Search and ResQte

During the war in Afghanistan, three US marine soldiers took on a special mission: Rescue some of the war’s smallest and cutest victims. According to the blog Unique Scoop, two orphaned kittens have been shipped stateside to loving homes.

We salute you, anonymous sender-inner.



  1. It’s the second picture that kills me the most. AWWWW.

  2. victoreia says:

    Men in uniform with kittens ROCK!!!!

  3. Soooooo What you’re telling us is that Theo has his own platoon out there in the hinterlands saving wee baby orange tabby kittehs in peril all over the globe?

    I thought so . . .

  4. Oh . . . and “TINEEEE TABBIESSSSSS!”
    . . . of the orangular variety . . .

  5. WIN!!!!!!

  6. I’ll be the first to say it but not the last to think it! He needs to be in the Man of CO calendar for 2013!!

  7. Kari Callin says:

    Search and rescue mission indeed! Thanks to those and all our military personnel past and present for their service!

  8. I am in awe. Good still exists in this world.

  9. CathyDee says:


  10. kallisto73 says:

    Anyone else has tears in their eyes?

  11. Nothing like animal therapy for such a traumatic and honorable job

  12. Fird Birfle says:


    sputter/ gasp/mutter/attempts to catch a breath —

  13. bashful says:

    I’ll bet looking after tiny vulnerable kittens helped keep those Marines sane in an insane situation. I hope everybody gets home safe.

  14. phred's mom says:


  15. phred's mom says:


  16. I love how the kitteh looks in the first photo, gazing adoringly at his hero.

    Can I have one (kitteh or soldier, don’t mind which)?

  17. I love how the kitteh is looking adoringly at his hero in the first photo.

    Can I have one (kitteh or soldier, doesn’t matter which)?

  18. Hey, mod lounge!

    Home-made guacamole and some cool drinks for me while waiting.

  19. Victoria, Mom to 5 Rats (and 1 Orange Tabby Kitteh) says:

    Pretty sure this is an encore presentayshe, but adorable just the same.

  20. Rachael says:

    The look on the soldier’s face is one of pure bliss. That’s probably very hard to find where he is.

  21. FOURTH! Men in uniform (in hostile places no less) AND kittains? *SWOON!*

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    I think this is a repeat and if so, he was already nominated for the calendar of 2012. Maybe even 2011. Although, since we still have no actual calendar, let’s keep nominations coming until we get one! (p.s. Fifth!!!)

  23. Fifth! The look of bliss on that soldiers face while he’s cuddling the kittayn just melts my heart.

  24. Sasha's Mum says:

    (*counts hands waving in the air*) And the motion is carried unanimously.

  25. Squeeeeeee. That is all.

  26. CMS2004 says:

    Absolutely adorable. And the kitten’s cute too. ;o)

    But… if you’ll allow me to pick a nit here… you can be either a Marine, or a solider. But a “marine soldier?” Nope. Being just a lowly Navy wife myself, it’s no skin off my nose. But I know a lot of service members often take that sort of thing quite seriously. Marines are proud to be Marines (oorah!) and soldiers are proud to be soldiers (hooyah!) but the terms aren’t interchangeable. Just sayin’.

  27. I second that, Mary (the first) 😀

  28. I second that, bashful!

  29. It’s impossible to NOT be blissful with a kitten on your shoulder. 🙂

  30. third! this makes smile big time!

  31. I would just LOVE to see a picture of Theo and his platoon in uniform each holding a cute little kitty 😀

  32. You know, there ARE pictures of Theo in uniform holding a kitty…

  33. The marine sleeping w/ the little kitten KILLS ME! So adorable 😀

  34. pass the smelling salts!

  35. This made me cry!

  36. men + loves animals = BEST EVAR

  37. wuyizidi says:

    Reminds me of the similar story about dogs rescued by marines in Iraq: the suffering that both the human and the animals went through, how by being who they are (and not let the war rob them of that) they saved and sustained each other, the help provided by complete strangers touched by their stories in reuniting them stateside… For me at least, it says all of this is not just about our fondness of cutesy things, but something much deeper.

  38. Awwwwwwww. Gets me everytime.

  39. Oh hell, this might have to be an 18-month calendar.

  40. We really need a “Men of CO” tag so we can do a search on ’em. Just in case you need your ovaries exploded or something.

  41. I think the soldier is pretty cute myself. Wish I had my own. *blush*

  42. reminds me of a similar story that’s been what you’d have to call “viral” for about a century.

    war isn’t just about people and arms manufacturers, it seems

  43. Psst, some of us with ‘external ovaries’ would like to look too, y’know.

  44. Marin plus kitten – swoon.

  45. suzanne Labatt says:

    Oh so cute. I want to take him home. And the kitten.

  46. kibblenibble says:

    Fabulous idea. I second that! All in favor of a men of CO tag? After all, we have the whole “racks” thing… 🙂

  47. Awesome!

  48. 6rabbits says:

    I await with baited breath this calendar!

  49. 6rabbits says:


  50. 6rabbits says:

    Having furry companionship would be the ONLY way I’d stay sane!

  51. Chihgirl says:

    Totally agree with you, wuyizidi…I believe that watching over and rescuing animals is a sacred stewardship we humans have. They rescue us, even as we rescue them…

  52. My husband knows these cats! He was with these guys and has a bunch of pictures of these gingers romping amongst Marines and machine guns. He was so excited to see that they made Internet fame!

  53. Cynthia McLendon says:

    Indeed they do! Bless you soldiers and their kittehs.

  54. doomchild says:

    Eighth! Or so.

  55. bob drummond says:

    AMEN to that !!!

  56. bob drummond says:

    Yes, we all do emphatically !

  57. phred's mom says:

    fourth of course!!!

  58. yeah! hang on, lemme get the crayons and poster board for the signs…

  59. ooh tell ‘im we need more pictures! Romping!

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    *shakes pompoms for service peeps and for Romping marmie kittayes!!*

  61. Fird Birfle says:


  62. A touch of humanity amidst misery. Really beautiful.

  63. Oh, yeah.

  64. Ain’t it the truth!

  65. I think it is amazing what these soldiers did!!

  66. sleekityin says:

    Join the (long) queue.

  67. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way that he or she treats animals. ♥

  68. gcwebber says:

    Hot guys + tiny animals = awesome! I think there should be a whole site dedicated to that.

  69. If that guy was single before, he’s not anymore, fo’ sure!

  70. victoreia says:

    It’s been so long, we might want to breathe every now and then…..

  71. victoreia says:

    *looks around for Hello Kitty defibrathingy*

  72. victoreia says:

    *counts hands* Motion carried!

  73. Ooops, I had forgot about those pictures of Theo and the kitties. Thank you, whiskers09092006 for reposting a link to them 😀

  74. omg please gay-marry me