Bandit Puppy Finally Apprehended

After a long puppy hunt, this desperado of adorable-ness has been brought into custody. Bartholemieu, a.k.a. Beau, is accused of eliciting ear shattering squees and joy induced heart explosions. He will be brought up on charges of cuteness in the third degree and will likely be found guilty based on this photographic evidence.

He’s captured our attention, Dela!


  1. The Original Jane says:

    This is the one breed (and favorite coloring) that I would consider getting if I ever got a dog. Such a cutie pie! Of course, I love the puppy cut even when they grow up rather than the long hair. Teacup Yorkies! Yay! :)

  2. JenDeyan says:

    Agreed! Yorkies are the bestest!

  3. victoreia says:

    I’ll be your attorney, puppeh!

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    oooooh, v. used a different strategy this time :)
    Nicely done, ma’am !!!

  5. victoreia says:


  6. Pssst– there are two “p’s” in “apprehended.”

  7. Uh oh…..maybe the puppeh stole on of them “p’s”!!!

  8. Uh oh… he stole the “e” from the word “one” that I typed. Fiendishly cute little morsel.


  10. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh heh

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    PS @ Theresa:

    on an episode of Big Bang Theory, when Raj had just gotten a smartphone and was exploring its apps …he had loaded an app that PLAYS that music bit
    (dun dun DUNNNN) and he was using it to underline, when somebody unloaded a good punchline

  12. I saw that episode…..made me think of this site. :)

  13. Everyone knows a puppy will take a ‘P” anywhere it wants.

  14. Bwahahahhah!

  15. I am reduced to a puddle on the floor by the adourableness of this bandito!

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    Gets the Bounty Paper Towels, outta the cabinet.

  17. Need more photos please!

  18. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    He’s winking at me. WHY IS HE WINKING AT ME?!

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    becuz he LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVS you !!!!!

  20. Oh! AND he STOLE my heart!

  21. This pup is obviously a bad influence here. YOU stole my line! ;)

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    He should be sentenced to a forever home and cuddles for life!

  23. Third degree? Clearly, it’s cuteness in the 1st degree!

  24. *falls over dead from teh QTE* There’s another charge to add to the list! It’s his fault!

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    Pulls the Hello Kitty Defibrithingamajigg out.

  26. Totally guilty.

  27. Omigosh, where’s the Hello Kitty Defribramagig. I scrolled up for another view, and my heart asploded from all that cute. HALP!!!

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    Sets up gurney in the hallway. Moves the Defibrathingamajigg into position.
    Gently places a pink stuffed-toy Peeg on the gurney, beside lds.

  29. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Fird Birfle, get down here!

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    *rushes down the hall, tout-suite and performs open-heart surgery on G.P.L.*
    *sets a small aquarium bedside, with three Angelfish swimming to & fro*

    *grabs a quick Mountain Dew from the vending machine*

  31. hockeyplayah says:

    Well, glad your ok lds7yrs and GPL. I wouldnt want anything to happen to y- omg iz so adorabel !!! <3

  32. Must have adorable puppeh with heart shaped schnozzle! I cannot continue without heem.

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    Writes out urgent letter of application to Dela. Gives to Ozbirds for signature.

  34. Signed, sealed, delivered. :D

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    wow Ozbirds must be related to Speedy Gonzales !!!!

    “arriba, arriba!!!”

  36. Obviously a dangerous character and a danger to society. In the interest of protecting all of you, I sentence him to house arrest. He can come to my house. No, really, it’s fine. I don’t mind the peril.

  37. I am in awe of your bravery, Decca. So selfless. Really.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    “the” (cough) “PERIL”???


  39. Perhaps a soupcon of side-eye for the felinity of the final syllable of his name: Bartholemieu? Or a portmanteau of Bart-the-best?

  40. Oh dear, I’m in the Mod Lounge. Anybody have nachos?

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go, Decca. How do these look? Guac and nachos.

  42. Yum! Thanks, you make some mean guac. Care for a margarita? I’ve made several pitchers.

  43. Chihgirl says:

    So cute how the black markings around his eyes form the shape of a bandit mask…(-:

  44. freetomato says:

    I am cyberly extending my pinky finger to give the most dainty of nose boops ever.
    *boop* steps back, waiting to snatch that cutie up when he is unawares

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    Nice diversionary tactics, freetomato :)

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    I propose that Beau should spend his prison time at my house, under close personal supervision from moi!

  47. This guy is bad to the bone (pun intended) and I hereby sentence him to life in… my home. I’ll show him who’s boss. Just ask my two doglets – they’ll be more than happy to tell you who’s boss. *eye roll*

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    I’ve heard that Judge Judy will be hearing the case, Beau.
    Just a word of advice ….. I’ve heard that she doesn’t take kindly, to the “terms”
    “uh/ um” :)

  49. And if she asks if she has “stupid” written across her forehead, say “no,” regardless of what you really think! :)

  50. She will most likely tell you that beauty fades but that stupid is forever….but in your case that is just plain nonsense….your beauty will never fade.

  51. Guilty, I say, guilty!

  52. hockeyplayah says:

    *eyes widen* …then…*tilts head* …wait for it… “AAAAWWWWW!! Iz so cuddwly!” Seriously, how could anyone convict such a cute bandit! Wait, is he being convicted of being SUPER UPER ADORABLE AND HUGGABLE AND CUTE??? well then, guilty is charged! He should serve house arrest. In my house.

  53. yorkielover says:

    OMG! ITS A TEACUP YORKIE!!!!!!!! <3 MY FAV DOG!!!!!!!! <3


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