Possessive: Desirous Of Possessing, Especially Excessively So

This here box is just big enough for one puppy. And that pup is me. No room for you.
but im so CUTE!
It is a really nice box, I know.

i fit completely
Please back away from my box.

sleeping in the box
Hope you weren’t using that box, Kaha X.



  1. He’s channelling Maru. They may both end up in boxhab.

  2. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    Oh a nice pair of “Hush Puppies” in size 8, please! 🙂

  3. *booop*

  4. psssst… hey, Emmylee… want an ear flap? I’ve got an extra here

  5. Saffron says:

    Oh man, it looks like along with Maru, now doggehs need boxhab! 🙂

    …and, BOOOP.

  6. Oh sweet puppy am I glad to see you! The title made me think CO was posting pics of Gollum. Whew.
    I bet this pup has a white tip on its tail!

  7. WendyLady says:


  8. Rachael says:

    Want, want, want, WANT!!!! *ded*

  9. *puts lid on box, lifts gently and slinks away*

  10. All these puppeh posts make me want a puppeh! heheh… not really – I would be a terrible puppeh person – not good at discipline at all! 🙂

  11. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    He must be part cat. Perhaps Maru’s love child?

  12. Rachael says:

    Ask my two doglets about discipline. They’ll tell you it’s not in mommy’s vocabulary. 🙂

  13. metsakins says:

    Dogs in boxes? What’s next, cat’s acting like they care about us?

  14. Puppeh’s new apartment is a bit of a dogbox. (Will he grow up to squoosh over the sides of the box, like Maru?)

  15. She DOES. Just look at her other, equally cute pics on flickr.

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    The box is stamped with the mark “12 pcs”. I only see ONE puppeleh ….
    where are the other eleven???

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    also: Side-eye …

  18. Why thank you Tracylee! Don’t mind if I do! *nomomnomnom* hmmmm you think we need nomhab yet?

  19. ceejoe….when a shoe gets hurt in the mix, you learn its either your shoes or the puppehs. 🙂 At least that’s what happened at my house.

  20. squeeeee! Lovin’ the side eye 🙂 *hides the other elebenty puppehs* I don’t know what you’re talking about Firdie 🙂

  21. NO shoes were hurt in the making of these pictures.

  22. But Crazy Pants, this post is tagged “kittens”!
    this lovely freckle-nose puppeh ain’t no kitten!

  23. sleekityin says:

    The box also says “asstd” – does that mean they do takeaway cartons of assorted puppehs? If so, I’d like a Pom, Shiba Inu, Japanese Spitz, Klee Kai, Corgi, and Choc Lab in mine please.

  24. victoreia says:


  25. victoreia says:

    I saw what you did.

  26. Yes, tracylee, but he’s channeling Maru, so TECHNICALLY there’s kitten in there somewhere.

  27. @tracylee…maybe CP is trying to say this puppeh is like Maru?? And therefore makes him/her a kitten?

  28. hmmm not sure I like the idea of mixing kitten in with puppeh…

  29. Ali-Baba says:

    What would that be… A putten? A kippeh? 😉

  30. Whaaaaat? *bats big brown eyes innocently*

  31. fleurdamour says:

    It’ll be really funny if he tries to do this when he’s grown WAY too big for it. He’ll flatten it.

  32. fleurdamour says:

    Maybe that’s why puppies chew shoes – they want to get to the box.

  33. victoreia says:

    Whatever it’s called, it’s MASS HYSTERIA!!!

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Emmylee: smooooooooooooooooooooooth move 🙂

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    He resembles the milk man, more than he should. Hmmmmmm….

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    *begins running in circles*

  37. beeplaysbass says:

    I have the same box. Seriously. It’s what my wayfarer sunglasses that were my wedding favors came in. Though mine didn’t come with a cute border collie puppy in it. Calling the manufacturer and bitching tomorrow.