I Gotcher Sucker Right Here, Kid

We’ll just attach it to your nose, like so, and…

From Scott and Shannon at SuburbanBullies.com.



  1. victoreia says:

    😆 😆 😆

    And I thought only cats did that!

  2. amhabbershaw says:

    anybody else think this video is a little weird? the end was cute though…

  3. 13bodies says:

    Ahhh! Pinky toeses, pinky belleh, pinky leepses……SPLORT…..and I’m ded.

  4. The Original Jane says:

    Yup, the best part was the end with all that PINK on puppy’s underside!

  5. Actually, I think the pup is trying to nurse or something…

  6. The pup is all, “Mom? is that YOU?”

  7. Lewis n' Clark says:

    hey, you’ll have to give me a sucker to NOT kiss the puppeh!

  8. Here puperh I’ve got a much nicer nose to you to suck on.

  9. The look on the little boy’s face when he thinks he will not get a sucker is priceless. What a cutie.
    I had the same look the other day at DSW when they did not have a pair of shoes I wanted in my size. Tragedy, people!!

    Oh that belleh…so snorgle-able!!!

  10. rescue gal says:

    Pup looks a tad young not to have a mom to nurse from. Wondering if there is mom somewhere?

  11. rescue gal says:

    Never mind- it says from our most recent litter which leads me to believe they have mom for puppy noms. Disappointed that they are breeders though.

  12. That’s the cutest facehugger ever!

  13. McPuppersons is not amused.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find this video cute at all! Especially compared to all the other gems on CO. Everytime the poor little pup tried to suckle (I’m pretty sure it thought it was gonna get some milk), I’d cringe and go STOOOPPP doing that to the little pup, it can’t even see! 😦 I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have done that, not on a baby not on a pup!

  15. Red Toenails says:

    What kind of pup is that? Too cutie fatty…

  16. PS: EPIC belly!

  17. Can we put everything after 1:15 on a loop? I could watch that li’l sweetie get belly rubs all day!

  18. NoScript doesn’t want me to watch. 😦

  19. Oh my. I’m thinking cute or sad here. Little pups is super cute but baby is waaay too young to be handled that way. I sure hope mama is around to comfort and feed her later.

  20. The info on the YouTube video says this pup is from their “latest litter.” So mom and siblings are around somewhere.

  21. It looks so cute now, but then they grow up and they’ve learned that nose kisses are good and one day you wake up in the middle of the night having your sinuses cleaned out by an enthusiastic maltese.

    It’s unpleasant, I tell you. Horribly, horribly unpleasant. Nose kisses are only a good idea if the dog is going to grow up to have a tongue big enough that it won’t fit in your nostril.

    That’s my rule, and I’m sticking to it! (Actually I think bulldogs are safe under that rule, so nevermind!)

  22. rescue gal says:

    I did see that. My last comment got held up in moderation. Thanks though!

  23. noscript wouldn’t want you to watch anything.
    you have to do a little work with noscript, but you’re definitely on the safer side.
    allow cuteoverload and youtube and you should be fine 🙂

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Are you serious?

  25. Yes, cause I was actually thinking the same thing the whole time I watched that. Cute, but maaaan I feel sorry for that puppy cause it is waaaaaay too young…. it can’t even open it’s eyes yet!!

  26. Oh keep your suckers. I’ll take the puppy!

  27. Lollipops are forbidden in the mod lounge. *sad Batman*

  28. Yes, judging from their other videos, mama and three sisters and one brother are nearby.

  29. ItsyBitsyTeenyWeenie says:

    Mmm nipple…

  30. The bellee. The BELLEEEEE! Squeeee! 😀

  31. baa, but that has made the dog a deworming?

  32. Exactly, I was like “They have to *bribe* the boy to be kissed by the puppy?? What madness is this??”

  33. Aah, it seems mod lounge is open for the weekend… While sipping on my Piña Colada, I am also wondering who didn’t like “Sam I Am” (at the very end of the video). Portia?

  34. I wanna be that little boy! Puppy breath kisses AND a sucker? That’s the life right there

  35. Bulldog puplet.


  37. I want to like that comment.

  38. Kristophrase says:


  39. So delightful!!

  40. That’s what I was thinking. Where’s mom?

  41. So adorable. Just too stinkin’ cute : )

  42. mumofbubba says:

    The boy got his first huff of puppy breath and he’s all “do it again”. Before it’s all, no. Pup is adorable. Little boy is sorta cute too.

  43. mumofbubba says:

    Little boy is all “no, no, no” until he gets his first huff of puppy breath, then he’s all like “do it again”. Save it for me, little puppeh, save it for me.

  44. Poofster says:

    And to not snorgle that fat littoh belly!

  45. Kieli Heart says:

    ….I think I need this puppy. ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  46. disturbingly cute!

  47. OMG give me a break!

  48. Ya… Weird. I never nuff or look at comments but had to see if I was the only one. Weird… Very weird.

  49. Motherofallcats says:


  50. Our chihuahua was a stray, and she’s always had breath that smells like a rotting corpse slathered with mouldy fish, wrapped in aromatic leaves from a death flower.

    That being said, I still love her nose kisses AND her sinus cleansing! XD

  51. That’s just it. I’ve told it to allow both, but it still warns me against these links. Must be something in the transition.

  52. Eww, bacteria!

  53. Oh man…those last couple of shots, where the puppy was exposing his belly….man, I wanted to snorgle him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly!!!! What a prosh little puppy!!!

  54. OMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE. That little boy is sooooo cute LOL

  55. That is one very frustrated pup!

  56. What an adorable puppy! Does kind of look like she was swinging her around a bit too much though :/