What Are They Thinking?

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It’s a mother and child reunion, Justin R.


  1. lds7yrs says:

    Actually, my first thought for Mama cat’s comment: “Oh, brother, here we go again… Why do I always forget about this part??!”

  2. Yes!! Exactly where my thoughts went! But the look pretty for the camera one is a sweet thought too.

  3. winston says:

    None of the above

  4. apester says:

    Mama: when he grows up I just know he will be dominant male

  5. No! This poor little one was the only one that survived! This is a repeat of an earlier post.

  6. Damn colic! Go to SLEEP, already!!
    I can’t wait for the other posts!!

  7. Mo-ommmm get off! all the guys will pick on me!

  8. In unison: “Thank God that’s over!”

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    Mama’s thinking back to the handsome white tomcat that .. er .. inspired this all-white bebeh.

  10. When in doubt, assume meelks.

  11. pwillow1 says:

    Baby: Mama! Where’d you go?!
    Mama: Even upside down, my baby is beautiful.

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    LOVE esp your Mama’s thought !!!

  13. skippymom says:

    I don’t understand the third choice, about the eyes opening “too soon”. Somebody ‘splain?

  14. Maybe a sentiment along the lines of “they grow up too fast”?

  15. bob drummond says:

    Got that right !! Once they open their eyes they’ll wish to GOD they didn’t !!!!

  16. Theresa says:

    About three minutes after their eyes are open, they’re all over the place and into everything.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand their adorableness doesn’t cancel out
    any messes, that we persnickety humans perceive?????

    WHERE are your PRIORITIES, ma’am (and bob) ???

  18. I needs meelks NOW!

  19. Personally, mama’s eyes are saying:

    Come closer by my baby and I will CUT you.

  20. :lol: Yep :lol:

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    I think kitties are/ were God’s best invenshon.
    And I think it’s a tie, for second place: goats and rainbows.

  22. lds7yrs says:

    Sorry, I must have puppies and horses in that list. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a horse trotting across a pasture on a summer’s day, and nothing says “Pure joy” to me like puppy licks. Although kitten cuddles rank right up there, too. ;)

  23. 6rabbits says:

    eh…HEM! Slepy bebeh bunnehs. That is all.

  24. Please!

    It’s meelks, meelks, always meelks for behbees. They have a one track mind. :)

  25. So cuuuute!

  26. “Hug me”..?

  27. “I’m in charge now.”

  28. “Right, you’re cute and all, but shaddup already and let me sleeps!”


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