Friday Haiku: Extreme Guinea Pig

The wind in my hair

Watch this you silly bulldog

Death defying leaps

And we thought guinea pigs only shredded newspaper, Ant


  1. As a long-time guinea pig fan – that is RIDICULOUSLY adorable.

  2. Let’s talk some safety:
    Shouldn’t I wear a helmet?
    Don’t you carrot all?

  3. I thought this was one of the funniest things ever on your site! Phyllis Rutigliano

  4. I thought this was one of the one of the most funny posts ever!

  5. Fird Birfle says:


    Also: hee.


  6. Guinea’ing the cube:
    Poppin’ a hamster wheelie.
    All carrot, no stick.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Chairman of the board
    Sez “It takes a big pig to
    Eat a small carrot.”

  8. To get on the board
    Peegs require a carrot
    Else we’re out-a-here

  9. CarolynC says:

    “Leaps” or “leeps”?

  10. Hey, you, look at me
    Hotdogging for the public
    I’m a total ham

  11. Robin Kiesel says:

    Very, very funny

  12. El Senor Cuy
    Too cool for school in those shades
    Stay outta Peru…:-/

  13. Having traveled to Peru and sampled the Incan delicacy cuy, I am both cringing with shame and laughing out loud at your haiku. Well done.

  14. Sent to Mod Lounge. Has anyone stocked the fridge with Tab cola?

  15. Little skater peeg
    An endless summer
    Yo! Kawabunga dude.

  16. Oh, just got that! * clap *

  17. * groan *

    Nicely done.

  18. Dewd, it’s Friday after lunch. Add a dash of Diet Coke to my bourbon, will you? Or maybe Cherry Coke to bring out the cherry notes of the bourbon?

  19. A skateboarding peeg
    Now I’ve seen everything
    Love those ’80s shades

  20. Perhaps you are using me as a guinea pig for safety testing? With the help of this carrot, I will get to the root of the problem. In the meantime, know that you’re skateboarding on thin ice.

  21. Perhaps you are using me as a guinea pig for safety testing? With the help of this carrot, I shall get to the root of the problem. In the meantime, know that you are skateboarding on thin ice.

  22. victoreia says:

    That should be “very, very punny”!

  23. I have original Tab (read: can-flavored) and not the new fangled diet sodas…🙂
    Accompanying that will be a Swanson fried chicken dinner with the apple dessert. It will take 25 minutes in the oven. I will make every effort to ensure that no peas and carrots get in the mashed potatoes!

  24. G Peeg is the Champ.
    The best skateboarder ever!
    Ha ha, Tony Hawk.

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    Pig on a skateboard
    Vs. pig in a blanket?
    I’ll take the board, thanks!

  26. A couple of years ago I packed up two of my guinea pigs in a shoe box and tied it to the skateboard which I tied to a rope. I pulled them up and down the street. This reminded me of that!

  27. Early summer warmth
    Brings pigs on radical decks.
    Shred, grind, ollie, SQUEE.

  28. They’re called hamster balls
    because the poor leetle peegs
    can’t ever use them

    (Guinea pigs’ spines can’t bend that way. Thought that I’d inform you.)

  29. Katherine says:

    That guinea pig looks like a giant peanut.

  30. wannadance says:

    now THAT is weird…did you poke air holes?


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