Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! The producers have noted that this game is getting too easy – last week almost 7,300 votes and 63% of you guessed correctly, a guinea pig. So, this week we have made it very difficult. The picture below is a of an animal’s face,but we rearranged all of the pieces to really throw you off.

Let’s see how you do.

I wasn’t kidding about it being difficult, was I? Well, let’s see if we can help you piece it together with a hint from our special guest, “Hi! I am super playful and funny! I live in a den and will stay there until I’m about a month old. When I’m all grown up, I’m about 4 feet long including my tail. Is it time to play, now?”

Have you voted? If you are ready to see the answer, scroll down.

What a cutie! If you guessed b. otter pup, you are correct. This week’s program brought to you by Ant. See you next time we play WHAT! IS! THAT?


  1. I guessed right! ‘Cause of the whiskers, dontcha know.

  2. cellarmouse says:

    it was indeed the whiskers that gave the clue…

  3. tesstricks says:

    ‘Twas the puzzle piece that perfectly contains the nose that did it for me. :)

  4. The overall Zen experience did it for me….that overall otter “feel” and the voice whispering in my ear, “Ya otter pick ‘otter'”

  5. I loves me an otter pup with a gummy smile.

  6. pinkmariposa says:

    can I nom-nom it? no you say, I weel!!!

  7. Even the Scales are having a Cute Overload: “(squ)EEEE!”

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    I always wondered how they weighed cuteness to determine what is posted on CO.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    On a cute scale of 1-10, this one goes to 11.

  10. I love references to “This is Otter Tap.”

  11. SHENANIGANS! I call otter shenanigans!!! Those pieces do not an otter make. Look at the easily recognizable pieces with otter mouthy pinkiness. They don’t line up to make one mouth! The only conclusion I can make is that there were in fact several otters in the original picture, and we are presented with only one fully assembled pup. Oh, the humanity!

    (I kid, of course. Luv the otter-pup-smile)

  12. Sounds like sour grapes from someone who voted wolf pup or bear cub. *snicker*

  13. Or it could also be from someone who screencapped the scrambled puzzle pieces, took them to an unnamed image processing software, cut apart the pieces and started to arrange them up, only to find out that IT’S NOT A PROPER PUZZLE.

    …not that I(‘m admitting I) did that, mind you…

  14. :D

    Every time I see a puzzle in a store I think “Oh look, a 500 piece cat toy…”

  15. victoreia says:


  16. My erudite and rather literal three year old guessed that the mystery picture was “a puzzle.”

  17. Catsquatch says:


  18. LOL! Of course it is! Silly grownups… :mrgreen:

  19. Robin Kiesel says:

    What a beautiful and brilliant child!

  20. cellarmouse says:

    just had my grandies for a visit – i heard that perfect answer in their voices…nicely done blegenson…

  21. I wish I was that happy about gaining weight :)

  22. victoreia says:

    No kidding!

    Of course, my scale just gives me nasty numbers to look at….

  23. the other jen says:

    i always weigh out my portions before neeblingks.

    lol. what a cutie! squeeeee!

  24. EEEE!

  25. Did you notice, even the scale thinks he’s cute, it’s saying (W) EEEE :lol:

  26. (SQU)EEEEE! :D

  27. at first I thought that was a hotplate and assumed someone was making otter omelettes

  28. SlaveToCat says:

    I would otter not think about that brunch. ;P

  29. skippymom says:

    Otter omelette sounds delectable. Perhaps I’ll have that tonight, if I can just find an otter….
    What kind of cheese goes well with otter?

  30. Why, Monotteray Jack!

  31. Oceanview says:

    I’m so ashamed, goofed my first comment because the coffee hadn’t kicked in. I meant ricotter cheese, of course. Plus, whey to go, trixandsam!

  32. skippymom says:

    Mais bien sur!

  33. Chotter, obvs.

    tho’ Raclotter would be devine

  34. SlaveToCat says:

    Ricotter Omelet special 3 kisses for the price of one snuggle at participating… Otter Barrel Restaurants nation wide.

  35. maybe you shouldn’t put the answer on the same post?

  36. skippymom says:

    Because it lets people cheat and steal the prize away from those who do the hard work of figuring it out?

  37. There’s a prize???!!

  38. skippymom says:

    You didn’t know about the prize, Theresa? Must be because I’ve been cheating.

  39. I knew it!!

  40. lol… as opposed to those of us who just randomly guess…

  41. victoreia says:

    Wait, that’s not how we’re supposed to do it?

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    me wuzzn’t eben CLOSE to correct.
    Except that donkeys habe grey fur like otters. kinda. :(
    Ah well, another day ….

  43. Ahh, babyhood, when gaining weight is generally considered an otterly adorable & accepted achievement, not a personal & social failure. Sigh… :)

  44. It was the nose that gave him away! I can recognize that squat nose anywhere!

  45. He and the bebeh manatee should start a club

    they can frolick in mini swimming pools together and share a fish icicle pop

  46. katrinab73 says:

    this was meant to be harder because of the 63% correct last time – but currently 80% have it right :D! still early though


  48. It’s an ADORABLE baby otter!!!


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