My, What Big Teeth You Have!

All the better to kronche you with, my dear! (just for fun, of course)

From YouTube uploader CamelsAndFriends: “Pancake is a 7 week old kitten I’m fostering for a friend after he was found abandoned in a hot parking lot. Sugar Tree is my 2 year old Doberman and is probably embarrassed that I’m uploading this video.”




  1. Yikes! Good thing the kitten is naturally camouflaged against that rug.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    At about 13 seconds, Pancake looks up at Sugar Tree and blinks with the most innocent expression. That one tiny moment somehow encapsulates why I loves me some kittayns. This video is sweet, and the Dobie is being very good. His teeth, how he pulls his lips back to expose them, and the clicking sounds each time his mouth closes are a bit scary, but he’s obviously a big softy. 🙂

  3. rescue gal says:

    I love when tough and rough looking doggies are being all playful and sweet. Proves you should never judge a book by it’s cover!

  4. Second that! One of my go-to youtube searches for when I’m in need of smiles is “doberman and baby” or some derivative thereof. So lovely to see those very tender and sweet kronches, its obvious the dobe is very careful to not play too rough with the kitten.

  5. So sweet! It’s great watching them play. How cute.

  6. That is one brave and fearless kitteh.

  7. 1:06 – boop boop!

    and also: yaaayyy eyebrow dots!

  8. ashagato says:

    adorable! such a sweet doggie and nave kittayn 🙂

  9. Sugar Tree is one sweet dog. I vote Pancake stays with him, as they are clearly destined to be.

  10. ashagato says:

    brave, not nave!

  11. I love the part around 41 when Dobie fits all of kitten in his mouff. Haum!

  12. Pancake is quite the little instigator! Cute video, though I did gasp involuntarily when Sugar Tree put his entire mouth around the kitten tum. So glad that Sugar Tree is such a sweetheart!

  13. Pancake and Sugar Tree? Best names ever!

  14. how did you see eyebrow dots with all that flailing going on??!!
    but the dog does have nice white toofs.

    and – is the background a different color today?

  15. ThirdShift says:

    Holy fangitude, :44 – :48, entire kitty, IN THE MOUF!

  16. bunnyslave says:

    “Fostering,” eh? I wouldn’t want to be one the trying to take SugarTree’s new
    best friend away from him… 🙂

  17. Oliver & Company !

  18. In this corner: Beeg Teefs vs. Teeny Tuxi (guess who’s always going to win…….yes, my friends, our Feline Cuteoverloads) 🙂

  19. Agent99 says:

    That kitten is like a scooby-snack for that dobie. Thankfully, Sugar Tree isn’t in the mood to eat Pancakes.

  20. Kari Callin says:

    I love the “sneak attack” from the air at :26 in the video! LOL Dobies have a bad rap, they are very good with little kids and are actually big softies! 😀

  21. skippymom says:

    I peed in my pants a little when the doggie put his jaws around the kitten’s middle, but then again if the kitty had gotten kronsched in half it probably wouldn’t be posted on CO.

  22. omg the teeth sounds are too much!! fears for kitteh? maybe an accidental type little bit?

  23. Does anyone else think that the screen capture image at the start of the video resembles the Alien? Eeeek

  24. Awwww……Dobes are very sweet & very smart. They know they can romp heartily with the big kids & play gently with the little ones.

  25. Dog and kitty version of the ‘I’m gonna bite your face off’ game

  26. I just love when big ferocious goggies turn out to be push overs for tiny feline! 😆

  27. Saffron says:

    Heee…it does! Stay frosty, Pancake.
    Now I am hungry for cornbread… 🙂 🙂

  28. 260Oakley says:

    Yes, normally the odds would be stacked against him.

  29. dgerish says:

    I don’t know which critter I love more–Pancake for simple adorableness or Sugar Tree for his EXTREME care in the face of severe provocation. They’re both wonderful.

  30. dgerish says:

    Beauteous, Oakley.

