It all started one spring morning when young Hamkid set off in search of new adventures.

It didn’t take long before Hamkid was slightly startled by a Gentle Giant.

Oh please don’t eat me Gentle Giant!

To his great surprise the Gentle Giant gently set Hamkid upon its knee and offered him a snack.

It was then Hamkid understood the Gentle Giant was also young and looking for new adventures.

Hamkid realised out of all the adventures he could have, none would be as great as sharing them with a giant friend!

So they headed off together, to see what more was waiting for them over the horizon.

Boog and Hannah W. were last seen gadding about somewhere in Wisconsin!



  1. Fird Birfle says:


  2. I never imagined a hammie being so expressive. What a darling little nibblet!

  3. Wait – are those handknit socks? beautiful!

  4. Starfish says:

    What a great story, and a great ham-ham!

    Also, I never knew that people said “gadding about” anywhere but where I live down in the islands.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Are those handknit socks????

  6. dgerish says:

    Very sweet! And I think the gentle giant is wearing hand-knitted socks.

  7. CO, not every post needs to be written like a little kid’s story. Just sayin’. Variety being the spice of life and all.

  8. OMG I love the comments/story here!!

  9. skippymom says:

    I was just going to say, what beautiful and soft-looking socks.

  10. that last pic cracks me up – Holy Squish-Faced Beady Eye Factor, Batman!

  11. I’ve had hammies as a kid and loved them a lot but I must confess that their little beedy black eyes have always freaked me out a little.

  12. Definitely hand knited socks… and they are beautiful!

  13. Calling Pixar!

  14. Bettymouse says:

    Awww! I want to go on a hamventure with this little guy!

  15. Bettymouse says:

    Oh, yes, I (a New Englander) gad about all the time! I never considered that there were places that didn’t say “gadding about.”

  16. skippymom says:

    Me, I like to gaily gad about, a la “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”.

    See them gaily gad about,
    They love to laugh and shout,
    They never have any cares….

    That’s me, yup, every day of my life.

  17. How has this hamster stayed so close to its gentle giant friend? If I had a hamster and put him in the grass like that he would have bolted!! Also, how has no one else wondered this and posted?

  18. The Beady-Eye factor is off the charts.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I’m thinking the exact same thing. That if I put a hamster down in the great outdoors, he would be gone and I would never see him again.

  20. I was gonna say: The only thing that could improve The Adventures of Hamkid would be handknit socks.

  21. bob drummond says:

    Here in New York , we don’t “Gad about anything “! Got a problem with that ? FUHGEDDABOUT IT !!!

  22. bob drummond says:

    Are they good for Diabetics ?

  23. aesweeti85 says:

    “Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today. Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today…”

  24. Oh My goodness!! What beautiful handknit socks!!!! The perfect accessorie to the poshest hamster.