Who’s The Boss? Martha’s The Boss!

It’s a good thing?

Here’s what Martha says about this on her blog: “As with all my new pets, I gently bit each kitten on the face. This is how I let my animals know that I am now their mother.”

Here’s Martha with her new fur babies (named Ch’in and Kublai Khan) in a less bitey pose.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    wow I knew Martha had been to The Brig but ….8-O

  2. cricket94 says:

    excuse me, but HOW old is Martha? isn’t she in her 70s? gosh, she looks good. shows you what money can buy!

    oh, and uber cute kitties!

  3. Rachael says:

    I am not a Martha Stewart fan so I will refrain from commenting. Okay, I just commented. But I didn’t say anything bad, right? 🙂

  4. I hope she didn’t do this with her kids too.

    Would it be wrong of me to secretly hope that one of those kitties bit her right back on the nose?

  5. And used all four of their pointy ends to glom onto her face.

  6. I like Martha.

  7. Zola Bunny says:

    Kublai Khan is quite the ugly name for a little kitty

  8. Madame X says:

    I like Martha too.

    I think it’s ironic she served time for a trade of less than $300,000, while men who have cost the world’s financial markets (and countless innocent investors) billions and billions in losses receive multi-million dollar bonuses as a reward for their efforts…

    But be that as it may, clearly she loves her furbabies – and those are beautiful kittehs!!!

  9. bargles says:

    Ridiculous. Is she willing to lick them clean too? Cuz’ you know… mama cats do that.

  10. She obviously loves her pets and takes very good care of them. So I’m not going to castigate her for a harmless little ritual, however silly it might seem to me.

  11. Martha’s a nommer!

    did she nom her puppehs too? ’cause she had some delicious-looking ones awhile back, and I personally wouldn’t blame her if she did

  12. I’m right behind ya, Rachael…

  13. Saffron says:

    Seems OK, but you need to floss to get that long fur out of your teeth, Martha! 😀

  14. JenDeyan says:

    Just seems a little strange to me but it’s not hurting the kit-kits.

  15. so put THAT on a doily!

  16. Shannomo says:


  17. Shannomo says:

    Ok, I must confess, I do like to nom my puggies earsies when snuggling with them. They have very nom-edible ears. No teeth involved!

  18. But doesn’t the long fur act as floss already?

  19. I’m not sure the kitteh unserstand the ritual, mommy cat don’t bite the face of the offspring. They do carry them by the scruff of the neck, maybe she sould try that?

    😆 I just got the mental immage as I was typing. Martha Stewart with a kitteh dangling from her mouth 😆

  20. I like to nom on my kitty’s ears with my lips over my teeth… they’re just so cronschable.

  21. :mrgreen:

  22. Yay, hover texts!

  23. Uh Martha? I have PROTECTIVE SERVICES on speed-dial? Shall we check that theory with them?

    Seriously though, she’s not really hurting them but I think there are other ways to reaffirm your role as the alpha/dominant head of the pack/family.

  24. Saffron says:

    True! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. SlaveToCat says:

    You should see what she does to the other end during litter training. ;P

  26. prinsas says:

    As long as you are the food source, believe me, the kittlies will understand your role in your lives. No need for nips!

    On the other hand, it would be tough to argue that there are many homes better to be adopted into 🙂

  27. Face nomming on flat-faced cats…kind of un-possible?

  28. I’ve never nommed any of my “kids” and they still all know who to run to for protection.
    O.k. so nomming ears is a different story but everyone here understands that. ;oD .

  29. Mmmmm, ‘Kayyyyyy?!?!! What ever you say, Martha!! *backs away slowly!*

  30. rescue gal says:

    I am trying to follow your lead Rachael. I’m trying…….”bites tongue”.

  31. I’m with you, Madame X (Why do I want to add, “If that’s your real name!”?) She could have appealed it into oblivion, but for the sake of her business, she did the time, and she did it without complaining–which is a hell of a lot better than I could have done, so I can’t criticize her.

  32. She’s crazy as all hell, but I love her. Anyone that puts that much work into, well, everything, has got to be fabulous. She deserves every bit of success she has clawed and scraped for herself. She has worked her tail off for all of it. And everyone I know who has worked for her would walk through fire for her.

