Happy Birthday, Maru!

Japan’s Favorite Kitten Maru just turned five!

And, like any great eighties comedy, there is a montage with which to celebrate. GO!

Fave Frame™

Chief Sister Occifer sent this one in. Much More Maru here.



  1. Maru is 5.

  2. Actually, he just turned five.

  3. He is 5

  4. Maru is precious, of course, but all I could think during the whole montage was how CLEAN that house is.

  5. cyberpunkrocker says:
  6. Meg is en fuego with all of the fabulous posts! Go Meg!

  7. Yes, he’s now 5. We had the same problem last year (saying he turned 3) because “maru-desu” vol 3 was up with the announcement of the birthday. 😉

    Happy bday the genius cat!

  8. it ends just like 2001: a space oddyssey. now i have to watch it again because i’m sure we’re not supposed to understand it.

  9. There really is only one Maru? And the sumersault towards the end justkilled me withnits cutness. And happy birthday Maru!

  10. I am Maru. I have never been outdoors. I have never eaten grass. I have never smelled the earth. I live in a very clean house. I hide in boxes. I am a cat who yearns to breathe free. I am safe. I am. Me.

  11. Maru has been outdoors and does eat grass. There is video proof! And he is lovely and sweet and I can’t decide if my favorite part is the back floppage or the somersault. They are both awesome!

  12. I feel so much better after the Maru-inspired giggle fits! He’s such a funny kitteh! My own furball is only annoying, not funny. He could take lessons from Maru.

  13. Michelle says:

    My favorite frame is with the box-hair. For sure!

  14. R. Sterling Moffatt says:

    I thought that too, Jessy! All shiny floors without a speck on them. But I also kept thinking about how universal the love of pets is. It’s like something the whole world can actually share! I guess that’s why I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love animals! 😀

  15. Every year it seems that Maru is turning two different ages. Every website thinks he’s a different age. Icanhas says he’s 5, cuteoverload says he’s 4. Maru’s age seems to be one of life’s wonderful mysteries. Well at least until Maru’s owner corrects us like she did last year.

  16. I love when Maru goes to sleep with his toy in his mouth at 1:30. just like a kid who doesn’t want to let go of his favorite toy at bed time, so sweet.

  17. Rachael says:

    Maru is timeless and ageless. At least that’s how I prefer to think (can’t bear the thought of him or my own knuckleheads getting old).

  18. michelle says:

    I just love the videos of Maru. So entertaining.

  19. What a great job putting this together. Maru’s homage to being a cat is bar none. Laying on his back spread eagle is the same as my cat. I often wonder what they are thinking when they put themselves out on display like that – lol

  20. Photo with Maru and his birthday cake with a #5 candle at http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/blog-entry-1197.html

    And I agree with Jessy. That house is freakishly clean.

  21. Thanks for the link! Maru looks as handsome as he did at the age of 4. And he’s branching out from his box obsession. Now he gives stern looks while sitting on things. Bravo!

  22. This is the best one yet. Love the back-flip and toy obsession. When he’s standing and scratching the door he looks like an adorable little fat man.

  23. Love, love, love Maru and falling asleep with the toy and somersault/hiding. And falling asleep in boxes. And… the list never stops! So sweet (and yes, the house is always SO clean)!

  24. Kitty de M. says:

    Maru outdoors eating grass.

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    Yes, I’m fairly sure that I’ve seen footage of The Great Maru, on a porch area outdoors also. but the majority of videos show the museum-level sanitized uber-cleanliness of Maru’s Person’s Haus interiors

  26. Since age is incremented on the new year rather than on a birthday, people may be 1 or 2 years older in Asian reckoning than in the Western system. Newborns start at one year old, and each passing of a Lunar New Year, rather than the birthday, adds one year to one’s age.The first year of life is counted as one instead of zero…Marus is indeed 4 and 5 years old.

  27. Happy Birthday Maru 😀 ❤ best cat ever

  28. Sasha's Mum says:

    Happy Birthday Maru, and many, many more.

    Additional thought number 1: Have any of the Maru videos ever shown him meowing? When he was standing on his hind legs doing the “let me in” scratching with his big fat paws, it occurred to me that Sasha would have been adding some high-volume vocal assistance (insistence) to that move.

    Additional thought number 2: That cake is *so* Japanese!

  29. Happy Birthday, Maru! And we, your adoring fans, wish you a long and happy life.

  30. Ali-Baba says:

    Probably sumthin’ instinctual like, “I’m safe here, so I can expose my belly.”
    Yea, that’s it! Alls I hear in my head is “Belleh now open for snorgles, c’mon in! ”

  31. marthava says:

    There is a vid of Maru meowing while he has his toy/fake bug thingie in his mouth. Totally annerables.

  32. I second that whole heartedly, jujube 😀 May you live a very long, very happy, and very well loved life, Maru 😀

  33. there are some mini meows in there, you have to listen close as there aren’t many. Also his meow sounds kinda like his name to me “maar-ow”, or do my ears need testing??

  34. I’m more impressed by those mirrors. does no one floss? Brush their teeth or comb their wet hair?

  35. Happy Birthday Maru!! WE love you!! Thank you to CO & his owners for sharing his life with everyone – he’s probably unaware of how much he’s made a difference

  36. Shan Shan says:

    Happy Birthday Maru! thanks so bring so much joy to us….love watching you…Mua….You big fan–Shan Shan

  37. lol, that sounds like a logical cat way of thinking. And I have to admit it here and now….I am addicted to snorgeling my cat’s belly…

  38. OHHHH, that last shot of his eye, broke me. Wow, gorgeous!

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    by my opinionated way of thinkin’, Meg is siempre en fuego !!!

  40. Christy says:

    Oh my. Maru, you are awesome, especially at :50 and 1:40. Happy Birthday!

    (btw, you’re a very lucky kitty to have such a devoted person who also has a great eye for photography.)

  41. victoreia says:

    I concur.

  42. Oh i’d love this little guy !! He turn 5 !! Oh my god !! Happy Birthday Maru !!

  43. I don’t know what is cuter, the #5 birthday cake candle, the Left Banc fronche accordioning, Maru’s somersault…. there’s just SO much to love!

  44. tobesograteful says:

    How can you not love Maru? He is the greatest! He reminds me of my kittie who was a big beefy guy too with similar markings and breed. His name was Starlight Christmas. I had to give him to a shelter 1 1/2 years ago as I couldn’t afford to keep him and I couldn’t find anyone to take him. Seeing Maru makes me miss him a little less. Thank you for sharing Maru. 🙂

  45. Q. What do you call a cat’s 5th birthday?
    A. Cinco de Meow!