A Match Made in Hog Heaven

Ohhh yoo-hoo, Tiniest Snorfer! Have we found the perfect match for you. Meet, the Tiniest Grunter!

My idea of a romantic evening is holding hams while watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

I am into high-pitched squealing noises and rubbing against fence posts.

Pam L. met this baby orphaned javelina at Big Bend Ranch State Park near Terlingua, Texas.



  1. An orphaned what? We’re in desparate need for a rescute tag.

  2. Squeeeeeeee!! *checks between feet…no piggie… Looks back at pictures and watches flying pig vid to cheer self up*

  3. Dear wee peeg,

    Me lurv your teeny trotters and conical schnozzle.


  4. AaaahMaaaGaaaaa! Cutest thing I have ever seen!

  5. Madame X says:

    No “Farm Animals” tag for you, mister, if you are indeed a javelina (also known as peccary or skunk pig). According to Wikipedia, [p]eccaries are aggressive enough in temperament that, unlike Eurasian pigs, they cannot be domesticated, as they are likely to injure humans.]

    But whether javelina, peccary, razorback or regular peeg, the one tag this precious behbeh can’t avoid is “CUTE”!!!

  6. I didn’t know what it was either so I looked up javalina it says:
    ” Though some people think javelina are a type of wild pig, they are actually members of the peccary family, a group of hoofed mammals originating from South America. ” For all the info : http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/urban_javelina.shtml

  7. I would so date him!!!

  8. Javelinas are peccaries, they are actually cousins to hippos. So cute.

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    *considers the possibility that we hoomans are accustomed to concept of piggies being big fat potbellied guys and this wun eeezzz ssszzzzooo wiry and THIIIIINNNNN
    that it seems surreal*

    *boops Piggy on the Schnozz; runs away, shrieking incoherently, just for jollies*

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    ehn GIT IN LINE, you Outrageuse FrawnscheWoman, yew !!!! 🙂

  11. Sorry, Javelina. The Tiniest Snorfer still rules.

  12. CrankyAmy says:

    Cutesie baby right now, MEAN SOB in a few months!!!!!

  13. It’s a peachy-keena javelina.
    ResQte tag added!

  14. can you believe that SNOUT?????

  15. I think I’ll leave the Farm Animals tag. A few sources say the young are often captured and serve as domestic farm animals.
    Funniest thing I read is you smell javelina before you see them!

  16. I don’t want to smooch it, I just want to give it a little peccary on the cheek.

  17. I love having in-laws that live in Az. near Sedona so
    I can see these lil’ cuties every once in a while ! you should see a family of them running across the street !! dad in law hates them cause they tear up the yard & garden but the babies are soooooooooo cute ! Mama however is kind of scary since they have almost no fear when the babies are around.
    I stay in the house while looking at them cause they’re fast & mama can put a serious hurt lock on human flesh.

  18. cellarmouse says:

    wait…what?…they stink and attack people?…i think i like naked piggies better…(clean ones)…

  19. brinnann says:

    People, we cannot compare the javelina to a common peeg. They’re much too elegant for such outrageous stereotyping. Why, just take a look at those high heels, fur coat, and highlights! That, my dear friends, is refinement. His family would never allow the match: It’d be tantamount to dallying with the serving maid! *clutches pearls, looking for fainting couch*

  20. **runs to fetch the smelling salts (for brinnann) and a glass of brandy (for me)**

  21. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Look at those teeniny little high heeled hooves!

  22. brinnann says:

    *tosses a pinch of smelling salts over my shoulder, grabs Sprock’s glass of brandy and tosses it too (but not over my shoulder)*

  23. brinnann says:

    Phew, thanks Sprock! I needed that! 😆

  24. brinnann says:

    His wee heels remind me of those Frawnsche noblemen back in the day with their ladylike heeled shoes and powdered wigs.

  25. I also had to look this little guy up, them babies got some teeth on them! So cute though!!!!

  26. Lady Gaga will be wearing similiar heels next season.

  27. *watches Firdie being chased by wee peeg*

  28. I thought the same thing!

    Although cute now…this little peeg reminds me of the one I was chased by at 5. Wait, why are you laughing? OK ok…my grandmother laughed too.

