Got bamboo?

I know that white Pandas get the most pub, but you cannot deny the appeal of this furry lil’ knucklehead. Look at those eyes. The paws. The kronch kronch kronch o’ the bamboo with those leetle toofums. Too, too much to handle.

Panda photo magic from Detleff Knapp.



  1. Red pandas rock!

  2. wow, another lovely photo, with the colors, and the red panda of course!

    My local zoo has a red panda, but I think it’s slepping every time I’m there…

  3. I love red pandas AS MUCH as b/w ones–which is to say, to infinity.


  5. Totes twin bro (/sis?) with the nomming pom!

  6. As a red head, I feel an affinity for the red pandas.
    Then again my shape is more reminiscent of the b/w pandas 😆

  7. So can we make it all signed sealed and delivered that the Red Panda is the official Panda of CO?

  8. The Smile Scavenger says:

    One of my favorites! ^_____^

  9. Red panda is Firefox. 🙂

  10. Why yes, yes I do have bamboo wanna come over for lunch lil’ guy/girl?

  11. Lewis n'Clark says:

    When I read …”with those leetle toofums”, I thought, is this the first time Sharpy will rise up and castigate the CO poster for babytalk?

  12. I went to Australia Zoo and fed and petted these little darlings soooo cute! Wonderful experience.

  13. that came in around 1:14? oh yeah, i remember. i was in a good mood.

  14. fleurdamour says:

    Asking strangers for food: Pandahandling.

  15. The Red Panda! It is the People’s Panda!

  16. Susie-Qute says: