Sloths Give Best Advice Ever

This could change the world, friends.

Snorgle Close Up

Brinke G. sent us the excellent poster and Pam P. captured these two lovin’ each other in Costa Rica.


  1. Good to see toeism isn’t a problem with sloths

  2. bob drummond says:

    Now I know which one has 3 toes and which has 2 toes ! Thanks for pointing that out to me !

  3. I play the tuchus trombone to chill!

  4. Have you hugged someone today?

  5. Crazy Pants says:

    Here, here! I’m gonna get right on that!

  6. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh. There are so many blankets, nostrils and smiles happening there. It just makes the world a better place.

  7. bob drummond says:

    I hope you are right !!! This world in it’s present shape stinks !

  8. Rachael says:

    I’m not normally a big nostril person but sloth nostrils slay me every time. And the smilingks are icing on the cake.

  9. DewiCasGwent says:

    Good to see Toesism isn’t a problem with Sloths

  10. hehe this made me chuckle a little :)

  11. Theresa says:

    Dudes, you’ve seen the “Keep-Calm-imator” haven’t you? I made one with a pic of Maria Callas saying “SING OPERA and THROW TANTRUMS.” :D

  12. There’s an iPhone app too:
    … Surprisingly addictive!

  13. This pic put an automatic smile on my face. And with the migraine I’ve been having for the past three days…that says so much. Squeeee for sloths :)

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    I think the gray-and-white one is up to something!! :twisted:

  15. bob drummond says:

    Awwww, you’re full of baloney !

  16. Tater Tot says:

    Where can I get that poster!!?!

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    True. It would make a great poster.

  18. Smily sloths! They make everything better. I love sloths so much I embroidered one recently:

  19. Leilani says:

    Sloths: The best reason to go to Costa Rica.

  20. bob drummond says:

    AMEN… BROTHERS & SISTAS – AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I just want to cuddle one to fifty thousand sloths as long as they don’t mind being cuddled. Is that wrong? Then I don’t want to be right.


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