Oceans 1

It was the biggest heist they’d ever pulled. It required stealth, ingenuity and teamwork. In the end their thirst for crime (and water) was quenched. Well, at least for one of them.

Security camera footage by Mary L.



  1. Malinki says:

    Cat burglar, obviously.

  2. This illustrate perfectly the difference between cats and dogs 😆

  3. I call sh*pped. heehee…

  4. Getaway dog.

  5. Theresa says:

    Now what, exactly, is so bad about what they’re doing? 😆

  6. Rachael says:

    Please don’t burst my bubble. I want this to be real!

  7. You just know it was the cat’s idea.

    Cats rule; dogs drool.

  8. theoriginalmel says:

    This is my fave pic on the interwebs now.

  9. bookmonstercats says:

    Back in the day, I had a chow-chow and a siamese cat who colluded in crime. The cat used to throw defrosting meat off the high shelves and they would eat it between them. She also hooked chops out from under the grill. They never achieved this level of sophistication, though.

  10. Miss Schnozz has been trying desperately to get me to install a fridge with an automatic ice thing… whenever we’re at someone else’s house who has one, she ogles the lever until someone gets her a cube from the magic box. I just know she’d learn how to do it herself (prolly with her big ol’ schnozzola) like these goobers here 🙂

  11. This falls under the meme category, it’s so iconic. I’ve always wondered if this was real.

  12. *sigh* … if only my cats and my parents’ dog could learn to get along like this!

  13. Third Shift says:

    Do EET! My greyhound also loves ice, in the summer he gets ice in his water bowl. I’m teaching him how to catch balls in his mouth and he’s afraid of balls, he actually sidesteps it when tossed to him. My baby ain’t no retriever. Sigh. We’ve tried swimming pool and catch, so I guess it’s dance lesson or karate next.

  14. Third Shift says:

    What? Raw and semi-frozen? Also hooked meat from under the grill? Like a hot grill? Methinks you underestimated your pupster, he was a ferocious defier of the elements, hunter of steaks!

  15. my only question is, what’s in it for the dog?

  16. My guess, another day of not sleeping with the goldfish. Don’t cross a siamese man, even ocb leaves them alone.

  17. Starfish says:

    Dog probably has an itch on his back that’s getting taken care of with all of kitty’s moving around. At least that’s how I see it.

  18. skippymom says:

    Rachael, don’t let ceejoe harsh your mellow. Pay no atttention to her. Reality is what you want it to be.
    (she’s just joking anyway)

  19. Madame X says:

    Ocean’s two… The pupster is a *willing* participant in this heist! Then again, from the looks of it, the getaway dogster is a Golden Retriever; that Siamese prob’ly only looked at him nice and the Golden was his slave forever. Goldens are entirely too nice!!!

  20. Karate, definitely. Or archery?

  21. *facepalm* Of course! ROFLMAO!

  22. Wait, security camera. whaaa? No way those 2 would do this in front of humans, but where was the camera? I just gotta know…….
    Oceans 1 1/2, now the dog gets to use the cat for doggie treat heists!!

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes.. cats are the brains (and totally self serving) and dogs are the brawn.

  24. I think I read somewhere about a cat and dog that teamed up to get out of locked rooms. The cat would sit on top of the dog (like this) and could get the door open (I assume it was a lever handle).

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  25. Megumi's Mom says:

    I know sooo many dogs who LOOOve Ice cubes that surely Kitty Heistmeister hits the ice lever on the way down for the get away pooch.

  26. Megumi's Mom says:

    My Burmese mix (12#) has found he can hang by his forepaws from the bathroom door or the kitchen door to the OUTSIDE (where he is not allowed) swing himself back and forth and get the door to open.

    We have become much more aware of the need to lock the exterior doors after coaxing him (wet and muddy and LOVING IT… “are you sure you are a Cat, Mr Seimei?” ) out of the neighbor’s yard at 1am.

  27. murkle46 says:

    One of the universe’s unstoppable forces,a well co-ordinated cat-dog team.

  28. Rachael says:

    Thank you. At least someone understands me.

  29. 😆 YEP 😆

  30. Madame X says:

    P.D. Isn’t Danny Ocean a truly awesome name for a cat?

  31. Threemoons says:

    True story: A pal of mine had 2 midsized mutts and an OLD fridge; one of the ones where the rubber gasket that keeps it shut is kind of old.

    One night he comes home late (like 3 AM) and the fridge is open, and the dogs tipped over the interior shelves and were feasting on the contents..AFTER they dragged the goodies into Master’s bed. My friend thought that maybe he had left the door ajar. The dogs looked abashed, he threw some fresh sheets on the couch, and cleaned up the next AM. The dogs had literally dragged stuff like a carton of a dozen eggs, almost-full milk, old pizza, Chinese food, and a plastic tub of mayo out and ripped it all apart on his bed.

    So, the next day, he’s in (Sunday). Monday he goes off to work, comes back, and….same thing.

    So he sets up an eyeball cam and it turns out that the dogs figured out that if they BOTH jumped up and ran one paw each along the seal, they could get the door to pop open.