  29. That’s quite a wallplug nose! But remember, at this age, only use it to recharge handheld devices, power tools would draw too much amperage.

  30. sooooo, that’s what they were talking about on GCB recently (for those of you with real lives, that’s a trashy soap on Sunday night) – the popular girls sorted others into “hotties” and “jovelinas” which seems be be pronounced “hovelinas.” Now it makes sense ….

  31. Conical schnozzicle!

  32. IT’s A BABY NOONOO!!

  33. What do you have against stinking and attacking people? 😛

  34. Is the question about people who stink and people who attack? or about others who stink and attack people? these are important matters, people.

  35. I so want to boop that nose. The moles add character.

  36. No, we weren’t initially talking about people who stink and attack people. We were talking about peeg-like creatures that stink and attack people. But now that you bring it up . . . So, Cellarmouse, what do you have against people who stink and attack people? 😛

  37. Sprock is actually the St Bernard in that cartoon, who comes upon the traveler stranded in snowbank, and pours out a brandy for himself.

  38. But they complete each other!

  39. I like that visual!

  40. with lil’ heel shoes for feet!

  41. cellarmouse says:

    i think they’re probly vampires…i’m prejudiced against vampires…even sexy ones…i mean how can you not stink if you drink raw blood and have been dead for just ages?…

  42. cellarmouse says:

    i tried to answer you theresa but i got sent to the lounge…i’m sort of in the mood for a large classic martini…extra dry…one olive…and cocktail peanuts…

  43. cellarmouse says:

    got sent to the lounge twice!…two martoonies please…

  44. That will teach you to be intolerant of stinking and attacking. 😆

  45. Don’t you think if we love him and hug him, and call him George, and feed him whole-milk ricotta, he will grow up to be a sweetie-pie? 🙄

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    re. facial moles….. “er” ….. 🙂

  47. Fird Birfle says:


  48. loribelle says:

    Peooople…people who stinkandattack peeeeopple…

  49. coming right up. have you visited the happy hour bacon bar?

  50. Peeg Peeg Peeg Squee!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. … Aaaare the stinkiest, attackingest peeeeeople in the wooorld! 😀

  52. Fird Birfle says:


  53. cellarmouse says:

    sharpy, sharpy,sharpy,…i have eaten whole wheat bread when the other kids had sunbeam…my p,b,&j had no j, just lettuce (on whole wheat bread)…my pancakes were buckwheat with no syrup…i became a giant with really strong bones…i had great, funny friends but boys were terrified of me in junior high (that’s middle school- but don’t worry my young friends – i grew up and was fallen in love with by the best
    looking guy i’d ever met)…perhaps i digress – but really, sharpie, don’t lecture old people who already feel guilty for eating bacon…

    whew, i feel better now…

  54. Not that I condone Nuffin’, but Many here might recognise Javelinas as the animal responsible for Ol’ Yeller gettin’ rabies which caused him to me his demise 😛

  55. victoreia says:

    @cellarmouse: *stifled giggles*

    @Sharpy: Could you point me to the bacon bar, please? My feline overlords are hungry.

  56. La Petite Senorita Josaphina Javalinea, I adore thee!

  57. Yeller caught rabies from the wolf he fought off. “Travis, that wolf was mad.”

  58. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know, they look like kitten heels

  59. januaryfarmer says:

    You all are entertaining, but photo #1 is for the calendar! Tiny high heels and all.

  60. I thought those pigs were razorbacks? AKA feral pigs? Which is why Travis was messing with them in the first place… he was branding them with his family’s “mark” so no one else could take them.

    And yes, Yeller got rabies from a wolf, not the pigs.

  61. I guess I need to man up and watch the movie again, I just cut thirty minutes out of it XD totally forgot about that dumb wolf.

    I could have sworn they said they were Javelina’s…actually, it might have just been my mum who said that. Javelina’s typically are quite vicious when you snatch their young. And it could also have been because we had quite a few run ins with Javelina’s in the house in Arizona.

    😛 thanks for correctin’ me.

  62. A javelina in the house? At close quarters? Maybe when they’re small. When they get older, they are not to be trifled with.