Olive v. Freddy.


So adorns. Chief Puppy Occifer (and fellow Italian Greyhound) Goose would approve of Olive’s moves. Hulk-a-maniac Charlie W. sent this one in.



  1. cellarmouse says:

    olive is the caped crusader…freddy is not amused…

  2. The little Super Girl cape really proves Olive is The Other Avenger.

  3. That is great! 🙂 🙂 I think part of it being so funny is the attempted-to-stifle snickering in the background.

  4. Shannomo says:

    I love when the puppy gives chase at the end and can’t quite make it up the steps! 😉

  5. I’ve just realized I’ve never known how tiny the italian greyhounds are. Somehow I imagined them as slim, but rather big (like top models). Or is that cat a puma? 🙂

  6. Awww. The cat is so gentle, plays a bit, then realizes there’s really no respite unless it runs away. Gentle “giant” (relatively speaking).

  7. Love the muted snickering of the camera crew.

  8. The very definition of kitty hell

  9. Snowbunny says:

    LOL.. having two “puma-ish” kitties myself (and comparing Freddie to the barrel) I think Freddie looks to be normal kitty size and Olive – quite tiny =) Definitely impressed with Olives moves and Freddie’s gentleness. What wonderful playmates.

  10. I think the Iggy is a baby.

  11. Olive is skinny like her namesake in the Popeye cartoon. She lucky that Fredy acts more like Freddy Mercury than Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street!

  12. Aww!!! I love the waggy tailio peaking out of the sweater/cape. Haha, poor cat.

  13. Speaking of Goose… we haven’t seen him in awhile…
    we need more CPO pics, meg!

  14. Olive, “Wanna play? Huh? Huh? Wanna play? Let’s play! Huh? Wanna play?”
    Freddy, (in W.C. Fields voice) “Go away, kid. You bother me.”

  15. Love it at 0:06 when kitteh, while having doggie pinned, gets distracted and has to stare at something VERY intently before returning to play.

  16. hee hee….I love it…it’s like
    Olive: I got you! I got you!
    Freddie: Again??!! *pin*
    Olive: Um…okay you got me…WAIT! I got you I got you!
    Freddie: Sigh *pin*
    Love the pinning and tail wagging it’s almost like Olive is like okay you won this round! Best out of…..300!!

  17. Love the last few seconds … cute little caped rear end lolloping up the alley after the cat who has disappeared around the corner ..

  18. Cat wants to win and be left alone – Dog wants to keep playing every time she loses. Cat can only win by running away in defeat. It’s like the end of “War Games.”

  19. Too hilarious; Olive’s tininess, the cape(OMG, too cute) and Freddy’s gentleness and willingness to play …
    LOVE the end when Olive tries to keep up, going up the stairs….
    (and the stifled snickers show a great owner!)

  20. Those two are a riot and a half! Olive is so lucky to have such a kindly feline brother. You just know most cats would’ve knocked the snot out of that little pipsqueak.

  21. I was thinking the same thing, jerzowa. I think Katie’s right, though–Olive is probably still very much a pup.

    Freddy is awesome! So patient and gentle. I see that he knows how to escape by running up the stairs–Olive has not quite mastered those yet.

  22. Sasha's Mum says:

    Shirts vs skins!

  23. victoreia says:

    Drat, you beat me to it!

  24. victoreia says:

    Just on general principles, I ❤ Freddy.

    My very first cat was a tuxie. Tabby lived to be 18, and survived a bout of bone cancer at 13. (My dad named her, so blame him for the un-tuxie name!) I still miss her 12 years later.

  25. Plus Olive gets to say, “Yeah, run, ya big chicken.”

  26. OMG, you just reminded me– I saw Popeye on the subway yesterday. There was this guy who looked EXACTLY like Popeye on the uptown No. 4.

  27. PS I love this. 😀

  28. I loved Freddie. He also was quite the cat lover. If you look at the vest he is wearing on the These are the Days of Our Lives video, it has cats on it. The song Delilah was about his favorite kitteh.

    I miss him. 😦

  29. As I was driving to work this morning, there was a woman walking two of her three Italian greyhounds (both wearing sweaters for the cool morning) on leashes at heel.

    The third doggie, however, was being pushed in a stroller, all nicely tucked up in a blankie with one front paw daintily extended to the edge of the seat, and its head swiveling back and forth, taking in the passing scene…

    Not something you see just every day!

  30. You just know that if Freddy wasn’t busy using his paws to hold onto Olive, he would have started cleaning them at that moment!

    I love it when cats are playing really hard, and then they absolutely have to stop playing to clean a foot or two. Apparently you just can’t play properly if your feet are dirty.

  31. SOMEBODY is sure a Mama’s boy/girl.

    FReddy is such a sweetie, playing soft paw with the puppy.. and puppy seem so HAPPY to play with his big brother!

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    “cool morning”?????


    Not cool in N. Fla 😯

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    ALSO: CO headlines need to have an “Echooooooo” (“echoooooo”)
    sound effect, if they’re gonna reference “WrestleMANEia” (….”MANEia….”) 😉

  35. LOL! Olive the Other Reindeer approve(s)!

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    * Insert mocking rooster/ chikken sound FX here*

  37. Me too Safron, me too (sigh)

  38. Did he have a corn cob pipe? 😆

  39. He had anchor tattoos in his forearms!

  40. the snickering cracked me up too. and I love the sweet arc of the cat’s tail at top of steps at :52 as kitteh is making a break.

  41. ha ha yeah this one looks somewhat amused then DONE. I’ve caught my cat actually ‘flirting’ with my dog to start something, who joyfully agrees, and then the cat will turn around and box his head AS IF. I’m all …you secretly want to love the dog.

  42. wuyizidi says:

    Wonder if that’s a new hipster thing…

  43. Oh that taileo wagging in fast little circles! I love every single thing about this friendship, but the tail is spectacular!! 😀

  44. BabyOpossum says:


  45. patchesmom says:

    Ren and Stimpy anyone?

  46. victoreia says:


  47. It’s like watching Rey Mysterio vs The Great Khali

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    Here in the Pacific NW it’s practically still winter! 😦 We have a promise of “instant summer” this weekend. That remains to be seen…

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    What an adorable pair!! love them both!

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    oh … also??

    NEARLY Matchingks (grey/ white and black/ white….)

  51. Wow, I did not know this. I’m a late-comer to Queen appreciation, and I have heard Delilah, but did not know it was about his cat. And I used to have a kitteh named Delilah. Wow again!

  52. I will be laughing all day. They are absolutely adorable. Thanks for making my day!!!

  53. canuckmom1 says:

    Olive is clearly a Dalek! (Or at least the old series type that couldn’t get up stairs…)

    Apologising in advance for extreme nerdiness…

  54. furflies says:

    That cat is a S-A-I-N-T. Dogs are cute animals, yet are often as dumb as furniture. To be fair to the smarter dog breeds, dogs with tiny little skulls often have tiny little brains.

  55. Cynthia McLendon says:

    My IG Claudia who died on Feb. 11 at the age of almost 17 years adored cats. She was raised by a Siamese.

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    RIP Claudia.
    Blessings to you, Cynthia !