Wolf Pack Puppy Pounce

While exploring the Idaho wilderness, wolf biologist Isaac Babcock and crew encountered a surprising sight: wolf cubs playing near the trail. You can see more wolf activity on “River of No Return,” which premieres on PBS Wednesday, April 18. (Look sharp for puppy pounce action at 0:47!)



  1. “Maybe they can’t afford a babysitter…”

    Me: *snerk*

  2. Haha way to say EXACTLY what i was just gonna say!

  3. Those little baby wolf sounds… XTREME QTE.

  4. Do we have a tag for PEEKINGKS!!!?? Maybe we should!

  5. PS: Also cute, and somewhat terrifying:

  6. uh, Mr. & Mrs. Wolfs–I am honest, hardworking, and have an H.S. diploma, PLUS a BA in lycanthropathy. I believe I am the best person to watch your children when you are flayling away in the wild to bring back sustenance. I will plan hours of activities (mostly involving romping) to keep your wolflings “ahead of the pack” (pun not intended) in their own puppeh foray into nature.

    Lycea Arooooooo

  7. Right??? Thought the same thing!!

  8. That’s it. No more work for the rest of the day. Must watch this video on loop until night falls.

  9. squeeeee! brown puppehs and black puppehs!!

  10. I would give ANYTHING to be french-kissed by a wolf.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite stories from the recent movie version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: they used dogs for the scene where Fenris Ulf and company visit the Beavers’ house, but they had to scrub out and replace the tails on film. Puppers were wagging too hard and didn’t look scary enough.

  11. omg I want them allllllladspiefdjborkaoubd*splort*

  12. hmstracylee says:

    heyyy my alma mater is the wolfpack, d’ya think I could talk mom & dad wolf into letting me play with them??

  13. Excuse me, Mr and Mrs Wolfs, I am all of the above, and I can GUARANTEE your cubbies’ will score off the charts in Math and Verbal, all attend and graduate the colleges of their choices, and support you in style in your golden lupine years. 😛

  14. Oh what the heck *just grabs and runs away*

  15. Funny, as you see, these guys’ tails are wagging insanely! But even dogs that look like wolves– e.g. German shepherds, sled dogs– carry their tails differently than wolves, and you don’t see the curly tail in wolves that many dogs have.

  16. Puts on a red hoody: Hey little wolfs come play, you know me I’m Red Ridding Hood your parents have talked about me I sure.
    Leads the pups to my cabin in the wood: MOUAAAAAAH! MINE! ALL MINE!

  17. lol. I thought the same as well.

  18. Hmmmm is Theresa channeling Firdie?? Er wait, there were no grabby hands here 😉

    Theresa…*ahem* you would be hard pressed to grab all at the same time. *takes one for self…but promises to share*

  19. I think they’re playing King of the Hill….

  20. Woohoo! River of No Return Wilderness is one of my favoritest places in the world! I’ve seen wolves there, but never pups yet. Maybe this summer.

  21. Here’s another great one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CMCWbF4HG3U

    hope I’m doing the link thingy right

  22. Oh, my hands are plenty grabby. 😛

  23. Ooooooh cubs! They are so.. so… clumsy! By biiiiig pawsies! And wow, How many did Mama Wolf got? I count five?

  24. Hah hah! You left one behind. *grabby hands* *runs off with left-behind wolflet*

  25. hksginger says:

    My collie cross just went beserk while I was watching this second vid – obvy heard the wolf chatter and decided to join in. Actually he goes a bit loopy when he hears various sounds from Qte postings 🙂

  26. victoreia says:

    Wait, wait, wait!!! *Where* do you go for a degree in lycanthropathy?!?!?

  27. hmstracylee says:

    Wait, wait, wait… How does one even pronounce lycanthropathy?!

  28. emmberrann says:

    That wasa pouncelette! But a good attempt for a beginner. You’ll do much better next time, dear, your skills just need a little practice.
    Pouncing Tutor emmberrann

  29. victoreia says:




  30. SlaveToCat says:

    No mom and Dad in sight. Narrator says they are out hunting. He got that right. Maybe he should be looking over his left shoulder. ;P

  31. omg wolf lovers if you haven’t seen it ‘Wolves at our Door’ documentary by Jim and Jamie Dutcher. I laughed and cried (at the beauty) and longed to be there!

  32. About to say, what’s the first rule of the forest?

    First, don’t assume that Mama Bear isn’t nearby if you see a cute, lone cub.

    Secondly, don’t assume that Mama Wolf isn’t nearby the den if you see cute, lone wolfies.

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    Please embellish on this, Th.
    Where/ from whom derives the bit about one species carrying tail differently?
    I find that innerestingk…

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    to hmstracylee & victoreia:

    ly·can·thro·py (lī-kănthrə-pē)
    : n.
    1. In folklore, the magical ability to assume the form and characteristics of a wolf.
    2. A delusion that one has become or assumed the characteristics of a wolf or other animal.

    PS: I REALLY did cut/ paste here, from the American Heritage online and DID NOT add in the bit in definition #2 ….. TRULY HAND on that religious buk the above is ONLY cut/ paste directly of its text ….

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    good try, hms. That’s a gud bit of logique, there!!

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    You might have done better to not actually type, the last line, Gigi….;)

    You never read anything by Machiavelli, didja???

  37. No I read Sun Tzu.

  38. Did you mean Mr. and Mrs. Wuf? Go Pack!

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    ooooooooo color MOI Truly Impressed, indeed !

    I know of his renown and have helped customers to find materials
    (in ENGLISH translations, mind you) by him…but I haven’t
    read the text material myself.

    And didja read it en Francais, or dans la langue chinoise??

  40. Robin Kiesel says:


  41. Firdie, there are some domestic dogs that look kind of wolf-like. But pure wolves, not crossed with dogs, have tails that just hang down as they walk. Curly tails are a domestic dog characteristic.

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    To quote Sgt Schultz:

    “Verrrrrrrrrry interestingk. ”

    thx for enriching my knowledge, animalogically speaking!!!! 🙂

  43. 😆 French, I’ve watched a LOT of Chinese movies in the original Cantonese or Mandarin but I don’t read Chinese. English subtitles to Chinese movies that are done in Taiwan or Hong Kong are sometime incomprehensible and often extremely funny.

  44. OMG, baby Padfoots! (Padfeet?)

  45. BemusedWit says:

    Wolves, at last. My fovoritest animals.
    Wolflets pouncing and bouncing. Melt

  46. emmberrann says:

    In dis case, it’s definitely Padfoots. Definitely.

  47. BemusedWit says:

    Favoritest. I hate typos. I want to make my own mistakes.

  48. Thirdly, it’s not necessary that you run faster than the bear, just faster than your friend who is in the woods with you.

  49. In the old days, this is how you got a new puppy for your family. Just find a family like this who’ve been left alone like this, and kidnap as many dogs as you want! I’m glad we don’t do that anymore, it’s gotta be sad for Mom.

  50. The show was excellent! Hope it runs again soon, as I missed the first 20 minutes, but what I saw was amazing!