the burrow. Try as he did, Baby Mole struggled to get to the top of the burrow but could not squeeze past his parents. Mama said, “” Do you smell those delicious smells of breakfast, Baby Mole? Doesn’t it make you hungry and happy that spring is here?” Baby Mole replied, his voice a bit muffled as he tried to squeeze past his parents again. “I wouldn’t know. All I can smell is molasses!”

  10. Ha. 😀

  11. Surrealle says:

    Same here, lol

  12. Ditto here…glad he put it back in before he popped out. 🙂

  13. PS: “Baby Owl’s Eye Pops Out”: Reminded me of this Calvin and Hobbes:

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    I”m in love, I’m in love, I’m in loooooooooooove…..with a woooooonderful ooooooooooowl…………………………

    (PS: I think I’d better wait to see, if Madame l’Owl(e) okays the match tho’, eh??? )

    To this tune:

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Nah, cute little one-eyed guy is “Hi! Clops”

  16. OMG, from 25 years ago: I’m getting old 😦

  17. D. Waters says:

    I was scared too.

  18. 6rabbits says:

    I do believe there is a C&H cartoon reference for any situation! 🙂 I have all the books, and reread them often, but I still miss my daily Calvin and Hobbes fix!

  19. Theresa says:

    DING DING DING Attention Please: BABY WALRUS. That is all:

  20. OMG, I died when the behbeh walrus put his/her head in the guy’s lap at the end. Blorptastic.

  21. god, those eyes are so amazing, aren’t they? i sure would not want to be a mouse.

  22. omg how adorable. he’s like a blorpie puppy dog or something. so affectionate and sweet. awwww.

  23. Theresa says:


  24. Theresa says:

    The adult walruses at my local aquarium have such a sweet relationship with their keeper. They are also very chummy with each other, and curious about the zoo visitors. Really charming (and BIG) critters.

  25. Leilani says:

    I still haven’t forgiven Bill Watterson for retiring. 😦

  26. Leilani says:

    Hey! HOOOOO do you think you’re pushing?!?

  27. bob drummond says:

    I second that : – )

  28. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “Excuse me. Excuse me please. Let me in please. Hey. Move. Listen, I’m on the clock here, so I’m in a bit of a rush. If you could just…let me…squeeze…by. I’ve got a deadline to make. Move…your…feathered…TUSH. Ah, there we go.

    Aaaand 3….2….1….[GLARE AT CAMERA].”

  29. M., did you by any chance put the lime in the coconut?

  30. ARGYLE DONKEYPANTS!!!! Long time no see!

  31. Yes, yes I did. All night, every night. 😉