Son, One Day, All This Will Be Yours

For reals, Mom?

Totes, for reals, son.

Check out the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest for more outstanding photographs. These handsome chinstrap penguins photographed by Lucia Maugham and sent in by Joe D.



  1. elfdancer says:

    Mountain queen penguin.

  2. Wow that is one perfect photo!! Beautiful!

  3. After The march the penguins we have The climb of the penguins.

  4. Kari Callin says:

    “When I’m all grown up, I’m going to fly..”
    ” Nope.”
    “But when I’m bigger my wings..”
    ” Nope.”
    “Then I will wish for wings that work.”
    ” Sigh…”

  5. Stunning.

  6. When your world seems to be circling all around you, chaos at every turn, a lovely picture of tiny creatures, so beautiful in their frailty, so brave, and so strong, it brings back perspective, on what’s important, and what’s not… just precious!

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    I just completley collapsed. This photo is gorgeous.

  8. What a wonderful photo. Love the chinstrap!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Beautiful photograph. Perfect caption. Loff eet. 🙂

  10. Nanette says:

    What, the curtains?

  11. Why am I suddenly reminded of Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby?

  12. Ha! You beat me to it 😀

  13. bob drummond says:

    Ain’t that a line from Monty Python…Holy Grail ?

  14. I’m going to ask what may be a stupid question, is his little wing supposed to bend like that? For some reason i thought they couldn’t bend so far.
    Beautiful photo!

  15. My favorite line.

  16. – Hey Mom?

    – Yes dear.

    – Why do we have these floppy appendages at our shoulders? Can we flap them and fly?

    – No love.

    – Can we pick up pebbles or eggs with them?

    – No.

    – Can they propell us at super speeds in the water?

    – I wish, dear

    – Then why do we have them?

    – Only the Great Penguin knows, dear.

  17. LOL Oh dear, now i feel bad for pointing it out!

  18. MINE TOO!!

  19. prinsas beans says:

    landlubbers’ flappage. can’t even stand the cute . . .