Y’all come ovah heah and set a spell, k?

Johnny’s gonna show y’all how it’s done. Now, we got Rocky, an’ we got Elvis goin’ on heah. Get one kitteh in your left hand, an’ one kitteh in your lap. Then, just stick the ol’ bottle into the ol’ pleasure conduit, n’ let the little critters do their thing. Easy peazy, lemon squeezy. We gone, buh-bye. (PS, remember- jus’ hold it, don’t kick it! There ya go.)

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  1. That was freaking adorable

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Two good ol’ kittens enjoying some genuine southern comfort.

  3. Oh for heaven’s sake. That was sooo cute. I love the little guy on the bottom totally zoned out holding his bottle.

  4. Porch swing!

  5. kodalai says:

    Oh… my… GOSH that was freakin’ cute! I almost had tears in my eyes from grinning so hard!

    “Jus’ hold it, don’ kick it!”

  6. 6rabbits says:

    How adorbs! I love how the guy is so confident that if he just TEACHES the kittayns how to hold the bottle, they’ll do it! So sweet!

  7. ladykatey says:

    Angie and Johnny have a whole channel full of high quality kitten bottle feeding videos.

  8. I’m ded.

  9. I am rendered speechless by the cute!

  10. Wow!

  11. between the tongue and the gnaw-gnaw-gnaw with the kitteh needle teeth and the behbeh-clawed muffin making…mama cats must be made of kevlar…

  12. wannadance says:

    contains all things i love, tender gentle humorous men, hungrey kitties with ears waving as they suck, little suck suck suckity suck sounds. i wonder: can i bring them all home, esp. the guy? i am in love….tenderness is better than young manliness; lasts forever, always lovely to see…

  13. Rachael says:

    I almost cried from the sweetness. What a dear, dear man and what adorabuhl kitties!! They are in very good hands indeed.

  14. Mamabear says:

    Dear lord! That’s Scruffy, the janitor, from Futurama. Leeesin!:

  15. the bottom kitty!!!!

  16. Mamabear says:

    I hereby nominate this guy to the Men of CO! I don’t even have to see him to know that he is worthy. Nothing finer than a man who can tend a baby, feline, or otherwise!

  17. OK …wait …that’s … what …how did …I mean, wow. Love it, just love it.
    Not sure which is cuter, the kittens or Brinke’s suth’n charm.

  18. Love it

  19. Plus, this guy has done this before. Bet he has a bunch of kids who adore him.

  20. Theresa says:

    Yup, very matter-of-fact about the procedure. Dude’s been there before.

  21. o.m.g. sticky sweet. I’m gonna watch it agin

  22. victoreia says:

    The teeny “mews”!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!1 *thud*

  23. Oh this reminds me of my grandfather so much! ❤ Also baby kitteh feet propping up milk bottle?? /squee

  24. Ernest darn up and rescute some kittens. How stinkin’ cute!

  25. Dawnkeyotie says:

    Gracious. If that don’t warm the heart, nuthin’ will.

  26. ladykatey says:

    Cute or sad? How Rocky got his name, apparently!
    “ugh get that away from me! waah! -flail- oh, wait, its delicious milks!!!~

  27. Now that’s a real man that makes this southern girl proud.

  28. fleurdamour says:

    I saw this movie! The Curious Cats of Gentlemen Bottle.

    Starring Brad Kitt and Cat Blanchett.

  29. fleurdamour says:

    And kits!

  30. Oh well, I didn’t really want to get any work done today anyway…

  31. Awwwwwww! The description says “Very funny but ewwwwwwwwwwwww”
    (don’t worry, it’s more on the funny/cute and less on the eww side)

  32. Aww man. I thought Johnny had the legs synchronizing, holding bottle up to drinks meelks, down pat too! I was applauding the miracle of it! Then dem kits got all stubborn and stuff.

  33. Dixie's Mom says:

    Vet Tech here -Two nuffs and an AWW! — 1. You are NOT supposed to bottle feed kitteh bebehs on their backs! Their natural nursing position is laying on their BELLEHS with their nosies ABOVE where they are drinking. Nursin on their backs can cause them to breathe meelks into their lungs, called aspiration. While milk bubbles out their nosies might be cute, it’s not good for their lungs!! 2. Those bebehs are WAAAYZ olds enuff for solid foods! 3 AWW!!! WANT!!!

  34. Alice Shortcake says:

    My thoughts exactly. He is adorable, and I want him to be my grandad.

  35. Hey Vern!

  36. bibop molina says:

    OVERLOAD! Now I’m crying.

  37. wannadance says:

    that jes’ lap babies for ya….once they are floor babies they get more of the pic…

  38. kodalai says:

    Definitely cute!!!

  39. 260Oakley says:

    Based on a short story by F. Scat Kitzgerald

  40. Move over. I’m ded with ya.

  41. Haha! My kitty sneezes on me too, always funnier than gross.

  42. marthava says:

    Make that a triple.

  43. Saffron says:

    Ha, me too. A few times I got sneezed on by kitteh just as I woke up. It is wonderful to awaken to kitteh face looking at you until… ahchoo! 😀

  44. hotclaws says:

    I love big,tough men with kittens

  45. fleurdamour says:

    Yes! Who also wrote The Great Catsby.