  33. Jackie Rose says:

    Dogs are pack animals and view humans as the “alpha”. Cats are solitary creatures. When they bond with humans it’s already as a child to parent. Biting is unnecessary, and just a little strange. I, too, hope one of the lil’ darlin’s bites her back. (It’s a good thing!)

  34. I just *told* my kitteh I was her new mom. She said “Okay”. No biting required.

  35. About to say, that’s why they meow with us, normally only kittens do that. Full grown cats rarely meow with each other. They already recognize that we’re the mighty parents who have opposable thumbs and can operate a can opener.

  36. phred's mom says:

    I ‘m biting my tongue so hard…ththpppd.
    Drew blood. She does that to me.

  37. phred's mom says:

    You do have a point there. Toss THEM into
    the brig, fergawdsakes alreddy. After they
    have paid the damages.

  38. phred's mom says:

    Sacre bleu!!!!

  39. That’s how I feel Madame X. Plus, she has awesome recipes and some day my garden will look like hers!

  40. Golly, in the second picture, if you didn’t know the cats were flat faced to begin with, it sorta looks like she bit the noses off. Ah, gee whiz, thats just creepy.

  41. i just appreciate that she’s an animal lover and takes good care of her pets. 🙂

  42. She really does look great. 🙂 New kitteh mom glow!

  43. Martha should be more interested in showing her kittehs that she loves them, instead of being so insistent on demonstrating her so-called “Mom” domination…….
    just another ploy, on her part, to micro-manage everything in sight, including her pets; and she calls them her “animals”, not something affectionate, like: fur-babies…..
    Grrrrrrrr!! BLARGHHHH!!! ……. :mrgreen: ( ‘K; I’m done…… )

  44. Peanutcat says:

    I nibble on my kitteh’s ears . . . . .

  45. I adore Martha!!

  46. miriamKL says:

    I totally agree! If she is the mom, she should lick it when the time comes! What an idiot she is!!

  47. what shelter were they rescued from? (hoping for an answer)

  48. Come on, you know Martha would never pick up a pet from a pound:

    I’ve been so happy with their company that I decided to call their breeder, Pam Rutan Dillmuth of Top Shelf Persians, who delivered last week, two adorable, fluffy, playful, and curious Persian kittens.

    Not even going to guess at how much they cost.

  49. Ash, if you click thru to her blog you’ll get more info. They didn’t come from a shelter. They came from a breeder. 😦 Personally, I am a customer of Siamese Rescue for life.

  50. to test this theory, i’m willing to make the sacrifice and be adopted into martha’s home (along with my student loan debt). i’d maybe even let her bit MY head if it meant she’d taken responsibility for the loans.

  51. pssst: i don’t think she’s crazy. i met her in very tense, close-up circumstances and she was as delightful as can be.

  52. fleurdamour says:

    I never could have foreseen that I’d see Martha Stewart bite a cat IN THE FACE.

  53. As long as it’s not a backyard breeder, or a puppy/kitten mill, I have no issue with breeders. I prefer rescue animals myself, but other people can make their own choices.

  54. Funny how they all look so much younger without all the gunk on their faces – shiny faces attract more light!

  55. I have an issue with breeders who promote unstable, untested beeds with congenital problems but sell quickly. Or popular but biologically inviable/troubled ones. Personal nuff.

  56. nuff noted.

  57. I meant that fondly. Crazy in my world is not a bad thing.

  58. rescue gal says:

    I have a HUGE issue with breeders, but I think that is implied in my user name. 😉

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    I totally nom on my bunny’s ears. That’s what other bunnies would do, and she thinks I’m a big bunny. So Martha has an initiation rite involving one soft kronsche…

    Who among us hasn’t soft kronsched?! Let them throw the first stone, or maybe a Pounce or something.

  60. warrior rabbit says:

    Also, and maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but my current bunny Daphne frequently tries to French me. I have to be on my toes with her!

  61. oh okay, like “sugar, you’re a mess!” or not, but that’s fun to say.

