Town crier cat announces, “Ten O’ Clock and all is well!”

“Ladies and gentlemen I proclaim our fine city streets are quiet and safe at this hour!”

“However, it would be my pleasure to change all that.”

Stay tuned! Sand cat at Lincoln Park Zoo by Yinghai.


  1. Sand cat! Sand cat!

    I see him as singing “Aaaaaaaaand IIIIIIIIeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIII will always lu-huve yoooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo!”

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Theresa: you’re in a fine voice tonight !!!! :)

  3. too funny!!!

  4. Hah!

  5. :D Theresa wins!

  6. I *love* his bracelets!!

  7. loribelle says:

    I see them more as stripes indicating his rank…

  8. That’s why I call all tabby cats “Sarge.”

  9. Drill sarge???

  10. victoreia says:

    Master sergeant!

  11. just wikipedia’ed sand cats, and their Latin name is Felis margarita
    … which only makes me want a fancy umbrella drink

  12. phred's mom says:

    What a beauty! Love the bracelets and the lipliner.
    Very glamorous.

  13. @phred’s mom- you stole my post exactly! Absolutely gorgeous cat, but I was thinking arm bands, not bracelets. :)

  14. preeeeeeeety kitty !!!!

  15. Starfish says:

    Kitteh sounds (and looks, in the 2nd pic) quite villainous. Sand Cat? Where’s Spider-Cat when you need him?

  16. Ooh, ominous.

  17. Announcements every meower on the meower.

  18. emmberrann says:

    No one mentioned the eyeliner. I’m a little surprised. I thought everybody would notice! I do think Sand Cat would give Audrey Hepburn a challenge in aConcours d’Elégance.

  19. wuyizidi says:

    Dear Sand Cat, I hereby formally deputize you as an Agent of Chaos. You are now at liberty to terrorize small towns, spread allergies, annoy neighborhood goggies, and grimace at children.

  20. The Original Jane says:

    “Don’t mess with me – I’m half fennel fox, half ferocious feline. And yes, you heard correctly, my name IS Ffiffy.” (It’s okay, Ffiffy, at least it’s not Sue.)

  21. bob drummond says:

    …My name is Sue- How do you do !!!………..

  22. The Original Jane says:


  23. I bet that fur is really soft and nommable.

  24. Thundercats HO!!!

  25. Hovertext: No hooligans or layabouts, eh? What about ne’er-do-wells? And rowdies? Or wastrels? Or riffraff? :mrgreen:

  26. What about bounders and jackanapes?

  27. Theresa says:

    Oh those jackanapes!!!

  28. Howsabout: flotsam and jetsam……! :mrgreen:

  29. Makes me so that such a beautiful animal is in a zoo.

  30. Why? Zoos, at their best, are wonderful things. The animals are treated well, given habitats that are suited to their needs, given nutritious diets, and if breeding programs are instituted, zoos can be key to preserving and reintroducing endangered animals back into the wild. Better that a beautiful animal be in the zoo, than somewhere its skin can be harvested for a beautiful fur trade.

  31. My gray tabbeh yowls usually around 4-5 am. No matter what the breed, cats like to MEOOOOWWW!!! :)

  32. That is so true, Saffron :lol: Our cat, Badger, (who owns me, my brother and his male friend), also is quite the MEOWER :lol:

  33. I actually laughed aloud at the town crier. Thanks for my first laugh of the day.

  34. That’s MY Sand Cat! I donate to the Lincoln Park Zoo on this little cutie’s behalf! By the by, if you are ever in Chicago, definitely hit up this zoo. Best zoo I’ve ever been to and it’s FREE!

  35. I love the Lincoln Park Zoo. And while you’re in the neighborhood, the Chicago History Museum is pretty cool, too.

  36. BLACK LIPS! I am suck a sucker for black lips on a non-black cat.


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