Dog Save the Queen

Let it be hereby decreed, Corgis are cute! Anyone who says otherwise shall be banished from the kingdom forevah!

Also, Corgis are royal, and you are not.

A spot of tea and thee.

I say rathah cute don’t you think. Quite, quite.





Cheers to all our British peeps celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee! These crowning moments were brought to you by Getty Images, Andrew C./AFP, and Kim S., who says Sookie the pup isn’t really sad, she just looks that way…



  1. Hurrah for corgis! But the last puppy is in fact not a corgi. It’s a golden labrador.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    We believe the last puppeh looks sad because she is ten years too late for Our Golden Jubilee.

  3. Inflatable corgies!

    “Exeter schoolchildren wait with inflatable corgi dogs for the arrival Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, who were visiting the south-west of England as part of their Diamond Jubilee Tour of the country.” via BBC News Website.

  4. Kelley O says:

    That last picture isn’t a Corgi, is it? Looks more like a Golden Retriever or fuzzy yellow lab to me. But I’m no expert…. anyone know for sure?

  5. How stinkin’ cute is that?

  6. Hey, wait a minute! That last puppy is a Golden Retriever! 😉

    (Not that I’m complaining or anything. I LOVE Goldens – I have two of them!)

  7. sleekityin says:

    The corgi pics are very cute. But am going to be a bit of a dour besom and say that many people here just want to escape from the endless Jubilee coverage. Sixty years is a great achievement but can we move on now please. (Said with pettit lip.)

  8. hmmm I’ll go ahead kind of agree, and say that the news coverage has been entirely too focused on the queen instead of on Prince Harry and on the corgis, where it should be.

  9. Serious Princess Di eyes there.

    No one wears hats like her Majesty.

  10. bookmonstercats says:

    Definitely not a corgi, and yes, it is undubitably one of the other two (I think it’s a lab, but could be otherwise). I think HMTQ keeps the labs for her hunting lodges, don’t cha know.
    I also saw a display on a roundabout with dummies made up to look like the Queen and Prince Phillip, surrounded by stuffed corgis.

  11. bookmonstercats says:

    She looks great today, at the service at St Paul’s. Lovely outfit.

  12. bookmonstercats says:

    Incredible history, though, sleekityin. Most of the ceremonies date back to King Henry VII in the 15th century. The yeoman guards are wearing uniforms designated by his son, Henry VIII 🙂

  13. Madame X says:

    If I remember correctly, in a recent interview Prince William (le sigh!) mentioned that his grandmother’s dogs, including two Corgi-Doxie mixes, had the run of the palace. Corgi-Doxie mixes! Can you just imagine the stubbularity? 😮

  14. edmundh says:

    I hereby proclaim Corgis to be Their Royal Cuteness.

  15. Not a corgi fan but I may have to get one of those.

  16. Apparently she’s got some savvy stylists who know how to make a statement. I remember the wedding last summer when some wag described her neckline as being “sun-like.” Appropriate as “everything revolved around her majesty.”

    Now a hundred years ago, she would’ve worn actual diamonds on her coatdress. One from each British colony/territory/etc.

  17. Tracylee…I commend you on not starting your nomming…perhaps you have been cured. I, on the other hand, shall employ some grabby hands and nomming to the little wee one with the side eye. Thank you much 🙂 *runs off*

  18. contemplating whether to nom on corgi ears or prince harry… that’s all.

  19. Could these be (an earlier version of the) corgi-doxie mixes Prince William talked about? Either way it’s a lovely image!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    Me too! This could solve my problem of wanting a dog but not feeling it’s practical to actually get one. And to answer people who tell me I should get a dog.. I can say, “I already have one!” I wonder where they can be purchased….

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    I saw no hovertext, is it just me? Or was that in deference to HMTQ ?

  22. phred's mom says:

    flip a coin. Win either way.

  23. phred's mom says:

    and we know how creative Henry VIII could be, from music to
    theology, to matrimony. Ahem!

  24. phred's mom says:

    the ruffs are Elizabethan.

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    I may be forced to get a Corgi soon if you don’t stop!

  26. roastpotato says:

    Thank you cute overload 🙂 I had a fab time, and some lovely pics here to celebrate too ❤

  27. victoreia says:

    I was gonna say……

  28. victoreia says:


    Alas, Harry is too young for me…..

  29. God Save The Queen, may she reign forever !

  30. elfdancer says:

  31. kodalai says:

    Golden Labrador Jubilee?

  32. kodalai says:


  33. captaincapybara says:

    All hail the queen !! Long live the Queen ! Long live the corgis too !

  34. bob drummond says:

    You tell ’em cappy !

  35. Amanda - Proud to be British says:

    Yes, They were born when one of the Queen’s corgis got entirely too friendly with Princess Margaret’s Dachshund. And I think if you look closely at the first photo, the colour one with three dogs, the one just at the edge of the pic IS a Dorgi (as they are known to the royal family).

  36. sleekityin says:

    Still, there’s no harm in admiring the cute gingeriness (corgis included) from afar. 🙂

  37. Madame X says:

    “Entirely too friendly?” My dear Miss Amanda, you exemplify the gift for understatement for which your countrymen (and women) are so well known!

  38. Thank you!! My five-year-old daughter Elizabeth, who has recently become enamored with Her Royal Majesty, will LOVE this. Her brain might explode from the cute. Of course, this may make her even more determined to become Queen of England, even though she’s an American…