True Cute Confessions #2

What cute confessions does your heart long to reveal? OK, ok, I’ll start.

When my pup is in the car, ummm, and I go to the drive-thru, (rolls eyes), I order for my pup too. (hangs head in shame)

Your turn! Time to spill the cute!

May we take your order, Bixby? Sent in by Tasha M. Photo by Tabitha.



  1. ThirdShift says:

    I take it that you are serious, and this isn’t some invented back story to pump up the cute. 🙂 So, when we go to visit our parents (long drive), we always stop at McDonald’s to get the greyhound a plain hamburger and that’s his lunch. Because long trips are stressful and dry kibble is not easy to eat in the car. Also, in the summer we drive with all the windows and sunroof down and eat fries. Yes, both of us.

  2. Once, as a child, riding somewhere with the dog in the backseat, we stopped at McDonald’s and I ordered fries. I didn’t finish mine and went and dropped the container behind me for the dog. She delicately picked it back up by the edge, stuck her head between the seats and dropped it back in my lap.

    Evidently she thought I hadn’t meant to give her the fries. Or she thought I was too skinny and should eat more. She was a Newfie and they’re motherly types.

  3. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Don’t tell anyone but, if you choose me as your pet sitter, I will spoil your dog/cat/other rotten. 🙂 And let me tell ya, Uncle John has the bestest snacks, toys, and smooshie furniture there is.

  4. Alice007 says:

    When I go to the Dairy Queen, I always get whipped cream on my milkshake so I can give the kitteh a treat 😀

  5. Week end breakfast is the big treat time around our place. A few extra strips of bacon ( there are 7 here to treat) are cooked up & you should see the little vultures line up !

  6. 😀

  7. Mamabear says:

    You people and your drive-thrus. If you really wanna spoil your dog, do like me and take your wiener dog to Shoney’s. Just hide her in your back pack and set her up on the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet! Boy, does that dog love to eat! I make sure I grab me a handful of bacon first, because once she sets her snout upon it, she just inhales it.

    For some reason, I have been hatefully escorted out of all of our local Shoney’s and am not allowed back. I’m gonna start patronizing Golden Corral from now on. I like their imitation crab salad!

    Stupidly yours,
    Mamabear 😀

  8. Nashvillemish says:

    My two Eskies know those golden arches too well! Bear likes to bark his order for fries and a vanilla shake from my lap:) I also get a large water to place in the center console cup holder so they can easily help themselves to water while moving between the front seat for scenery, and the back where their doggie bed has been laid out for them. Spoiled? No, they insist that this is how all the doggies ride.

  9. loribelle says:

    I just love this!

  10. loribelle says:

    When I first read this, I saw “otter”–I would like a pet otter, rotten or otherwise!

  11. The cats I have now don’t seen to like human food, not even chicken 😯

    But when I was a teenager and went for ice cream I would always get a small vanilla ice cream for my furry little sister Jeannie Pom Pom.

  12. I beg your pardon? There are “restaurants” that cater specifically to dogs. Take your dog there. You are a really unethical, disgusting person. If I owned a Shoney’s/Golden Corral restaurant where a “customer” did that, they would be fined and doing some jail time. You really don’t care about other people do you.

  13. rosebud says:

    I often get cheap HBs at McD for my dogs and sometimes “shooters” at Steak and Shake. At regular restaurants, I always save a bit of meat from my plate and sneak it out in a napkin to dogs waiting in the car.

  14. Skipperdee says:

    My local snack bar has a “puppy pack” you can order: one small, raw hot dog, a baby-size scoop of vanilla soft serve, and a bowl of water.

  15. emmberrann says:

    The late-and-much-beloved Mr. Picky wouldn’t eat human food at all, except for butter. If you gave him a crumb of toast and butter, the toast would be licked clean, and totally.rejected. Human-quality fish or chicken heldno attraction for him. Licked his nose after a sniff, turned it up, and walked away. Period.

  16. @paular27: You can’t possibly believe he was being serious.

  17. To be fair, I don’t want to be eating at a restaurant and see a non-service animal at the next table but to each their own.

  18. Ali-Baba says:

    My tuxie, Gus, loves popcorn. Which is funny, because he was about 4 (7 now) when he started begging for it & we had a Cairn that loved it too, but the dog passed away over 10 years before Gus was born. Gus begs with the one paw on my knee & one paw (claws delicately out) batting at my hand, plaintive little meow head tilt pose. Of course the meows tend to get louder & the claws not quite so delicate if I dare to ignore him for long.

  19. Neither would I. But I recognize humor when I see it.

  20. Tonight I discovered that my young rats like french fries. And a couple of spoonfulls of Sonic Cherry Creamslush.

  21. Mamabear says:

    Dear lord, please tell me that you are joking back, but without the hints like: “stupidly yours” and the “:D”.