    He got one of those slap-down locks that you see on old coolers, and then installed it on his fridge door. That stopped them, but he couldn’t believe that they had figured it out…

  32. Robin McKiernan Kiesel says:

    I used to have a bread drawer where I kept home made challah bread and banana bread, and muffins etc. The cat would get up on the counter and pull the drawer open and then the dog would pull all of the bread out and they would share the goods. We had another cat who would stand on his back feet and reach up to pull the handle down to open bedroom and bathroom doors (much to the dismay of guests) And still another cat who pulled a defrosting turkey out of the kitchen sink and was in the process of trying to pull it down the basements steps when she was busted. Cats RULE!!!

  33. skippymom says:


  34. sleekityin says:

    When I was a kid, our cats used to try the hooking thing at the dinner table. A random paw would appear from under the table and do an exploratory test to see what was up there (like a kind of paw periscope). The messiest “catch” was a fried egg which ended up splatted against the wall when our kitteh got caught in the act. They got shut out of the living room at mealtimes after that.

  35. Love the image. Paw periscope. Hee.

  36. victoreia says:

    My first marmie, Butch, used to do that with door knobs! (And not the lever kind, either!)

    (And no, I didn’t name him…..)

  37. victoreia says:

    Just watch out for the mass hysteria!

  38. Magsmom says:

    My Siamese would so do this if she had a dog to push around

  39. And the dog is all, “Maybe my turn now?”

  40. Marmies just mhave that butch look to them.. That and max.. You know very manly names cor very manly cats.

  41. I used to photoshop stuff for Target all day (nothing sinister!) and I am pretty darn sure this is for realsies. The shadows are too good, kittie’s feet in doggie’s fur too good, overall pose, etc.
    Believe in the ice thieves!

  42. bob drummond says:

    Careful now ! The WOW WOW might hear U !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. bob drummond says:

    Right on , Baby !!!

  44. bob drummond says:

    ARCHERY ? YIKES !!! Look out !

  45. bob drummond says:

    Yeah ! Team work !!

  46. bob drummond says:

    I agree with ya Skippy , I find this hard to believe !!!!! The cat actually got busted !

  47. ” Kitty Paws ” on the ice cube and water lookout – best friend was the step stool to heist the liquid loot. I love this photo. ” It is so true to my household and wet kitchen floor “. The evil little furry varmies in my household – named Tarzan and Hunter kitty crawlers provoke baby Spooky Dog. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has a wet kitchen floor.

  48. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Have to throw this one in here-our dearly departed kitteh, Arthur, was a fiend for ox roast (thinly sliced beef in beef broth). We’re sitting in the living room, eating our sammiches, when here come Arthur, with an entire slice of oxroast in his mouth. We hadn’t handed it to him! He’d gotten up on the kitchen counter, which he NEVER did, hooked a piece of hot oxroast out of a pot (still steaming hot) and brought it in to eat with us. From then on, I made a small dish of torn up beef for Arthur (and his brother, Merlin) and kept a lid on the pot!

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    Yes, TS, raw and semi frozen and right out from under the hot grill, I watched her do it one day (not that she cared – she was siamese, if you please and especially if you don’t please). She had one particular claw she used specially for the grill-hooking. In return, the chow took care of her, doubled as a big comfy bed and chased other dogs away if they got too close. When I took the dog for a walk, the cat used to walk with us (accompanied by a rather more well-behaved tabby, who wasn’t such a bandit).

    It was many years ago now, and they are all long gone, but I miss them all.

  50. Fird Birfle says:


  51. sleekityin says:


  52. Oh this is soooo funny. I have a Golden and a cat named Pretty Boy Floyd who also goes on walks with us. But this reminds me so much of my long ago departed Big Red, a senior feral cat who finally came in from the cold, let us think that we had tamed him — a big long haired cream colored boy. This was back when I was in grad school and lived in an old house in an old neighborhood. Anyway, Big Red acted as samurai for the rest of the gang, and stole whole half chickens from our cast iron, hibachi grill,. without singeing so much as a whisker. He also was best buddies with a possum with whom he took naps on our glassed in back porch. Vet told me that was quite unusual, that they are generally enemies. But I guess living in the wild makes for strange bed fellows. At that time I had, Lord help me, 7 cats, and kept dry food out on the kitchen floor in a chicken feed trough. Also both back doors open weather permitting. Mr. Possum took to coming in and eating with the cats, all in a line, presumably at Big Red’s invitation.

  53. I’ll tell you how Clyde Barrow meezer got the dog to cooperate; the cat talked to him.

    I have a Siamese mix (in the horde, i.e. 3 dogs and 3 cats) and she lectures, cajoles, commands, complains and dismisses in her voice. The dog did it just to get some peace and quiet.

    My Siamese mix also clears counters (she doesn’t like clutter), drops various household things at my feet to remind me It Was Not Where It Belongs and has taken a remarkably unhealthy dislike to a mat in the bathroom. And she’s trained my Australian Shepherd to lick her back for her. I don’t even know. And she spanks the other animals if they annoy her. Literally.

    Which doesn’t top the time my elder cat decided to help the big dog get snacks by opening cupboards and knocking out packets of yum but the real rule is; it’s always something.

    If only I could stop the meezer from drinking from my water glass. It’s the same water as in her bowl but my glass is always better. DIsgusting, really.

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    Jill, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    And I particularly enjoyed your description of the siamese mix letting you know that something Was Not Where It Belongs (ie on the ground) 🙂

    You are a fun storyteller!!