  31. Agreed! There was a dobie that owned the pet store down the street from my old house (i.e. her owner owned it) and while she was huge and probably pretty intimidating looking for some people, she would just follow you around and even carry a bag for you. We always bought her a treat as a tip. She was absolutely lovely.

  32. snorglepup says:

    Admit it. We’re all pushovers for tiny felines!

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    I think the Dobie’s the brave one! Such fierceness in that kitty!

  34. That’s a classic and super-gentle move that big doggies often use on pups or, in this case, kittens. It’s the attempt to gently pin down the wiggle-baby for a have a second. I’ve seen them use it a million times. They never bite down, just pin.

    LOVE this video. I’m so glad to see it become so popular. I’ve been watching this fur-family forever.

  35. Most big doggies know how to handle little, hyper furballs that size. If you think about it, their puppies aren’t much bigger. There’s no fear. Sugartree has a ton of fur-friends of varying sizes. 🙂 The camels are likely more unintentionally dangerous than the dobie. XD

  36. SoCrates says:

    Nicely done Saffron! LOL

  37. What a gentle, sweet doggy that Dobie is being. Melts my heart.

  38. The Original Jane says:

    Brave kittie indeed. I’d be a scaredy cat.

  39. awwww this reaffirms why I love dobies. My first puppers was Dobie…and he was the sweetest thing in the world. He also was very gentle with the other dog and kitties around the neighborhood.

  40. Theresa says:

    This is a standard doggeh behavior with unruly babies. Momma dogs do this to puppies all the time.

  41. Theresa says:

    Right! My bro was close friends with a guy with a big old dog who was a bit grumpy, but never with his very lively little cat buddy, who was always pouncing on him. We often saw the dog use the jaws hold, never ever hurt the cat.

  42. NurseNoir says:

    *snap-snap* Maybe we all CAN just get along…
    Beautiful! ~sigh~

  43. NurseNoir says:

    Oops… part of my message got deleted. Oh well- still beautiful.

  44. michelle gunn says:

    i’ve never met a dobie or dobie mix that wasn’t sweet. i’m sure that they can throw down when needed, but for the most part, cuddling was the prime objective. anyhoo.

    PANCAKES? that’s the kitten’s name? do you want us all to go into diabetic shock and die?

  45. 6rabbits says:

    Second this vote!

  46. 6rabbits says:

    I know…but those TEETH!!!! I is scared of dem!

  47. Wait a patient little doberman!

  48. I love all the kitten fur on the dobe’s schnozz. I completely sympathise there!

  49. I need an insulin shot from the names. Seriously though, Sugar Tree? I bet we have trouble laughing that name off at the dog park: SU-GAR TREE-E-E! SWEETIE! SU-GAR TREE-E-E!

    That dobie though, like most I’ve known, they fall over when you look at them for a belly rub.

  50. Talk about a Marc Anthony moment, check out Pancake and the family german shepard:

    Life can be good when you have friends.

  51. I am equally amazed that the kitten is that fearless — the teeth are as big as its head! — and that a dog with teeth like that can be that gentle. The gentlest dog I ever knew was a Doberman but I’m still not sure I’d have gotten inside her mouth! Just amazing.

  52. Love the moment when the kittayn falls over. He looks so befuddled!

  53. Jeffray says:

    0:28: “Oh, it is ON, beeatch!”

  54. Nucleus says:

    I is too :O Very scared…
    Although it’s cute of course.

  55. Pancake is amazing! And she looks like she´s wearing a black wig. 🙂

  56. pancake is going to need a bath. he will be entirely covered in doggie drool. it looks like the Dobie wants to put pancake in his pocket so he can just have a moment’s nap.

  57. Best playmates EVER!!!!

  58. Rachael says:

    What a big scary ferocious dobie! NOT! 🙂

    I just love it when huge dogs are so patient and gentle with kittlets, puplets and kidlets. I hope Pancake gets to stay with her new BFF.

