Father’s Day Ties

No really. You shouldn’t have.


I didn’t need that Star Trek bottle opener.

It’s great, Son, really. It’s better than a bacon plush—really.

No, no, thank you! It’s… unique!

No, no, I really like it.

Secretary, take a memo: Cat hates tie. by ,,,^..^,,,. The sunny tie by bnims. Kitten in a necktie via cattbutthole Kitten in bowtie via Tie Cats. Scottish Fold wearing a tie via The Internets.



  1. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    I think I need to ‘tie one on’ after all these ties! 🙂

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    I LIKE the kittayn w/ bow tie the best !!!

  3. Stressfactor says:

    “Bow ties are cool”

    Doctor Who Kitty!!!!

  4. The scottish fold is from Catprin. http://www.petoffice.co.jp/catprin/english/

  5. Theresa says:

    I LOVE animals in bow ties. Dogs, too.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    “I cat-ties thee in the name of father, the son, and the hairy toes.”
    P.S. No immersion is involved in this ceremony, as the participants tend to protest and spoil the moment.

  7. oh sorry the website link isn’t included in my post.

  8. Sorry–I am the only one who didn’t get the WLHFO hovertext? Anyone want to ‘splain? As for the posts: do I need another excuse to dress up my cats? They hate the formalwear they have as it is!

  9. 1st pic – exquisite ginger

  10. WLHFO.jpg is the name of the file, nothing more. I think Meg just forgot to replace the filename in the hovertext with something witty (same for the bottom two pics).

  11. Richard says:

    I love the third pic, that little guy is such a jaunty little fellow! 🙂

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Awww…I wanted to say that! (We need a kitty in a Fez!)

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    I sat here for a good 5 minutes going through phrases in my head trying to figure it out. Thanks for the wasted time Meg! 🙄

  14. bob drummond says:

    I used wear really “cool” looking ties back in the Seventies ! I was gutsy back then !

  15. Doctory Mew, you mean.

    Facing his greatest foe, the Dogleks

  16. the smile on the kitten in the third pic is killing me.

  17. oh etsy… etsy makes me so tie-tie…. 🙂

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought the kitteh in the plaid tie was the cutest thing I’d ever seen until I scrolled down to the one in the bow tie. *sigh*. Now I’ll be awake all night, trying to decide!

  19. tommygirl says:

    haha, love it. Happy Fathers Day, dads 😀

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    I’ll second this statement.

  21. #3 is my favorite, although a bow tie is effortlessly charming.

  22. 😆 AWW 😆 The things people put on their kitties 😆 The two kittens look like they are saying “Why am I wearing this, Mom/Dad?” 😆

  23. My dear departed Mr. Whiskers had one of those.

  24. Malle Babbe says:

    “I’m a kitten now, kittens are cool… Now, pick me up, and carry me into the TARDIS…”