From The Cute Farmer’s Almanac

With the coming of spring, your ratties should now be large enough to transplant into separate pots.

Planted by thefixer.



  1. scary!

  2. Theresa says:

    Hm . . . does anyone ask them if they want to be in separate pots?

  3. I’ll take four, please. One in each hand and one on each shoulder. Or if I expect to be sitting here a while, add two to my knees. Please.

  4. victoreia says:

    A valid question…..

  5. cellarmouse says:

    oh,darlin’ nomtom, i’m tryin’ to wean myself…you gotta stop it!…

  6. Love the little peeking out of the pile.

  7. Victoria, Mom to 5 Rats says:

    D’Awww. They’re so cute!

    I will take any of them that are of the male persuasion, please. I like da boys.

  8. I’ve been waiting for a good time to share my rat story. My silly kitty, who loves to stalk bugs but won’t kill them, ran into the kitchen a few weeks ago, clearly very excited about something. I figured it was a bug (that time of year, ya know). So I go in, and there’s a little rat sitting under my dishwasher, nibbling on the edge of an ant poison trap. Don’t worry, it didn’t actually eat the poison.

    So my cat is super excited, hopping around, wondering what this little fuzzy thing is. The rat is fairly indifferent. They just sniffed each other, and may have actually touched noses at one point, which is kind of precious. But still, there’s a rat in my kitchen!! I want to scoop it up in a tupperware to take it outside, but I don’t have any clean ones! I mull that over for about 2 seconds, then realize– who cares if it’s clean?!

    So I scooped up this rat in the tupperware, took him outside, and let him go next to our dumpster. He didn’t really want to leave, he just sat there next to me on the sidewalk for a couple minutes, it was very sad. But finally he started to wander away, so I went home and made an appointment for the exterminator to come out.

    When he came out to my apartment, he found no evidence of rats, and concluded that the one I found was someone’s pet. 😦

    I know the general rule is that if you find a rat in your house, you put it outside immediately! But I felt so awful that someone’s little pet ratty was cast out! No wonder he didn’t want to leave me. It’s a sad story, I know, but I thought it was appropriate for this site. Thanks for reading my novel, book signing next month!

  9. 6rabbits says:

    This is the picture that goes beside the word “anerable” in the dictionary! (And they sure DON’T look like they want separate pots!)

  10. One of my rats (Babygirl, RIP) was caught outside by a couple in a squirrel trap. She was clearly a pet because when I went to go get HIM (she wasn’t a him) she ran right up to me and started to boggle. She was the sweetest thing I’ve ever known. Do you remember what s/he looked like?

  11. lds7yrs says:

    What I can never remember is, which end points up, and which points down?

  12. lds7yrs says:

    (When transplanting my rats, I mean).

  13. CuteOverload addicts are going to be so easy to break when the New World Order takes over.

    “Give them to me! Give them to me! Not Julia! I don’t care if she never gets to snorge an anerable rattie in her life! Don’t even let her even see another picture of a puppy! Don’t save any of the rats for her! Me! Not Julia! Me”

    … and then you know you love Big Brother.

  14. No way! Found ratlings or placed?

  15. doomchild says:

    You did what was right, me thinks, and who would’ve known the rat may have been someone’s pet? Anyway, he probably went to another house, and nibbled on something much more safe than poison, and a nice person built him a house of his own. To a safe and cozy corner.

  16. Alyssa Cumella says:

    I wonder, if there are mice on the bottom, how they get air.

    I’m a flower fan and there are really gorgeous flowers on the right and in the back.

  17. Those are the sweetest rats I’ve ever seen! But I want to know… why are they all “asleep” in a pot…?

  18. Rachael says:

    That story deserves a “cute or sad” tag… but no fault to you. I’d have done exactly the same thing. *hug*

  19. In Chicago, rats are large, fierce, disease-ridden creatures to be avoided at all costs.Having had several run-ins with decidedly un-cute rats I know it’s conditioning on my part…but this picture just makes me cringe.

    But I’m trying hard to see the cute, peeps, I’m trying!

  20. Mamabear says:

    *sniffle* That got me a little teary eyed. I, too, would have done the same thing

    We have always have a rat or two in our family nearly all the time (Currently, we are owned by a cozy little dumbo rat named The Arbiter).

    Got boys (10 and 20 yrs) and they are just the BEST little pets for boys (girls too!)of all ages. In fact, the hubby and I took a rat on our honeymoon 24 years ago. His name was Nat. “Nat the rat” was our first pet as a ‘family’ and when our eldest son came along 4 years later, guess what we named him? That’s right, ‘Nat’, although HIS nickname is ‘Natman’, lol.

    In the words of the great Adam Savage: “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” In my mind, I will choose to believe that that rat was not a pet, but an old street rat that was just uberfriendly 😀

  21. Mamabear says:

    I can totally understand. *Hands you our dumbo rat: “The Arbiter” and you are immediately melted into a malleable pile o’ goo*. I hate how those street thug rats try to give all rats a bad name. 🙂

  22. I know, it was totally cute AND sad!! At the time, a little part of me wondered if it could’ve been a pet, since it was so calm, but going door-to-door with a rat in a tupperware seemed like a bad idea. Plus, since he was nibbling on a poison trap, I was also under the assumption that he may have been poisoned, and that’s why he was so chill. It was just too hectic to really think it through! 😦 Now that I know he was a pet, I’m sorry I didn’t pet him like I wanted to.

  23. It was brown and small– at first I thought it was a big mouse til I saw that tail. It was very clean and soft looking too 🙂

  24. Just think “Little fuzzy baby animals snuggling” and maybe it’ll help 🙂

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    But it’s FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, Theresa!!

    See (ya ready for THIS one, pholks???) — they’ve
    become RATBOUND (“rootbound”) 🙂

    *cues triumphant silly band to a vaudeville finale/ flourish*

  26. skippymom says:


  27. skippymom says:


  28. Victoria, Mom to 5 Rats says:

    Because it’s cute. 🙂

    They’re babies. Babies sleep a lot. Plus rats of any age have a propensity for sleeping in large uncomfortable looking piles.

  29. Fird Birfle says:


  30. skippymom says:

    Fird, if I didn’t like you I’d’ve smacked you.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    1: Well then it’s a good thing you DO like me. I’m lucky I guess 🙂

    2: Iffit helps atall, ye’re welcome to one Slapping Me
    Upside da Haid, just to decompress.

  32. skippymom says:

    Thanks, I’ll put the slapping in the bank to save for some time when you really annoy me hahahahahahaha.

  33. Bettymouse says:

    I must be using the wrong type of seeds in my garden. I never grow anything as ridiculously cute as this.

  34. MY PICTURE! And all you wonderful people talking about it. That makes me so happy. Ironically, momma had another litter starting about 3 a.m. this morning (May 12). My statistics on flickr, where this image is posted, and might get viewed a few times a day got 100 views yesterday. Luckily I was able to track down why the big increase in views. Links from here! These babies were treated like such, and certainly not away from momma for any longer than a break she probably wanted. So, I must share another cute rat one: as well as a precious one: (no harm to animal, I adore them). Lastly, one that is just as cool as they get: . All images were taken by me, Frank Boston and you are all welcome to share them. If you do,so on a website, I’d love to know where. You can email me at Thanks

  35. They are only a couple weeks old here. I know when I can handle them. Handling them early on a little bit (just a few minutes the first couple times) gets them used to humans. This way when they go to the pet store they are very likely to be sold as pets, and not pet food 🙂

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY FRANK !!!