Vintage G’day

Australia, 1942:  A visiting American soldier comments on how much smaller the rats are compared to his native Brooklyn.


More classic cuteness from Flickr Commons.



  1. That soldier better pray that mama’s in a good mood, because that joey is to little to be far from his mama’s pouch!

  2. bob drummond says:

    AMEN TO THAT !!!

  3. bob drummond says:


  4. And there’s a coloured version!

  5. What a great photograph!

  6. GI Joe, meet Joey.

  7. tommygirl says:


  8. peter fox says:

    oh really? ;D thank’s for clarification!

  9. hrhqueencat says:

    give little Joey 12 months and he’ll give any man or woman what-for – either boxing or kick-boxing

  10. We know that already.

  11. Obviously, by the feet size it’s still a baby, but are we sure this isn’t a baby Wallaby? As said, it’d be way to small to be out-of-pouch if it were a kangaroo, and before this picture could even be taken, mama would be kicking his handsome self all the way to New Zealand.

  12. Oh they are both so cute!!

  13. Being and Aussie, I can also confirm that is not a rat.

  14. Megumi's Mom says:

    The “rat”/”kangaroo” confusion joke is a reference to a CLASSIC US cartoon: (Warner Bros I think) with Sylvester the cat teaching Jr. how to hunt on a ship and a kangaroo breaks out of it’s shipping container (being headed to a zoo)…. much hilarity ensues, as Sylvester is continually beaten by the giant rat…

  15. Megumi's Mom says:

    see also (though this isn’t the episode that I was remembering… apparently there are several with similar plots)

  16. bob drummond says:


  17. Kangaroo, wallaby, rat, who cares? Adorable marsupial + classically handsome soldier= double win. Cute Overload, when will you release a calendar of cute guys and their cute animals??

  18. i think it’s a great idea! keep submitting pictures and i’ll keep cheerleading!

  19. tommygirl says:

    I’m all over that one!