Puppy Tales – Arnold

Once upon a time there was a beagle puppy named Arnold. All his toys were bright and shiny because they were new, just like him.

There was one toy, above all others, that he cherished. Ball on Rope.

Sometimes Arnold loved Ball on Rope so much, he had to chomp it with his teeth.

In that moment, Arnold realized the world would be a better place if everyone had a Ball on Rope.

Then, Arnold remembered that he is just a puppy. He has no pockets to store money and make purchases. He has no voice to say words that mean things to people.

For a moment, Arnold was very sad. Then The Cute Overload Fairy appeared out of nowhere and said, “Arnold, don’t despair! The world will be a better place because of you. You and your Ball on Rope will give cheer to thousands of people. After hearing your story and seeing your face, folks will drive more carefully, be nice to the next person they see and do a better job loving one another. Be at peace, Arnold.” And just as quickly as she came, The Cute Overload Fairy went.

Arnold gave his best, cutest side-eye look at the camera with the hope in his heart that he did a little something to make this planet a happier, cuter place.

And Arnold, Layalie K. and The Cute Overload Fairy lived Happily Every After. The End.



  1. Ellen W. says:

    Oh Arnold- you are so cute!

    And pic #2 is the definition of “puppy-dog eyes.”

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Yea, I am a better person.

    *Raises arms in the air and then throws self to the ground in an ecstacy of being better and nicer and all that*

    Beagles are beautiful. As our vetinarian once commented, they are the only puppies that arrive looking like they will look when they are grown, but so gosh-darn Cute!!!111!!!

  3. Arnold’s Fables+CuteOverload Fairy=what’s not to love???

  4. ceejoe says:

    [sniff sniff] dust in my eye…

    What a lovely vision and an adorable puppeh!

  5. Mikeyfur says:

    This story and the adorable Arnold just made my whole day better!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ali-Baba says:

    I know baby talk is traditionally verboten on CO, but I just can’t help it…
    Dawwwwww, whud a sweet widdle beagle-weagle hims is, isn’t him? Yes hims is! 😉
    I blame de ears! They look so soft an’ velvety that I lost MAH HAID! That and the expresh in the last picture was all, “Go on, I dare ya!”

  7. Beagles.

  8. mctwin says:

    I call dibs on those OH-SO-NOMMMable EARS!!! Kisses on your lovely forehead, Arnold!! *smooch, smooch, SMOOCH!* Anything to keep the sad look from his adorable little face!!

  9. I, for one, would like to see the Cute OverLord Fairy.

  10. more like Awwwnold, if you ask me

    (also, I luff heem. I luff heem bad.)

  11. Oh Arnold you are my Hero!

  12. Rachael says:

    I am finally and officially ded. His little round head and velvety ears make my teeth hurt, they’re so cute.

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    Never before have I wished I could come back as a Ball on Rope. Sigh.

  14. Arnold is yet more proof that beagles are the cutest things on four feet. Some day I’ll have a beagle of my own, but for now I will simply bask in the adorableness of Arnold. He really does make the world a better place!

  15. Oh, that SMILE!!! The little smile in the last picture is the most awesome of puppy smiles.

  16. Bottle Green says:

    I need to stroke his ears and his tiny head!

  17. mumofbubba says:

    Is there anything cuter than a beagle pup? Right now I can think of any. Arnold is a splendid example of his breed and his name rocks. He’s one cutie patootie.

  18. You have made the world a better place Arnold.
    After seeing you photo my glasses have turn pink ” je vois la vie en rose”.

  19. Mission accomplished, Arnold! I love you!

  20. Seriously, who’s chopping onions in here!?

  21. 260Oakley says:

    That’s ironic, Gigi, because Arnold, being a beagle and all, experiences La Vie en Nose.

  22. I bow wow to your superior punacity.

  23. womblegirl says:

    I think we need to bring the hello kitty defibrilomabob, cos this cutie will be killing people ded all over! *swoons and hits floor with a thud*

  24. Is it the “Cute Overload Fairy” or “Cute Overlord Fairy” who helped wee Arnold find peace? They both appear in the story, but one sounds a bit, uh, friendlier than the other…..

  25. Me too!…and i would like an Arnold with a Ball on a Rope too.

  26. *giggle*. I just got that one Tracylee.

  27. fleurdamour says:

    Snoopy side eye is the best side eye of all.

  28. doomchild says:

    *sniffs too* Someone clean up in here!
    I honestly feel compelled to be a better person, because somewhere there might be a little beagle pup with Arnold’s hope in his tiny, loving heart,

  29. Somehow, it makes total sense to me that an adorable beagle puppy would bring World Peace . . .

  30. Wow, in the mod lounge for talking about world peace????? I did not say one word about naughty veggies, either!

    *Sigh* Well, as long as I’m here, bartender, I’ll have a margarita on the rocks with salt. Can I get some chips and queso, too?

  31. Theresa says:

    Arnold is (ahem) a Choochie-face. Yes he is!

  32. Theresa says:

    We have some leftover from Cinco de Mayo. We have some leftover partiers, too. 😛

  33. Crazy Pants says:

    Ha! I think that was a Freudian slip. {We are your master}. I have corrected the post to say “The Cute Overload Fairy” {OVERLORD}. Have a nice day {The Cute Overlord Fairy makes every day a nice day}.

  34. Snoopy happy dance for Arnold!

  35. Aww that soft little face… I thought it was a basset at first, with those glorious, nommable ears. Just adorbs.

  36. It’s a wonderful story for a children book.

  37. Everytime I think Oakley can’t possibly outdo herself, she does. Bilingually, even!

    *bows in the dust*

  38. I am the very blessed owner and caretaker of not one, but two adorable beagles! I count my blessings every day!

  39. JenDeyan says:

    My world is a bit better now. ^_^ Isn’t it wonderful when fairy tales come true?

  40. Lerrinus says:

    *squeeeee* He looks so soft, luff his lil earsies! eeeee! 😀

  41. ashagato says:

    thanks CP for such a sweet story! how is it possible that I can fall so madly in love with wee Arnold just looking at his pic? I am spellbound….

  42. snorglepup says:

    I so love a happy ending. and happy puppies…

  43. snorglepup says:

    and rope balls…

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    *gets a washcloth and some Formula 409 and wipes the dust off BB/VA*

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    *contented sigh*

  46. stbernardmom says:

    Beagle puppies are among the most precious things God ever made. We have one named Pippen. When he wags his tail, he wiggles. We call him our wiggle Beagle!!

  47. “Pippen” – what a fantastic name! He must be the apple of your eye!

  48. Those ears! Those eyes! That nose! Those paws! (I’m in love!)

  49. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I too am a proud Beagle mama. He gives us his own sad eyes expression when he’s trying to beg food off our plate!

    Beagles are incredibly loyal & total love-puppies. I spend nearly my entire day hugging & kissing him.

  50. snoopysnake says:

    verboten? since when? squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  51. snoopysnake says:

    Oh, yes indeed!

  52. His eyes are sucking out my soul. 😦