Red, White and Blue LITERALLY

Happy American Independence Day, Everyone! Enjoy some…

Picture 2 copy

and Blue:


Picture 2

and Blue:

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.


and Blue:

Photo credits: (RED) this little raspberry … by jude. (WHITE) Pearl Winter White Dwarf Hamster via Wikipedia. (BLUE) name our puppy // Done! by chadmiller. (RED) Baby Fox by these are only words. (WHITE) Polo the Chow 20 byadrianrhys. (BLUE) 黑枕逆彩 by John&Fish. (RED) Stolen puppy, riding home by Glynnis Ritchie.  (WHITE) Anerable white kitten sent in by Karen M. via Piccat. (BLUE) Poison Dart Frog of the blue variety by ucumari.



  1. Happy Fourth of July!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Apt photos, lovely sentiments (oops, maybe except in the very last hovertext – surely Mrs. Hammond in the third grade taught us better!) Happy birthday, America! May we always be free!

  3. Come on, CO, I’m sure children need their bowl of Cute every morning as much as us grown-ups. Was that last hovertext REALLY necessary???

  4. Alice007 says:

    Me scrolling down:
    OMG aww!

  5. Those last two pic’s are amazing. Wonder if that white kitten would fit under my palm? That blue frog though, that’s NatGeo quality.

  6. Oooooooh,! Ahhhhhh ! Oh !
    Remember the animals (pets & wild alike) tonight. Try to set off only sparkly fireworks .Not the bottle rockets , roman candles , M-80’s or any that make really loud noises. Fireworks = terrified anipals !

  7. Theresa says:

    So that blue frog is made out of blueberry gumdrops?

  8. yaaayyyy! go ‘murica!

    Happy Independence Day everyone!

    p.s. Oh Em Gee that Weimeraner is one of the cutest things I have Ever seen. Holy guacamole!

  9. Why don’t you taste it and tell us Theresa.

  10. The little white kitteh looks like a fluffy baby cloud. Ahhhhhh!

  11. i think CO is geared toward the same audience as South Park and if you read the lyrics to the entire song, this is pretty tame 😉

  12. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    What a lovely representayschion of our country’s colors!

  13. I liked the pictures! Very creative publication.

  14. MomBeast says:

    Disappointed in the last hover text. My kids like this site. Keep it PG, Cute Peeps.

  15. I think you can hear that kind of response when they play the national anthem at every other baseball and nascar day. -1 for word choice but +1 for enthusiasm.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Everything totally wonderful until that last hovertext. How can that fit into cute? How?

  17. Yeah.. last hovertext needs some cleanup.. :\ Toadally unnecessary.

  18. I completely agree about last hovertext. Will completely keep me from forwarding this one – and that’s a shame. Bad, bad, CO!

  19. LunaChickFringe says:

    I like the last hovertext and toadally get the reference.

  20. Theresa says:


  21. Last hovertext from Team America World Police, which is an awesome movie!
    If you remember Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Supermarionation and enjoy South Park, this is the movie for you. I love it. 😀

  22. dubyah1 says:

    It’s from South Park, as above. You know, the people who wrote and sung the Oscar-nominated ‘Blame Canada’.
    Apropos, since ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ is from the War of 1812.

    And the CO site is Parental Guidance, so I guide my niecelets by just sending them the pics, so I determine which pearls I clutch.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    It made me LOL. Ironically, of course. And that blue is spectacular! What a froggie!

  24. Martine says:

    The blueness of the toad is awesome! The hovertext is cool too!

    I’m from Singapore! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to ALL!

  25. I second that, Gigi 😀 I so want to gently snorgle that sweet little white kitty 😀

  26. Cuteoverload! NUFF YEAH!

  27. Oh, so *I* get to go to the mod lounge. *I* see how it is.

    (taps foot miffedly. pokes at the chocolate chips in all the chocolate chip cookies on the buffet.)

  28. are you actually SCOLDING us??

  29. awwwww 😦 it’s okay! we have some fresh watercress sandwiches right over here. just relax, i’ll bring them over.

  30. exactly.

  31. it IS.

    “PG — Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children. A PG-rated motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend. The PG rating indicates, in the view of the Rating Board, that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, and parents should make that decision. The more mature themes in some PG-rated motion pictures may call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated motion picture.”

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    Just disappointed, that’s all.

  33. you beat me to it. huzzah!

  34. how? well, go back about ten zillion posts and re-read. swear words and co go way back.

  35. sometimes meg just likes to order it up with a few extra peppers!

    and the best part is, america totally rocks!

  36. i think it’s the word choice that makes it fly. it’s says freedom! it says, even the least among us have pride! it says, sometimes it’s just too much and we can’t help it, there’s just no other way to put it and this is the perfect time for swearing, if not now, when?!

