Take Your Dogster to Work Day

So this is what you do for a living, Mommy? It’s so… um… interesting!

Wow, look at all the e-mail you get! You must really be popular!

Goodness, I get tired just watching you work!

Your perky pup is the perfect perk, lululemon athletica.



  1. Wake me if you have any TPS reports that need to be filled in.

  2. “Wake Me Up When It’s Payday”– why that’s on my coat of arms! 😛

  3. I like spam… [snortlaff]

  4. pic 1: the tailio!
    pic 2: the peenk toebeans!
    pic 3: going in for a belleh snorgle!

  5. I love the second picture… for its angle AND for the toebeans!

  6. wuyizidi says:

    He’s doing the up dog pose in the first picture, how very appropriate for that workplace.

  7. The only thing I want to know is… is that company hiring?

  8. no kidding . . . i’d pay them for these working conditions!

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    I too laffed at that!!

  10. Indeed, Shelbea, especially if they provide an adorable French bulldog for each employee!

  11. I’ve only had ONE take your puppeh to work day and this just makes me want MORE – harrumph!

  12. Tracylee- did Miss Schnozz like going to work? You should do what I do…I bring Shakti in after hours…but then again, I work in a research lab…and for some reason she thinks its always time to visit other folks when we’re there.

  13. Ceejoe don’t forget the bat ears! Gah….

  14. Workers of the Qte World unite! Tell your union reps to add these clauses to your collective agreement:
    – a Frenchie will be provided to each employee free of charge
    – a nap is mandatory after lunch and for that purpose a comfy bed will be provided

  15. she did like it, I think, though she was only here for a short time (while my apartment had a gas leak!)… luckily my office is roomy enough for her dog bed – but she did get up and wander around to go visit my bosses 🙂
    (which they didn’t mind, as all of us here are dog people)
    I’m putting a picture of her chillin’ in the office in the flickr my user name links to

  16. hmmm… I’m usually not a union person, but I like where you’re going with this… 😉

  17. My building doesn’t allow pets but I smuggled my Lily chihuahua in one day when I knew the office would be nearly empty. Lily unloaded a poop in someone’s office but luckily, I spotted it before he did. My baby girl is such a class act. 🙂

  18. I’ve been suggesting for YEARS that my office have a “Bring Your Pet to Work” day. My co-workers are all in agreement, but, alas, management hasn’t agreed.

  19. Even if my management agreed to it, I think my cats would *not* approve! Most of them are *extremely* skittish!

  20. I’ve brought my dog to the office on Saturday or Sunday. He really did not like the elevator and was confused by the birds that were flying around right outside my office window (7 floors up). Otherwise he did great and it would be awesome if he could come to work everyday.

  21. Luckily, Lily is not a Bernese Mountain Dog. 😛

  22. The only place for a Frenchie nap is my lap!!

  23. 260Oakley says:

    Every morning I invite my cats to join the ranks of the employed and every morning they politely decline, roll over, and go back to sleep.

  24. Awhile ago, I worked in the provost’s office of my grad school. One of my co-workers had a golden retriever named Boswell, a beautiful, sweet dog. Anne claimed that Boz had a crush on me, and he would act all goofy around me whenever she brought him to the office. My desk was in the back of the office, and Anne would put him through his tricks at the front of the office. Boz would do a trick, and sneak a look at me to see if I was looking. Finally, I would go up to pet him, and he would hide his head in Anne’s lap. He was just like this:

  25. Every day for me is “bring your dog to the office” day.

    I’m reeeeallllly lucky.

  26. 1. Is that a tock wrinkle?

  27. Just looked tracylee and ms schnozz is gorgeous. Greyhounds are so beautiful and she is exceptionally so.

  28. But Theresa, the comfy bed is for both of you to nap in together.

  29. For me, that would be a butt bed. :mrgreen:

  30. French bulldogs have the most intriguing tushes.

  31. Mine won’t even answer the damn phone. 😛

  32. I thought i was a curled up tailio. ?

  33. d’aww thank you 🙂 I’ll tell her you said so when I get home

  34. daaaaaa doop da-doop da doop-doop doop-dooooo-dooop!

    ❤ that cartoon 🙂

  35. I’m bringin home a baby bumblebee . . . 😀

  36. victoreia says:

    I’ll drink to that!

  37. victoreia says:

    I think cats have their own union just for that reason: to decline to answer the phone, get the remote, and to ignore any hoomin suggestions to earn money for their food……

  38. Just don’t forget, we have to take a work break in three hours or so. 😆

  39. My coworker has been bringing her Westie into the office since she was a pup. She’s a fixture here, all the clients just love her!

  40. There’s a Lulumon Athletica just down the street from me and they DO have a sign in the window. I think its for a salesperson though, not in the office. If you speak French and live in Montreal-go for it! But I get a feeling one has to be willing to sport their gear to land the gig- that’s the obstacle me-I’m not quite fit enough to pull off the look. But if they provided a Frenchie as compensation, (or motivation) I just MIGHT be convinced to squeeze into their yoga gear!

  41. Fird Birfle says:


  42. Awww Tracylee! She’s such a happy pup. If only Shakti sat that quietly in my office. She’s too curious and has to make new friends.

  43. Mmm, left comment, not showing up. Am I in moderation? Will try again in case I screwed up. Trying to post video of what happened when my colleague brought his dog to work last week. The video is starting to go viral:


  44. Theresa, that story just about keels me with qte. ♥♥♥

  45. LauraH, I couldn’t get it to load – will try again later or check YouTube. 🙂

  46. It’s pretty cute and we were laughing like crazy when it happened (hopefully you’ll get to watch it) 🙂

  47. Its adorable Laura. Love that doggie, such an innocent face.

  48. Eeeeek! A Peeky McPeekersons! A CuteBomb! 😆

  49. He’s becoming a celebrity, already had his own Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/stormtheweatherdog but now Storm in international. He really is a cute dog, loves the attention at work.

  50. SoCrates says:

    Frenchie toebeanz!!! I’m addicted to them. I will occasionally nom on my own personal frenchie bat earses too 😉

  51. Ok. No one has asked this question and it is killing me. Where did she get her scarf? Thoughts?
    Plus, the doggie is too cute for words. My pup would be cowering underneath my desk. 😦