THIS JUST IN: White Tiger Cubs

Ukrane’s Skazka Zoo welcomed four screeching, stumbling, sloppy bundles of rare white tiger, of which only 100 are thought to be left in the world. They may have picked up their messy eating habits from Mom (see end of video).



  1. mindadale says:

    Oh, based on that title it is killing me that I can’t view this video at work! Gah!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    The squeaking!! The milk mustaches! omg!!

  3. AWW 😀 They are so CUTE 😀 I still think they should of let the mom raise them, but I can understand if she did not have enough milk to feed all four of her cubs that the zoo staff has to 😀

  4. Please correct your spelling. “Ukraine” is spelled with an “i”. Thank you.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for screeching, sloppy cuddle monsters of white stripey furry peeps!!!

    ALSO/ semi-related….For awhile, I worked at the Business/ Sci/ Technology subject reference dept of a large urban public library. Due to illogical building design, huge mongrel hordes of preschool kids would arrive and their schoolbus would park in the multistory parking garage next door, then tumble through our reference dept on their way to have a Storytime with a Maurice Sendak book. Whenever this occ., one of the Business Ref. Dept’s asst managers used to refer to the herd of kids as “here they come, buzzing and screeching….” (he actually works really well with kids; he isn’t a misanthrope he wuz just being creative w/ his words…) so Mike, you have good company in choosing the term “screeching” re. young creatures who are new at life!!!

  6. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    AND an albino one! That’s one lucky zoo!

  7. rescue gal says:

    Why isn’t my job taking care of tiny creatures???! It should be. Also, mom’s panting has me worried……does it get very hot there?

  8. kibblenibble says:

    Meelky mouf! 🙂

  9. That looks like heat exhaustion drool coming from the mama, not good at all, especially combined with her panting so heavily. We’ve had several stories of pets being left in hot cars and one sign of heat exhaustion is thick drool. The babies are cute but the mama looking like she’s suffering is not.

  10. +1

  11. hot tams says:

    AAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Blind, helpless mew mews.

  12. I’m Ukrainian, where’s my tiny tiger cub??

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the differing degrees of stripeyness on kittens! From Bold to Got None!

  14. ok, so it wasn’t just me that noticed that, good!

    And the tiger cubs are precious!

  15. 13bodies says:



  16. victoreia says:

    I want that job! Feeding baby tiger kitties!

  17. I wonder if the mom gets to spend time with the kits at all. Looks very hot there in the video. I understand it is important to keep all the kits alive, but I feel very sad for the mom if she doesn’t see the kits.

  18. Jimbeaux says:

    When I was a teen, on ‘take your child to work day’, my dad’s office was closed (he was a veterinarian). Because of this, he took me to the local zoo’s vet offices. They had a black panther who’d just given birth to cubs, so in one corner was the mama, and in the other were four adorable li’l guys. The vet explained that there are so very many things that can go wrong within a few weeks after birth that they keep the cubs isolated just so there are fewer ‘x’ factors in their lives.
    (The mewing of the cubs was adorable, and mama watched us all like… Well, a very protective mama while we were there.)

  19. Fird Birfle says:


    *collapses into a heap of immature seven-year old jealousy*

    (PS: Jimbeaux, if I ever re-emerge as a sane adult, I will convey to you my sincere thrill for your experience and my sincere gratitude at having heard such a heartwarming tale.)


  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Seems like a fully reasonable logic and request, to MY sense of justice….

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    Maybe either Mom or God ran out of black ink???

  22. was thinking the same thing. she needs a pool and some ice-toys to play with.

  23. Tha abino tiggreh is gonna need oodles of sunscreen. Just sayin.

  24. I had the same thought! I imagine the mom would be worried that her babies are gone suddenly! I don’t give a flip what anyone says, animals have emotions too!!

  25. Sleekityin says:

    Someone has to say it so here goes “Tinee tiggers!”