First Person Cuter Game

Video game nerds everywhere! Play Call of Cutie and experience the action through the eyes of a squirrel!

Look! Now you can level up! Because sometimes you gotta go airborne to cute the baddies down!

Warning: Playing with the tiny squirrel, Little Baby Boy, by Danny W.  and flying squirrel by Sophia P. has been linked to excessive squeeing behaviour.



  1. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    They look sooooooo tie-tie.

  2. As a CoD fan, I approve of this post. Now I am also a CoC fan. Pardon me while I go nom some squirlieo ears.

  3. That first one looks like he’s in desparate need of a cuddle and a nap. In that order.

  4. ItsyBitsyTeenyWeenie says:

    Is that a thigh?

  5. World of Skwrlcraft?

    (Showing age, now.)

  6. I don’t believe in multitasking normally. But I could totally nap while cuddling that skwrl, and vice versa.

  7. Golf clap.

  8. They’ve won, my head has been truly exploded by their cute power.

  9. I saved a bitty boy squirrel last year and hoped against hope momma squirrel found him and raised him to be a good teen-aged boy. I’ve been seeing a scrappy youngster this spring romping in my tulip-tree and I’d like to think it’s him. *fingers crossed*

  10. Rachael says:

    Good on you, trix. I choose to believe it’s him as well.

    Skwrls make my heart go pitty pat with their abundance of cute. ♥♥♥

  11. Rachael says:

    Oh, and how about a sleppy tag for these leetle guys?

  12. ceejoe says:

    The bold squirrel that lives in my backyard came right up to me and took a peanut out of my fingers the other day. eeeee! And I did *not* try to train him – I am a firm believer in wildlife remaining wild – he just kept coming closer and closer each time I was out there putting out food, so finally I broke down and tried it…

  13. *Passes Gigi the Hello Kitty duct tape to repair her asploded head, having just taped my own brains back into what’s left of my skull because of teh Qte*

  14. Where’s Firdie with the pom-poms!?? We need some shakin’ stat!

  15. kiragirl says:

    O M G, that’s the cutest skwerlios I’ve ever seen!

  16. hey, where is the first one’s tail?

  17. little 2nd squirrel has the BEST guyliner….i would killz fer eet….you’d hafta go to Paris salons to get THIS quality eye-lashing/liner….Cleopatra would be jealous and proud.