  62. That’s due to a chemical peel. I have relatives who get those.

  63. Yeah, I’m perplexed. I don’t remember witnessing a mom cat biting her kitten’s face.

  64. Yep. She was small potatoes. And if she’d been part of the good ol’ boy network she’d never have seen the wrong side of Camp Cupcake. But more importantly, I think some of y’all are just jealous that Mad Martha’s got the lady stones to make good on the soft kronche that is so often the dream in these parts. And how is that any more scandalous than scruffing a nervous or naughty kitty as a restraint? I doubt the lady’s got fangs, despite what some would have you think.

  65. So your feline overlords allow you to believe that you are the parent? That’s mighty benevolent of them and mighty accepting of you. 🙂

  66. deep breaths, chesirekittehkat, we’re here for ya

  67. Those are some adorable kittehs, but I loathe the term “fur babies.”

  68. They know that evoking that maternal fuzziness will get them more canned food and that it’s really cute when the baby shreds the living room curtain.

  69. ladyneeva says:

    I refer to my cats as “livestock” and “vicious beasts” and my guinea pigs as either “rodents” or “vermin”.

    Absolutely doesn’t mean I love them one tiny bit less.

  70. I snorgle my kitteh, Dooley’s, belly 😀

  71. kodalai says:

    I think it’s pretty awesome, actually. In Xanadu did Kublai Khan!

  72. kodalai says:

    I’d have to say I’ve never referred to any of my pets as a “fur-baby” or anything other than cat, critter, pet, or animal… I don’t think cute names are required to be a loving and responsible owner 🙂

  73. Careful rescue gal, not all breeders are alike. I’ve purchased purebred dogs from registered breeders. I visited their premises, checked their track record, investigated their breeding process, and met the dam and sire. I love the cute but am not swayed by just a pretty

  74. CathyDee says:

    A stately pleasure dome decree. …..

  75. CathyDee says:

    But she’s a woman, Madame X, so someone had to make an example out of her and keep her in her place……….

    Martha’s love for all things cute and fuzzy has always kept me from snarking on her too much, even though she’s an easy target. I would love to nom a kitteh face, but my allergies prevent me from doing so. Now, if offered a puppy face………..

  76. Ugh, she is an idiot. Why would you bite an animal in the face? Freak.

  77. Exactly! 😉

  78. Alexandra Grey says:

    Its actually not that unusual to lightly press your mouth and teeth against a kitten’s head. Its the same thing as biting the back of the neck as if you are scruffing them. The head nibbling is something mother cats do while grooming their kittens after delivery in order to remove the afterbirth. So its odd but not unnatural. Just fyi.

    Btw, buying cats from a breeder is ridiculous when there are so many (even purebreds) at shelters in need of homes.

  79. Cat dominatrix or cat nom-inatrix?

  80. Why so much hate for Martha? Rock on with your bad self M.S.

  81. i think the the better breeders can provide healthier pets, too. at least you know the background and hopefully won’t have any expensive genetic surprises.

  82. agreed

  83. Yes, but something about the facial expression in the second photo makes her look like Donald Trump.

  84. Yes, but something about the facial expression in the second photo makes her look like Donald Trump.

  85. Does anyone else think Martha Stewart looks like Gwyneth Paltrow?

  86. And NOT just the face, neither.

  87. luvstehQte says:

    mellow the harsh, maxi. i’ve licked my dog on the nose and the top of the head; i’ve also soft-kronsched her ears and the top of her snout on countless occasions. people love their pets in lots of different ways.
    *gets down off soapbox*

  88. luvstehQte says:

    i never thought of it that way before, but now that you mention it there is some resemblance (actually, both have polish ancestry, so maybe it’s not that surprising). martha did some modeling in her late teens/early twenties and was quite striking.

  89. Ditto.

  90. Mamabear says:

    God knows I love my all my farm animals, chickens, dogs, cats, rat, fish…but I just cannot fathom licking them…for ANY reason. Yuck.

    They’ll roll in unspeakable filth (dead possum, anyone?), they lick their own (and each others’) privates. For years, I have searched, with a microscope the parasites they can pass in their stools (yeah, they lick that orifice too) and for various and sundry vermin in their fur. Again, licking your pets? Not evah gonna be me.