Do You Cutedoku? #3

It’s baaack, another Sudoku especially for CO peeps! Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3×2 box contains one kitten, hammie, bichon, pigalette, bun-buns, and birdy. Solve it in the comments! How hard can eet be?!




  1. I’m too stupid for this, will just stick to bad puns.

  2. I’m stupid too so I’ll just look at the cute pictures.

  3. kitty, piggy, bunny, bichon, birdy, hammie
    hammie, bichon, birdy, piggy, bunny, kitty
    bichon, kitty, piggy, bunny, hammie, birdy
    bunny, birdy, hammie, kitty, bichon, piggy
    piggy, hammie, bichon, birdy, kitty, bunny
    birdy, bunny, kitty, hammie, piggy, bichon

  4. sunnylessmum says:

    I never fail to laugh at the “I hate my stupid haircut!” doggie pic. That one just about killed me ded! 🙂

  5. sunnylessmum says:

    oopsie, the post was actually “I cannot BELIEVE I have this stupid haircut.”
    The expression on his face, combined with the haircut, equals instant laughter.

  6. victoreia says:

    Um, yeah…..I’ll do that, too.

  7. If the boxes are 3 tall x 2 wide:
    Kitty, Bunnehs, Doglet, Jay with peanut, Piglet schnoz, Hammie:
    KB DJ PH
    PD KH BJ
    HJ PB DK

    DP HK JB
    BH JD KP
    JK BP HD

    If the boxes are 3 wide x 2 tall:



  8. I love Pigalette! Or maybe his name is Schnorfer (on hover over)? Does he appear anywhere else on CO? Such a cute thing. I love piggies. (Could you tell?)

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    I can’t even understand what they mean by “3 x 2” box so I’ll pass on the cute-o-ku and just love the qte critters in the photos. p.s. would love update on the kitlet with major pink arm band. He/she must be all grown up by now and probably very qte!! (still!)

  10. bob drummond says:

    Dominoes anybody ?

  11. Rachael says:

    This whole thread scares me just a little. I feel like I’ve entered an alternate universe… but at least there are some boopable noselets for me to appreciate. 🙂

  12. BlueFairy says:

    Me too, thanks for doing all the typing!

  13. No probs. *grin*

  14. LOL I like that you used j for the blue jay just like me. thus we have the same letters in our solutions.

    and I got the same solution

    now on to the cute!

  15. these are my favorite Sudoku. I only wish they were standard nine by nine… you know more cute to go around.

  16. Robin McKiernan Kiesel says:

    SHOW OFF ; )

  17. I’ll have you know I worked quite hard on this. It took me a whole ten minutes! So there. 😉

  18. I never could figure out the Sudoku puzzles, so I’ll just enjoy the cute animals.

  19. Jeremy FTW!

    Same solutions here, but days later.