  37. *waving!*

  38. You should lower your expectations. We’ve been working blue for a long, long time.

  39. What stunning photos! Perfect after finally making my way home from the soccer game and fireworks tonight. I sat in my car in the parking lot without even turning the engine on for 45 minutes because everything was at a complete standstill. I’m getting too old for this!

  40. Why you gotta f-bomb a good post like that? Come on CO!

  41. bob drummond says:

    My neighbors little 3 year old was terrified of the noise and did not want to stay outside because of the noise !Also one of their cats ran back into the house when they heard the first firecracker pop ! We must be careful when watching fireworks not everybody can tolerate the racket !

  42. bob drummond says:

    I wouldn’t do that if I were you !!!!

  43. Martine says:

    ***!!!! waving back !!!***

  44. I’ll take all the blue ones, please.

  45. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I saw the last hovertext and scrolled down to see if half the comments were nuffing. Was not disappointed. Welcome to the internet, CO. It’s where the men are real men, the women are really men, and the teenage girls are really FBI agents.

    Who else got to watch a full-on professional fireworks display from their front porch?

  46. Thalictrum says:

    Love CO, come here every day for the happiness. Sadly, the hovertext splattered unhappiness on my morning. Sure, people cuss all the time. Sure, it’s happened before in CO. Doesn’t mean it’s kind, helpful, interesting, or FUN, not to mention cute.

  47. BTW, do not give your 3-yr old sparklers.

    Especially if they’re curious about sounds and are likely to put them in their ears to hear the rustling. I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t end well.

  48. Love this and the last caption too. Swear words and America kind of go hand in hand.. We have always been a rough and ready country, founded on the blood sweat and tears of the so called unwashed masses… a place where you can make your fortune no matter your station in life. I know all of my relatives were immigrants who came with little and went out as pioneers to settle the wild west.

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    Miffedly, ooo. And stop molesting the chocolate chips, you despoiler of desserts.

  50. skippymom says:


  51. skippymom says:

    Ha ha, I just typed a long fake swear and now I’m in moderation. *banging on the bars of the lounge window*

  52. skippymom says:

    Hey, I’m in double moderation! Good times! What’s for lunch?

  53. perfect.

  54. because this is america, the home of the f-bomb!

  55. And now to celebrate your freedom…

    Father of The F-Bomb

  56. 🙂

  57. see above 🙂

  58. Sharon Wilson says:

    Excuse me, but swearing automatically makes a movie PG-13 at the least! Remember “Bully?” Swearing is never appropriate; it just lowers you in the eyes of others!

  59. skippymom says:

    That’s an impressive meal! Before I eat it, I’ll just have some of this:

  60. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I don’t know about you, but I find swearing pretty fun!

    There’s also scientific evidence that there’s something about shouting swear words that has an anesthetic effect–it reduces the subjective perceived severity of pain. This is particularly true of the word in question here, and (this part crosses language barriers) the rudest available word for poo.

    This finding has implications on why using naughty words when angry or injured is an essentially universal phenomenon, possibly hinting at some cognitive mechanism underlying the cultural element.

  61. skippymom says:

    Sometimes if I need to cheer myself up I just let out a long string of swear words. It sounds so ridiculous that it makes me laugh.

  62. skippymom says:

    Perhaps I should qualify that by mentioning that I do this at home, not at my place of work.

  63. I love the post, but when I got to that last caption, I groaned thinking of all the backlash comments. And here they are!

  64. Fird Birfle says:

    git in line b’hind ME, Kar, I’ve got, like, MAJOR dibs on teensy kittayn.

    I don’t have a reasonable EXCUSE for my orneriness. I JIST WANTS me
    that kittayn. (I will apologize, tho’ 🙂 )

  65. Fird Birfle says:


    My brother did EXACTLY this, with his two-yr old granddaughter.
    Fortunately, no shrapnel.
    But I can tell you I was NOT comfy with his action.

  66. Fird Birfle says:


    *clutches imitation pearls *

  67. Fird Birfle says:

    WOT THA 😯

  68. skippymom says:

    Fird, I would think this dip would be right up your alley.

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    very possibly so.

    However, I need to process some analytical data, before reaching my determination ….

    For instance: does it contain any Monosodium Glutamate (sp)???

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    **is sad**

    Mah comment (time-stamped 11:55 am)
    dun bin under moderayshun fer a whole 9.5 hours now (I think) and I doan think they’uhs ennythin’ theah which is ackshually Bad.

    *pouts adorably*

  71. Fird Birfle says:

    (oh, it’s been 6.5 not 9.5 hrs)

  72. Well, since I was the idiot child who stuck a sparkler in her ear, I agree, it’s not comfortable.

  73. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I swear at work all the time, but then again I’m a programmer. Everyone knows computers work better when sworn at liberally. :V