    If you’re not kidding back, well…I don’t even know how to respond to your post. I really don’t. I will simply say that it was a joke and that I thought that even a small child would catch that. To be sure, I added the “stupidly yours” and the smiley face, just in case. I guess next time I’ll put a disclaimer at the end, explaining that I was joking.

    On second thought, you HAVE to be joking back. You just have to be. NO ONE is that gullible. Not even my bacon-lovin’ wiener dog.

  22. Claire G. says:

    One of our cats looooves fat. Any kind of fat. Peanut butter on toast, the residue of oil on a bowl, the dirty ice cream spoon, margarine, even a smear of avocado left on your plate. I cannot even count how many times I’ve found her someplace she’s not supposed to be, licking furtively. Unsurprisingly, she’s the only one of the 4 cats that is overweight.

  23. skimming through, i didn’t realize you were joking but i was still shocked at “You are a really unethical, disgusting person.” I mean, really? with all the people scamming $ off the poor and lying through their teeth and being hateful. with all the everything, someone letting their dog eat… I mean, not like you have to share his plate!

  24. my mom’s cats love to munch on any bouquets she sets out. Won’t eat a crumb off the dinner table, but show them flowers and they’re all over them.

  25. Yeah, someone has a chip on their shoulder. Pay no attention to the haters, Mamabear. We all wuv you.

  26. kallisto73 says:

    Same here: Even specially prepared food, such as chicken breast seared without any butter or fat (recommended by the vet after my Ares got “fixed” to have some food that would go down and stay down easily after the anaesthesia). My cat simply does not eat human food (except butter and cheese, but those are inaccessible). I have to say I am not unhappy about this. I have special cat treats: dried fish, and he loves those. So, every weekend, he gets some. Or on days that are somehow bad, like when I have to travel for business and my mum comes over to cat sit, then he gets a special treat when he realizes I’m not coming back that night and he starts “whining”. (So much for “animals do not have emotions”).

  27. kallisto73 says:

    I got the joke the first time. And I was imagining the scene and laughing inwardly. I liked your made-up story. Ignore the haters, please. There is too much hate in this world.

  28. Aw, Nash, I really like that story 🙂 such a happy mental image there

  29. Miss Schnozz is notorious for talking me into turning my 6-piece nuggets order to a 5-piece, and sometimes 4-piece if she’s feeling especially bossy

  30. If we hit up the dairy queen we’ll get our dogs a small soft serve to share. I have to take turns passing it back and forth between them as they frantically lick at the ice cream at 100 miles an hour. Also whenever we go to MacDonald s they get a fry or 2 each. My MIL will save half of her hamburger bun for her dog, and he’s so used to it if he sees her coming in with a MacDonald s Ice tea cup he’s all over her for his treat, but it has to be a McDonald’s Iced tea cup, it seems he can tell the difference.

  31. januaryfarmer says:

    We don’t do fast food at my house or (God forbid) buffets, but when that foil comes off the yogurt the cat boys are fighting me for it. They prefer to lick it off a spoon, but they will just stick their heads into a glass of milk.

  32. Um, my cat loves celery seed. It first started with his munching on some celery leaves but when he smelled the seed in a spice jar he went nuts. So sometimes I sprinkle celery seed on the dish and he licks it all up. He’s a very strange kitty.

  33. I lof all u people.

  34. sotadragon says:

    I really hope you’re trolling and aren’t so clueless than you couldn’t tell MamaBear was joking.

  35. sotadragon says:

    My Fizzgig (she’s my avatar) loves lima beans and PopChips. She also loves the same people food most cats do; chicken, turkey, cheese. Our black & white we had when I was younger, Ozzie, loved WeightWatchers frozen blueberry muffins (thawed, of course) and french bread pizza crust. My first cat, Pepper, also once ate a very small pearl onion (she survived it just fine! And we didn’t mean to give it to her.), but that was because it was smothered in butter sauce.

  36. Brooksmom says:

    My 3 yr old kitty Izzy LOVES all people food EXCEPT peanut butter. And I don’t dare go to Subway! when I get home I have to give him the end of my roast beef on wheat WITH some of the lettuce and mayo and some crunched up baked lays on his own paper plate or he has a fit trying to get to my food!

  37. maybe she thought “Super Size Me” was directed at her!

  38. yeah, that’s my reason, too!

  39. i think you messed up by feeding bacon to the DOG IN YOUR BACKPACK (emphasis for the humour-impaired). the comically acceptable version would include a string of sausages or hot dogs.

  40. Fird Birfle says:


  41. Fird Birfle says:

    The pets who own CO people, eat with a more-refined palate/ selection than I do!!!