The best 13 seconds you’ll spend all day

Not much need for a setup here. We’ve got your two basic hedgie guys. And they are about to do what hedgies do best. Act cute. And a-one, and a-two..

Hedgie Heaven, c/o Ant’s Quality Foraged Links!



  1. Today I learned: a hedgehog’s yawn reaches the very tips of its spikes.

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    *Yawns in sympathy*

  3. loribelle says:

    Now I need a nap. That is quite an effective lullaby-vid.

  4. 13 seconds? More like endless loop.

  5. Just like a kitteh’s yawn makes its ears point backwards. Animals yawn with their whole head.

  6. iheartanimals says:

    Looks like three hedgies. And the one on top is a baby.

  7. iheartanimals says:

    Correction… FOUR hedgies.

  8. the hedgies are tietie on Planet Prickly

  9. Fird Birfle says:


    *collapses into a messy puddle*

  10. perfect for a friday!

  11. sophie d. says:

    I am hitting replay again and again to watch the unbelievable movement of the spikes. Awesome!

  12. Saffron says:

    Peenk tongue straaaych!

  13. I will concede that yawning hedgies are pretty cute, but THIS is the best 13 seconds you will spend all day. 🙂

  14. did not realize that our hedge-lurking friends were part of the shark family…

  15. oh that’s brill

  16. Wait….. did I just see China down there ?

  17. skippymom says:

    This is nice, but the best 13 seconds of my day were the last ones cuddling Chloe before I had to get up.

  18. Sasha's Mum says:

    Holy frack, I *need* that ringtone. But usually the relaxing I need is *after* I’ve talked to her, not before. 😀

  19. LOL! Same here…

  20. I listened to that ring tone at least 10 times after getting off the phone with my mother this morning — and it absolutely helped!

  21. 6rabbits says:

    I need to hear this before I have to listen to a message my mom leaves on the answering machine!!

  22. emmelemm says:

    Me too!

  23. Fizzgig!

  24. could be four. yawnie, baby, baby’s ottoman, and the silent bump to the right.

  25. Theresa says:

    I LOVE the Kitteh Ear Flip. 😀

  26. OMG the teeth. THE TEETH!

  27. OMG the teeth. THE TEETH!

  28. Jeebus. That’s terrifying.