Shhhh. There’s Sompin’ Down There.

Put your ear down here. Listen. Hear that? It’s a rustlin’ sound. You don’t think it’s a g-g-g-ghost, do ya?

Attack Of The Cute, indeed!


  1. O. M. G.

  2. I second that!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Even the French are planking these days.

  4. Plancque-ing.

  5. Exactement. Merci pup-cooo-baroo.

  6. skippymom says:

    Does this qualify for a Blorp tag?

  7. I believe this could qualify as furry blorrp achully.

  8. Crazy Pants says:

    I have added the Blorp tag, skippymom. You are totally right – Vanessa, too! A furry blorp indeed.

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    Must have just found out the deck isn’t connected to Central AC.

  10. 6rabbits says:

    :lol: for hovertext!!!!!

  11. wannadance says:

    agreeeeee. eye meeeeeeess heeem. what to read now???

  12. French bulldog tocques.

  13. froglegs? :)

  14. Some meaty drumsticks, too. :P

  15. ThirdShift says:

    HA! I laughed out loud at that one! What a great flop! Look at the expression on his face! It’s like he just did the PX90 shred. C’mere little chicken, I’ll give you a fruit pop. Hovertext = Doubleplusgood HA!

  16. Febreze ?

  17. Jeannie B says:

    Is this ‘tock missing a tailio? Or is there some kind of optical illusion going on here?? Or does this brand o’ little one not come with a tailio??? I don’t understand!!!

  18. French bulldogs have tiny tails, its normal

  19. Is this ‘tock missing a tailio? Or is there some kind of optical illusion going on here?? Or does this brand o’ little one not come with a tailio???

  20. annfromchi says:

    Look at those chubbular arms!! *SCREECH!*

  21. NurseNoir says:

    Could that dogue-hiney BE any nekkider?? It’s the almost-indecent lack of anything even resembling a tail that makes it so shocking.

  22. That’s what I looked like during the heat wave of the last few days!

  23. skippymom says:

    But you were still wearing your pearls, yes?

  24. Oh my yes, my pearls and high heals of course. ;-)

  25. Frenchies have the BEST chicken stix.

  26. Mamabear says:

    Chicken stix, I lof eeet!

  27. Frenchies= Best dogs ever!

  28. he looks ded

  29. Red Toenails says:

    Him tired.

  30. Dog or seal? I say a little of both, with a dash of piglet thrown in for good measure. *pokes blorp*

  31. Kari Callin says:

    I thought only cat developed the boneless animal syndrome. This must be a rare canine case!

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    I think he’s melting…melting…melt……..

  33. The Original Jane says:

    Yup, it’s a puddle.

  34. loribelle says:

    Salvador Dali-doggie.

  35. Saffron says:

    The Tell Tale ‘Tocks
    by Edgar Allan Barooe

  36. 260Oakley says:

    There is a perfect pun to be made here about The Masque of the Red Deck, if only the deck owners would help me out and paint the thing another color!

  37. Saffron says:


    I would paint my deck red if it would attract such cute doggehs!

  38. Planking french bulldog?

  39. Ali-Baba says:

    Bon apupteit!* ;-)

    *a la Julia Child

  40. It’s as if his batteries just suddenly died.

  41. SoCrates says:

    Another terrible side effect of the current heat wave. Frenchies everywhere are melting into froofy little puddles…

  42. Chelsea BIshop says:

    His name is Allen! Follow him @TiredAllen on Twitter!

  43. Hahaha. Yes, but my thoughts on its thoughts are more like: “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Bubba, leesten here, boy. Git the gun. Something’s rasslin’. Coon, grinner, mailhog.”


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