  59. That was my first thought! The Alien scares the pants off me!

  60. wuyizidi says:

    Hmm “Pancake”, I wonder if he’s related to Waffles:

  61. wuyizidi says:

    The way he tilts his head and shows off his big teeth reminds me of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

  62. Too cute for words! That is one chill shepard.

  63. MinglesMommy says:

    … and doesn’t hurt the kittie! amazing!

  64. Now THAT’S a really nice story! I am scared of Dobermans but this story makes sure I will not judge a puppy by its fur in the future! Thanks, CJ!

  65. Awwwww! NOW I remember Waffles! What a picture that is!!

  66. Kit: Dees big doggies is my moms and dads!

  67. Or “How to Train Your Dobie”

  68. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    You named your Doberman Sugar Tree and are concered he will be embarrased about a video of him playing with a kitteh?

  69. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    My grandmother used to have a Dobie named Gretchen. My grandma lived alone, in a rural area, and Gretchen was protective as all get out when anyone she didn’t know approached the yard, but she was gentle and sweet with my brother and myself when we were kids. Good, good dog.

  70. I am slain! I also need a nap now.

  71. snorf snorf says:

    Adorable, but as someone who has small chunks of a calf missing from where a playful Dobie got a little to into it with her teeth, I do worry for teh kitteh.

  72. Yeah, that kitteh is ruling this roost with the Doberman and German Shepard 😛

  73. Apparently pancake’s not very good at baths:

  74. Let me try that again.

    Pancake takng a bath, FAIL

  75. The neighbor kids (5-7yr olds) used to come to my Mom’s back door & ask if ‘Sam’ (the doberman) could come out to play. He trotted around & nudged them gently; when he played with us 20somethings, he ran full tilt & hits us head on. He also hid behind my 5’2″ mom when a stranger came in the door.

  76. Fird Birfle says:

    *first to document self, in this CAT-egory” 😉

  77. Fird Birfle says:

    oh look there’s skippymom telling us how her body system reacted to the vid.

    “Bless her heart” !!! 😉

    (JK of course– I only say this, in understanding)

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    When I watch shows about raising dogs and training them or choosing certain breeds, they mention an aspect called using a “soft mouth” which is a dog’s “strategy” for bringing birds to their person, w/o damaging the bird.
    Some particular dog breeds are more-known, for this selective skill. I might
    be remembering some of the medium-to larger breeds of spaniels/ English spaniels, Springer spaniels & (trumpet flourish here please) Brittany Spaniels.

  79. I see stuff like this and really, really hope that the humans decide to let the obvious friends stay together forever.

  80. Yup, all puppies are different just like all humans. Certainly some breeds are more possessive (and therefore could be sharper to people that aren’t their human) but I’ve generally found that if they’re raised kindly it shows. 🙂

  81. That was a lot of fast grab the kitty while at the same time keeping the video in the censored range!

  82. Same here, Felic 😀

  83. Vw-chan says:

    Another kitten named Pancake? Did Natasha Allegri start a tread?

    …I’m guessing though I’m the only one around that’s seen enough Adventure Time to get that reference… ^^;

  84. That pup has some scary fangs :O It’s evidently all in good fun, but…just….:O

  85. I second that. I love dobies, too, and this one looks super sweet but I hope this human keeps a cool head and always supervises. Dogs will be dogs.

  86. alicecontrary says:

    Omg…. ;_; my dobie did that all the time, she was a big baby…

  87. Fird Birfle says:


  88. Alverant says:

    Somebody give the dobie a treat for being such a good sport!

  89. Cropped ears and a docked tail always make me wonder if there’s any limit to the vanity of human nature… Lovely and adorable animals in any case.

  90. pickums1283 says:

    lol reminds of when I used to babysit. The family had two cats and a Rottie named Lola. The female cat used to bat and hiss at Lola, but unlike the dog in this video, Lola would whine and hide. I used to laugh that this big 120 pound dog was terrified of a little tiny 12 pound cat.

  91. kzientek says:

    Double boopage at the end!