Rude Awakening

“…and then I jump over mom and I run and jump some more. The sky is all blue and there’s a rainbow and alfalfa and mom has giant teats with all the milk in the world. All is well and wonderful and…clouds begin forming and the sky darkens. I move closer to mom and suddenly she’s gone! WHERE’S MY MOM?”

[Snore, snort, wakes up] “It was all just a dream! Hi Angela. I was having a bad dream. Do you know where my mom is?”

Shetland in Sleepland sent in by Jessica and filmed by Susieponies.



  1. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Oh noes, the little whinny squeak at 0:39! :::melting, and not from the summer heat::::

  2. 260Oakley says:

    And with that, Elmo was Gone with the Whinny.

  3. rescue gal says:

    Cutest bedhead ever…….uh, bed mane?

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    How about Grass A@#.

  5. Mamabear says:

    Dear lord, the “giant teats with all the milk in the world” quote made me laugh, the squinney at :22 made my mouth gap, the second squinney at :39 made me squee, and then the three second yawn at :53 made me ‘awwwwwww’. I Love You CO, I really do.

  6. Fleurdamour says:

    Except he does give a dam.

  7. fleurdamour says:

    I didn’t know a horse could look so sleepy. Whoa.

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Excellent repar-Tara, Fleur.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Nap-poloosas are frequently spotted dozing in the field.

  10. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, actually, Nap-poloosas are spotted no matter where they are! (Cackle, cackle!)

  11. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Okay, shut it down, people. The internet is over. Nothing left to see here. *collapses in heap of glucose*

  12. victoreia says:


  13. Blueberry says:

    Ooooo the tiny little squeakersons!!

  14. Theresa says:


  15. fleurdamour says:

    Hay, not bad yourself, my dear confeder-oat.

  16. fleurdamour says:

    At least they are quieter than the related breed, the Snore-gan horse.

  17. Theresa says:

    PS: RING! Who’s that at the door?!!

  18. Do I hear a Rhett partay?

  19. dubyah1 says:

    Happy to see no pearl-clutching for the VERY happy pony’s shet dream. Perhaps they’re still wearing their July 4 boon-doogles, or their auto-censors kicked in, or relegated to the Im-Mod Lounge but condemned to tap water and saltines? Carry on!

  20. Definitely need a bigger privacy tail.

  21. Rachael says:

    My thought exactly! Though I’m not sure there’s a privacy tail big enough to handle that danglage. 🙂

  22. Alice Shortcake says:

    Whoah, I had a Michael Fassbender in ‘Shame’ flashback there…

  23. hotclaws says:

    me too

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    FABULOUS connexion, Theresa!!!

    *shakes Secretariat pompoms*

  25. I think any pearl-clutchers would be unable to even comment on what they just witnessed. “Let’s just pretend this never happened, OK?”


  26. fleurdamour says:

    It’s Ashley a mutual admiration of sorts.

  27. dubyah1 says:

    Lol, apparently sometimes a cigar is *just* a cigar.

  28. I guess horses get morningwood too!!

  29. Theresa says:

    Wave your hooves in the air like you just don’t care. 😀

  30. fleurdamour says:

    I wonder if he was having a ‘nightmare.’

  31. fleurdamour says:

    I am surprised that no one mentioned that he’s hung like a horse.

    And 3…2….1…moderations!

  32. fleurdamour says:

    If punning were a crime, this thread would be a Melanie.

  33. *gasp* Nightmare Moon!

  34. 260Oakley says:

    Guilty as charged and Scarlett with shame.

  35. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who noticed his dream can’t have been THAT bad… *washes eyes out with soap*