After hot-dogging the competishe, Bobby Gorgeous, the awesome, amazing  pom, has taken a break from surfing to become a Cute Overload darling!

Upon hearing the news, Meg exclaimed, “This is totally wild! Bobby Gorgeous is right up there with Boo, Winston, Simon, and that box-happy cat the peeps love so much. Um, Apu? Baroo? Great cat. Really great. What’s it called again? Can somebody check that for me? ‘Cause I’m about to faint.”

Who’s a primo pom? You are Bobby Gorgeous! Yes, you are! You’re primo too, Port of San Diego.



  1. dgerish says:

    I keep reading “primo pom” as primo PORN? Just me?

  2. It’s Moondoggie! Honest to goodness it’s the absolute ultimate!

  3. Me too.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Me three!

  5. boomchuckpixyniki says:

    I know, I do to. It’s something I do a lot, and not because my mind is in the gutter. 🙂 It think it’s more to do with commonality of the words.

  6. boomchuckpixyniki says:

    Too, not to! And that’s my pet peeve! Argh… I need coffee!

  7. kerning – it’s what separates carriage from carnage…
    (and pom from po*n)

    [typography nerd!]

  8. fleurdamour says:

    Bobby Gorgeous is one hot dog.

  9. Soooo glad to know I’m not the only one. Really, porn should just *always* be spelled p0rn. That would at least cut down somewhat on the word confusion. Though I guess if we didn’t have dirty minds, we’d then just confuse pom(eranian) with pom(egranate) juice.

    *Now, waits to see if “p0rn” will get me in the mod lounge . . .*

  10. Argh – well that was supposed to go under the comments about pom vs porn. Oh well – at least I didn’t go to the mod lounge, although there’s probably something tasty on the lunch buffet today, I’m sure!

  11. BTW, leetle dog is totally redonk and needs a nose boop!

  12. Hang twenty little dude…right off the front of that boogie board…

  13. hahahahah….I was thinking the same thing. I had to keep re-reading it…and BCPN- even with my coffee still reading it as p*rn. Where’s my head at today? 😉

  14. Perfect picture for May 1. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. Cutest little porn star, er I mean Pom star in the world.

  15. Fird Birfle says:


  16. Fird Birfle says:

    Moi, je suis d’accord avec ca.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    ya wan’ mustard, w/ dat????

  18. phred's mom says:

    moi, aussi. (Fird, you have inspired me. However this is prob the best I can do.
    Je suis desolee’)

  19. phred's mom says:

    Ipad punctuation doesn’t always seems to work the way I think it should.

  20. phred's mom says:


  21. “Bobby Gorgeous” sounds like a drag queen’s nom de guerre. Just sayin’.

  22. mctwin says:

    To our dear Meg! If Pyrit was just teasing you, please know I mean no disrespect. Box-hab kitty cat is named Maru!!

  23. victoreia says:

    Yay for typography!

  24. victoreia says:

    *immature giggle*

  25. victoreia says:

    (Which is a Japanese (I think) phrase for overwhelming cuteness. Pronounced like the island name spelled Kauai.)

    (Not that I would know, or anything. What’s a beach?)

  26. dgerish says:

    Double yay!

  27. dgerish says:

    “porn” didn’t get me there (if you know what I mean)

  28. phred's mom says:

    “Maru” in Japanese means “round” or “circle”, in the sense of “complete”. It is
    a suffix that indicates “beloved”. WHICH HE SURE IS!!!!