Great Moments in Theme Park History

Coney Island, 1947–After years of government-funded research, scientists from the Calliope Institute unveiled the latest breakthrough in funhouse mirrors. Whereas traditional mirrors distorted only the body, this one also warped the mind.



  1. Love how he makes himself all sideways to present a bigger cat to the enemy!

    My theory ’bout kits and mirrors is that it’s kittens who get confused about the ‘other’ cat – as they get older they know it’s not another cat, but they’re not intelligent enough to know it’s themselves. All they know is it doesn’t beat them up and it doesn’t smell tasty so they’re gonna ignore it.

  2. kitty’s just taking a moment to paws and reflect.

  3. wuyizidi says:

    “Stop copying me!”

  4. My kittens used to do this and then they’d paw at the edge of the mirror, trying to open it like a door to get at the “enemy”. “I see you back there. Just wait until I get this thing open. You’re going to get such a hissy attack!”

  5. It is hi-larious when kitteh does flips and tiny rolls…and the periodic distraction of shoes and other objects that need to be sniffed before going back to do battle…CUTE!

    My kittehs are recovering today after fireworks and thunderstorm noises last night. Which means I gave them extra snacks this morning and they have now settled down for a good 15 hour nap.

  6. downundersugarglider says:

    what a gorgeous kitty! My other cats quickly learnt about mirrors when i stood there with them. then they learnt how to use the mirror – to look at me through the mirror.My new kittens arrive tomorrow! I wonder how they will react to mirrors!

  7. I love that, too. I imagine he’s thinking, “Aha! A strange cat! I’ll puff up and turn sideways to I look big. Oh, shit–he’s bigger than I realized!!” Then, “I better run away! Wait–he’s retreating! I’ll go after him. ACK! HE’S COMING BACK THIS WAY!!”

  8. Words to live by: “If it doesn’t beat you up or smell tasty, ignore it!” 🙂

  9. phred's mom says:

    this will get through another few days; thanks, Mie.

  10. Zola Bunny says:

    this is known as puffytail-humpyback-crabwalk in our household and our kitties don’t really do it anymore but when they do it’s a treat just like this little fluffernutter.

  11. Fird Birfle says:


  12. Fird Birfle says:

    in general feline quadrupeds + bang! Pow! noises are NOT a pleasant feeling combination for the kittayes.

  13. 😆 I would just LOVE to have seen a video of that, jujube 😆

  14. AWW 😦 Your poor dear sweet kitties, Saffron 😦 I am glad to hear that they are feeling better 😀 You give them extra pets when they wake up 😀

  15. Lilac was not happy with all the racket and spent most of the day and night glued to my side. Little one could care less. LOL

  16. 😆 The things kitties do that make us laugh 😆

  17. I feel the need to post this on my FB page and take complete credit.

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    Poor Kitty just can’t pull together an outfit that works. It must be the mirrors fault.

    Hands the little princess the number for a personal shopper at Nordstroms.

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    The Cute Cat Overlords want you to think they are not intelligent. They start by stealing your heart and it progresses until they control your life.

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    Aww, I was hoping I’d get to see him attack the mirror; that’s always hilarious!

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    OOOOOOOOOOoooooooo new kittayns!!! I’m happy for you

    (and secretly just a Tad Bit jaleuse …)

  22. skippymom says:

    I like how kitty goes from appearing genuinely frightened by the other cat to seeming to enjoy goofing with his new playmate.

  23. I recommend that you take a page from my book and wake your kittehs up mid-nap, Saffron, for snuggles and pets. I *know* that my cats *love* it when I do that to them, no matter what they say to the contrary.

  24. Not sure, but he MAY be doing the sideways thing to avoid claws to his face. (?) In any event, I’m generalizing from my puppies behavior when he plays with my cat. He backs up, sideways-ish, looking over his shoulder, and making “Wooo, wooo, wooo” type noises at the cat. Cracks me up every time!

  25. gmarie3 says:

    drat, puppies=puppy’s – and me an old English major!

  26. Seriously, what would we use the internet for if not for cat videos?

  27. Rex's mom says:

    hee hee hee. My husband and I call those moves “Halloween cat”

  28. ams1001 says:

    When my cats first came home at 7 weeks (6 years ago this past Tuesday!) we had them in the spare room where there was a mirror from my dresser leaning against the wall. They didn’t seem too perturbed by the “other cats” in the mirror (not nearly as entertaining as we’d hoped ;)), but they kept creeping into the space between the bottom of the mirror and the wall looking for ’em. 🙂

  29. Sloth appreciation time.

  30. Sloth appreciation time, that’s what, of course.

  31. victoreia says:

    You mean that’s not what it’s for? *clutches pearls*

  32. AWW 😀 Please give your new kittens lots and lots of cuddles for me, downundersugarglider 😀 I would do it for you if I could get to where you live 😀

  33. your among friends. 😉

  34. kodalai says:

    He swats at the mirror a few times.

  35. kodalai says:

    Okay, time for me to share my cat + mirror story!

    When I first brought my Mancypants home, I put all his stuff (litterbox, cat bed, carrier w/ towel from shelter) in a corner by the closet so that he could hide if he wants to. Not he! He jumped out of his carrier and immediately began to explore. He investigated all around the corners of the room and then spied the mirror (which was hanging a foot or so above; it didn’t extend to the ground.) Not seeing his own reflection in it, he assumed it was a doorway leading to another room…

    …crouched, wiggled his butt, and LEAPT headfirst right into the mirror! I nearly laughed myself sick!

  36. I am surprised it kept the kitty’s interest for as long as it did! They usually get bored more quickly!

  37. That’s my favourite Marx Brothers’ scene!

  38. I am SO glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your story, kodalai! I would have gotten liquid all over my monitor. 🙂