  46. Fird Birfle says:


  47. Fird Birfle says:

    “We’re gonna need a bigger defribriwhatsis.”

  48. [shudder] Southern Comfort was the first thing I ever got drunk on, and to this day, I cannot stand the smell. [shudder again]

  49. kallisto73 says:

    ‘K I bin roun’ the ol’ cute block pleny a’ times. But this has to be one of the cutest things EVER.

  50. GortandKlaatu says:

    I love listening to Southern men smooth-talk animals. I’m thinking of getting a Havanese from this place, and the owner sent me this video:

    I’ve been quoting it ever since.

  51. Lerrinus says:

    *giggles* 😆

  52. womble girl says:

    yup! II’m not sure the hello kitty defibrillomabob will handle this much cute….

  53. ogeminijune says:

    we git to esplorin! Thats good baby kesses…I’m ded!

  54. someone else said that too about feeding on their backs which i didn’t know. makes sense that naturally they feed on their belly with mouf up to mom. if you click the link to their youtube channel you should let them know. i mean maybe they just aren’t aware? i think they love them enough to do it right if they are doing this much for them already.

  55. I’m relieved that you pointed that out, phew! Although by the end of the video, the kitties showed him how it was supposed to be done. I think it’s good information to share with folks who might not know. That said, this is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while. Since I come from southern folk, it reminds me of my daddy and all my sweet old uncles, may they all rest in peace. *sniff*

  56. kibblenibble says:

    Oh man, I just watched it again, and it made me think of this guy, my all-time favorite dog whisperer:

    Don’t know if the link will work, it’s for the youtube video of The Amazing Skidboot.

  57. pickums1283 says:

    The meowing! It’s too cute! I can’t handle it!

  58. Oh I see. Floor babies. Uh-huh. Lol!

  59. “Can I have it? Can I have it?” “Obviously NOT.”

  60. I would just LOVE to take those sweet little kitties home with me, too, wannadance, if I knew where they lived and it was easy to get to 😀

  61. Oh what a gorgeous story. I’d seen a video or two of Skidboot’s performances, but great to get more background info on him and his human.

  62. You can’t miss Tiger with his tiger stripes! And all this puppy love at one time!!
    …one thing that wasn’t quite clear though, were they out exploring? 😀

  63. James Probis says:

    I was pretty sure it was Boomhauer from King of the Hill, Itellyouwhut.

  64. Andi from NC says:

    I’d never seen this – what a beautiful story *sniff* – thanks so much for sharing!

  65. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    I don’t know what is cuter – the mews from the kittens or the soothing southern gent’s talking.

  66. OMG… I love this guy!

    Aww puppies.

  67. mie and Andi, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I laugh and cry every time I watch it, and I wish that there were many more people in the world like this man. It would make it a MUCH better place. 🙂

  68. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen on this site – and that’s saying a lot.

  69. wuyizidi says:

    Daww, I wonder if you have to burp them afterwards.

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    [double shudder]
    euw. similar tale: Once ‘pon a time…. my dad had a drink with gin. Lemme tell you folks SUMP’N. I di-unt even SIP that thing. I literally touched the TIPPEE TIP of my tungee-wungee onto the top surface of that drink.


  71. Oh Skidboot, how wonderful to see a dog’s intelligence really engaged. What love and care … we need to be reminded that there are such lovely people in the world. Thank you for sharing this. I have tears streaming down my face now. Bless you Skidboot and Daddy Skidboot!

  72. lisaLassie says:

    And yet when, as expected, the kittles revert to right side up, he simply supplies them what they want.
    Whwat a nice man.

  73. lisaLassie says:

    Isn’t that why we’re all here? Eh?

  74. bernadine rousseau says:

    your house sounds like mine had 8 down to 5 and just picked up a stray bun this am..retired teacher

  75. januaryfarmer says:

    Wow. Really great man. Manly man, no doubt!

  76. I need more videos of southern men talking sweetly to baby animals! I’m hooked! More, I say! Mooooooore!

  77. girlsinger says:

    Absolutely loved it! Wish I’d tried this technique when I was feeding FOUR of them!

  78. I commend this man for managing to feed two kitties at the same time, while holding them on his lap from the height of a chair. Bottle-feeding multiple babies is NOT EASY when you only have two hands! This man is clearly a veteran.


  80. Southern men talking sweetly to baby animals is just about the most endearing thing I’ve ever heard.

  81. I just melted into a pile of goo. Will someone bring a mop, please?

  82. elfdancer says:

    Time to break out the Hello Kitty Defibrimajig.

  83. fleurdamour says:

    I agree -gin and toxic is more like it.

  84. sotadragon says:

    LOL! 😀 My Fizzgig once sneezed right. in. my. face. >.< Like from two or three inches away. But it was my own fault, I put myself there, not the other way 'round. Not that I could ever be mad at her for sneezing on me no matter who came up to who. 🙂

  85. sotadragon says:

    Sooo much CUTE!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  86. 6rabbits says:

    At one point I had NINE!! My local small animal shelter knows me well. (Three of my current crew are 10, 10 and 11 this summer–the geriatric trio!) And congrats on making it to retirement! 🙂

  87. Amen and amen.