Que Passa de Salsa

Loose lips sinko de chips!

Muchos crazyas to Jay the papillon and Christina V. (Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, celebrates the Mexican army’s 1862 final victory over France.)



  1. warrior rabbit says:

    I do loff Jay. He’s so adorable. This one, and his chrysalis impersonation…
    Also, now that I’ve seen this a few times and can see past Jay to other details, I see a photo of a dog in the background. One of Jay’s relatives? Snerk.

  2. Happy Cinco de Jayo!

  3. skippymom says:

    You mean Sinko de Jayo!

  4. skippymom says:

    Oh yeah, and these are the people who keep their bananas in the bathroom….

  5. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    Or wash Jay in the kitchen sink!

  6. mrowbecca says:

    need coffee: I read the hovertext, and was like, Why would a french dog drink tequila?

  7. Theresa says:

    Yay, Jay! ¡Olé!

  8. Sufferin’ succotash!

    I know he’s a dog not a cat but with that tongue can’t you hear him say it?

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re washing Jay in the kitchen. And why not? He looks delish!!

  10. Theresa says:

    Jayo de Sinko!

  11. Theresa says:
  12. because he’s out of rum

  13. I’m joining in with skippy’s wondering – the other items around the sink seem more bathroom-ish than kitchen-ish (more bathroomy than kitchy? 🙂 ).

  14. victoreia says:

    *giggles* I was wondering why there were bananas in the bathroom…. ‘kitchy’ *snerk* (although my spell-check insists there should be an ‘s’ in there…..)

  15. victoreia says:

    “Why is the rum always gone?”

  16. It’s a floppy-tongued, bilingual doggie!

  17. SlaveToCat says:

    Jayo es Drano de Sinko

  18. Saffron says:

    Hee..I thought it was the tub too at first and wondered if nanners are something I should be putting in the bathroom. But Dr. Saff (dons lab coat…with cat hair on it) the size of the doggeh relative to the basin size indicates a kitchen sink.
    I think… 😀

  19. SlaveToCat says:


  20. kibblenibble says:

    Look at the drain, and the stopper. Those are the “kitchen sink” kind! 🙂

  21. Nice link collection! Thanks, Elise!

  22. Thanks for the tag about Cinco de Mayo. A lot of people assume that it’s Mexico’s Independence Day, but THAT is actually on September 15th, and that was from the Spanish. It’s interesting because in the US they make a bigger deal about May 5th, and in Mexico it’s hardly celebrated as they do here. But any excuse to drink I guess 😀

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    “sway” !!!


  24. Fird Birfle says:

    @ mrowbecca:

    (because it’s — or it *was* there??)

  25. Thanks for being a Jay lover! If anyone is interested in following his daily adventures in world domination, sharing his house with the rest of the “pets”, posing for the paparazzi, and how to properly train humans….he has his own Facebook page, just look up Jay Vitazko. 😛

  26. Jay prefers his spa days in the kitchen sink 🙂