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Do hours of strenuous napping leave your neck stiff? Then you need the TabbyTouch™ 3000! Sit back and relax, as the patented FelineFingers™ soothe tired neck muscles while you listen to 70’s make-out music. From Cute Overload, the recognized expert in cat massage!



  1. kibblenibble says:


  2. OMG ! The puuuuurrrrfect use for the one way back in the closet !!!

  3. Because not every kitteh can afford his/her own masseuse monkey.

  4. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!!!!

  5. Exactly, edmundh!

    I love the blissed out look on the kitty face and the slowly twitching tail…

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    There DOES rather seem to be a meme of massaging kittehs this weekend, does there not?

    ALSO/ related observation: I know that I ALWAYS go to the Sharper Image catalog for those DISCOUNT luxury items ….. (mischevious/ shifty eyes)

  7. I gotta say, that kitty doesn’t look terribly stressed out to begin with XD

  8. victoreia says:

    BLISSED out, definitely!!

  9. I feel more relaxed just watching this!

  10. Oooooooh, Kitty Heaven!

  11. Hey, I saw this in SkyMall! 😛

  12. Roflmao!!!!!!!

  13. that face says it all. the love music is funny.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    the kitty or the massage product???

    I think I know the answer …..

  15. SlaveToCat says:

    I think the music came from one of “those” how to make baby kitties movies.

  16. earlybird1 says:

    PURRfect music for this clip!!

  17. LOL @ “how to make baby kitties movies”

  18. I know it’s an acronym, but I still read it as “Roffel-Mao” – like Chairman Mao’s silly little brother

  19. I can’t stop laughingks!

  20. 😆 Love the “Boom chicka wah wah music” it really fit the blitz out look of the kitty.

  21. That tail is saying it all as far as I’m concerned. My humans, they did well this time..

  22. coldgreydawn says:

    Bernard. Bernard. Bernard! Bernard. Bernard. Bernard. Bernard!

  23. coldgreydawn says:

    Manny: Bernard. Bernard. Bernard! Bernard. Bernard. Bernard!
    Bernard: What?
    Manny: I’m a prostitute robot from the future!

  24. Ali-Baba says:

    that makes me think of a Time cover from a couple of months ago.
    It was of Kim Jong (the son–I forget the rest of his name) & was about him taking over. The headline was clever; Lil’ Kim. All I could picture was him dressed like Lil’ Kim the singer….let’s just say sequins and pasties were involved. 😉

  25. He’s a cat, what does he have to be stressed out about?

  26. Does the kitty make out calls?

  27. bob drummond says:

    AAAAHHHH!!!!! The purrfect ending for a hard days work (or night’s work in my case !) Feels like heaven – Almost !

  28. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    No kidding! I love Kitty’s parents for thinking of having Kitty try this out. What a fun idea. She looked to be in such bliss… 🙂

  29. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    “Mommy, on your next trip to The Sharper Image, get me the paw massager too. And stop by the deli & get more smoked salmon too….”

  30. You know, the usual – ruling the world, giving orders to the human slaves, keeping the dogn in check, etc… Not to mention having to change napping places whenever the beam of sunlight moves, or making sure there is no warmer place in the house to nap than the one he is on at the moment. All that can be very stressful!

  31. “Not to mention having to change napping places whenever the beam of sunlight moves,”

    Yeah, i find having to do that rather annoying too.

  32. Fird Birfle says:


  33. Desdemona says:

    In fact, I believe you can find “stressed out kitteh” in the dictionary as a definition for “oxymoron.”

  34. Chris B. says:

    It is neat how the kitty, chair, blanket and massager all match. This kitty owner is thinking..

  35. *eyes Firdie*…..


  36. I second that, kibblenibble 😆 Talk about one very bady spoiled kitty, but who has not spoiled their kitty or kitties 😆 I have thought of getting one of those massage devices and use it on our cats just to see if they would like it or not 😆

  37. I used to have one of those massage devices and it would scare the heck out of my kitty. No magic feline fingers for my boy.